Living Legend

Flesh and Blood uses a revolving card legality model where cards flow in and out of being legal for tournament play based on the mix of heroes that are legal at any one time. A hero stops being legal when it has attained Living Legend status (but will remain legal in Living Legend format).

Becoming a Living Legend

A Living Legend check will occur every Monday (United States time). At the time of this check, any hero that has crossed the threshold officially attains Living Legend status. That hero, along with their signature weapon, will no longer be legal for official tournament play effective from the Friday of that same week.

The thresholds are:

  • Adult heroes - 1000 Living Legend points
  • Young heroes - 500 Living Legend points

Gaining Living Legend Points

A hero gains Living Legend points each time it wins certain types of tournaments. The Living Legend points by event type* are:

Living Legend Points by Event Type (Last updated November 6, 2023)
Event Type Points per Event
World Championship 300
Pro Tour 200
Calling 100
US National Championship 100
Battle Hardened 40
National Championship with player cap 96+ 40
National Championship with player cap <96 20
Professional Tournament Invitational 20
Pro Quest 4
Road to Nationals 4
Skirmish 4

*The number of points per event may be updated prior to the start of each organized play season. The number of points per event are likely to change over time as the number of global events and active heroes change.

Living Legend Leaderboard - Classic Constructed

Rank Hero HVY season Living Legend Points
LL Bravo, Star of the Show 1582
LL Briar, Warden of Thorns 1158
LL Chane, Bound by Shadow 1102
LL Iyslander, Stormbind 1012
LL Lexi, Livewire 1276
LL Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity 1186
LL Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light 1098
Classic Constructed Living Legend Leaderboard as of February 27th, 2024 (Road to Nationals 2024 Week 2)
Rank Hero HVY season Living Legend Points
1 Fai, Rising Rebellion +12 776
2 Dash, Inventor Extraordinaire +44 742
3 Dromai, Ash Artist +56 704
4 Bravo, Showstopper +72 656
5 Katsu, the Wanderer +36 516
6 Viserai, Rune Blood 500
7 Dorinthea Ironsong +28 368
8 Ser Boltyn, Breaker of Dawn +36 258
9 Kano, Dracai of Aether +68 250
10 Azalea, Ace in the Hole +32 240
11 Rhinar, Reckless Rampage +24 234
12 Uzuri, Switchblade +12 220
13 Kayo, Armed and Dangerous +108 108
14 Victor Goldmane, High and Mighty +68 68
15 Prism, Awakener of Sol +64 64
16 Levia, Shadowborn Abomination +32 56
17 Kassai of the Golden Sand +40 40
18 Vynnset, Iron Maiden +8 12
19 Arakni, Huntsman 10
20 Dash I/O 4
20 Maxx 'The Hype' Nitro +4 4
20 Olympia, Prized Fighter +4 4
23 Riptide, Lurker of the Deep 2
- Betsy, Skin in the Game
- Teklovossen, Esteemed Magnate

Living Legend Leaderboard - Blitz

Rank Hero Living Legend Points
LL Chane 504
LL Ira, Crimson Haze 589
LL Iyslander 564
LL Kano 535
LL Kassai, Cintari Sellsword 585
LL Oldhim 522
LL Viserai 509
Blitz Living Legend Leaderboard as of February 5th, 2024 (Battle Hardened Manila)
Rank Hero HVY Season Living Legend Points
1 Dash 419
2 Briar 418
3 Dorinthea 382
4 Bravo 360
5 Rhinar 293
6 Prism 186
7 Emperor, Dracai of Aesir 127
8 Fai 87
9 Levia 77
10 Prism, Advent of Thrones 70
11 Dromai 64
12 Lexi 55
12 Vynnset 55
14 Yoji, Royal Protector 51
15 Riptide 44
16 Victor Goldmane +40 40
17 Benji, the Piercing Wind 32
18 Boltyn 31
19 Azalea 30
19 Valda Brightaxe 30
21 Dorinthea, Quicksilver Prodigy 23
22 Kayo, Berserker Runt 19
22 Uzuri 19
24 Arakni 16
25 Katsu 15
26 Data Doll MKII 10
27 Arakni, Solitary Confinement 9
28 Brevant, Civic Protector 8
28 Dash, Database 12
30 Professor Teklovossen 4
30 Teklovossen 4
32 Shiyana, Diamond Gemini 2
33 Kavdaen, Trader of Skins 1
- Betsy
- Genis Wotchuneed
- Kassai
- Kayo
- Maxx Nitro
- Melody, Sing-along
- Olympia

Signature Weapons

When a hero attains Living Legend status, so does their signature weapon. The table below shows the signature weapon (if any) that pairs with each hero.

Living Legend weapon binding
Hero Weapon
Arakni, Huntsman / Arakni Spiders Bite
Arakni, Solitary Confinement Orbitoclast
Azalea, Ace in the Hole / Azalea Death Dealer
Benji, the Piercing Wind Zephyr Needle
Betsy, Skin in the Game / Betsy
Bravo, Showstopper / Bravo Anothos
Bravo, Star of the Show
Brevant, Civic Protector Hammer of Havenhold
Briar, Warden of Thorns / Briar Rosetta Thorn
Chane, Bound by Shadow / Chane Galaxxi Black
Dash I/O / Dash, Database Symbiosis Shot
Dash, Inventor Extraordinaire / Dash Teklo Plasma Pistol
Data Doll MKII
Dorinthea Ironsong / Dorinthea Dawnblade
Dorinthea, Quicksilver Prodigy Dawnblade, Resplendent
Dromai, Ash Artist / Dromai Storm of Sandikai
Emperor, Dracai of Aesir
Fai, Rising Rebellion / Fai Searing Emberblade
Genis Wotchuneed
Ira, Crimson Haze Edge of Autumn
Iyslander, Stormbind / Iyslander Kraken’s Aethervein
Kano, Dracai of Aether / Kano Crucible of Aetherweave
Kassai of the Golden Sand / Kassai Cintari Saber
Kassai, Cintari Sellsword
Katsu, the Wanderer / Katsu Harmonized Kodachi
Kavdaen, Trader of Skins
Kayo, Armed and Dangerous / Kayo Mandible Claw
Kayo, Berserker Runt Mandible Claw
Levia, Shadowborn Abomination / Levia Hexagore, the Death Hydra
Lexi, Livewire / Lexi Voltaire, Strike Twice
Maxx 'The Hype' Nitro / Maxx Nitro Banksy
Melody, Sing-along Jinglewood, Smash Hit
Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity / Oldhim Winter’s Wail
Olympia, Prized Fighter / Olympia
Prism, Awakener of Sol / Prism, Advent of Thrones Luminaris, Angel's Glow
Luminaris, Celestial Fury
Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light / Prism Luminaris
Professor Teklovossen Teklo Blaster
Teklovossen, Esteemed Magnate / Teklovossen Teklo Leveler
Rhinar, Reckless Rampage / Rhinar Romping Club
Riptide, Lurker of the Deep / Riptide Barbed Castaway
Ser Boltyn, Breaker of Dawn / Boltyn Raydn, Duskbane
Shiyana, Diamond Gemini
Uzuri, Switchblade / Uzuri
Valda Brightaxe
Victor Goldmane, High and Mighty / Victor Goldmane Miller's Grindstone
Viserai, Rune Blood / Viserai Nebula Blade
Vynnset, Iron Maiden / Vynnset Flail of Agony
Yoji, Royal Protector

Deathmatch Arena Leaderboard

Throughout the Heavy Hitters organised play season, a "Deathmatch Arena" leaderboard will be maintained for the six contestant heroes. Points will be based on event wins at eligible Heavy Hitters limited format events, including:

  • Road to Nationals (February-March)
  • Pro Quest (April-May)
  • Battle Hardened
  • Professional Tournament Invitationals
  • Calling

The hero who sits atop of the leaderboard at the conclusion of Pro Quest Season 5 (scheduled to conclude May 5th, 2024), will be declared the Champion of Deathmatch Arena, and will have their triumph immortalized on a special prize card that will be shipped* to each player who won an event that contributed points to the winning hero's leaderboard total! Players who win multiple events with the Champion hero will receive multiple prize cards.

*to be eligible to receive this prize card, your postal address must be saved in your GEM player account on or before May 5th, 2024. Prize cards will ship in the second half of 2024.

Deathmatch Arena Leaderboard as at February 27th, 2024 (Road to Nationals Week 2)
Hero Deathmatch Arena Points
Kassai 31
Kayo 25
Betsy 10
Olympia 9
Victor Goldmane 8
Rhinar 2