Roll of Honor: Chane

6th Dec 2023 Legend Story Studios

It wasn’t enough.

Years of research, suffering, and sacrifice… and it still wasn’t enough. Chane flung the stack of notes from his desk, showering the dark laboratory with faintly glowing leaves of parchment. He had failed. Again.

Solana still reigned unopposed, blinding the feeble minded with pious nonsense so they would never see the ugly truth. Chane slumped forward, rubbing his aching temples. There had to be another way, it couldn’t all be for nothing. It was unacceptable.


He froze, ears pricking at the sound. The laboratory was as silent as the grave, save for muffled shrieks emanating from some dark corridor elsewhere in the Demonastery. He didn’t dare move a muscle, straining to hear that ominous rasp again.


He whirled around, hoping to catch whatever was breathing down his neck red-clawed. But the room was empty. Chane scowled. He was too intelligent to allow his own mind to play tricks on him. Something wasn’t right.

“...Thhh… gaaate…”

The blood instantly drained from his face. The whisper was silent yet deafening. Harsh yet melodious. Everywhere yet nowhere. In a single moment those two words alone told Chane everything he needed to know. This was the answer. He could feel it in his blackened soul.

“What… what do you need me to do?” He cautiously asked the empty air, digging his fingers deep into the marred wood of the desk until blood spurted from underneath his nails.

“Find… me…”

Young Chane Hero Art

Debuting in Monarch on May 7th 2021, Chane bound the world of Blitz to his rule, accessing unlimited forbidden power to overcome his opponents. While his devious plans were initially held back by frosty foes, it didn't take long for the iconic Shadow hero to break through the barrier and plunge Rathe into total darkness.

His ability to play several attacks such as Rift Bind from the banished zone coupled with a free source of go again every turn was already monstrously powerful to begin with, but it was the fact that he could pick up decently strong tools like Belittle or Art of War and mutate them into twisted horrors of mass destruction that made him the name still uttered in terrified whispers to this day.

Chane officially reached Living Legend in Blitz on November 24th 2023. Congratulations to all the Disciples of Pain who lead the Demonastery's onslaught. Your names have been scrawled in blood on the Roll of Honor!

Roll of Honor
Aaron Galvin
Adam Haill
Adam Matecki
Adam Tan
Adrián Ruiz Yague
Alex Kuan
Alexandre Lefebvre
Anderson Soares
Andrea Zaffalon
Andreas Ventzel
Andrew Goodwin
Andrew Lorenz
Andrew Padlesky
Andy Pham
Aneil Seetharam
Arkadiusz "Rasaad" Sioda
Armando D'Alessandro
Ashley Briggs
Austin Mender
Bartosz Ziemba
Ben Black
Bernar Aganchyan
Betim Begolli
Bobby Vance
Brandon Roose
Brodie Spurlock
Brooks Mitchell
Bruno Lapointe
Bryan Knecht
Bun Ar
Caden Stabler
Carter Barton
Che-Kai Hsu
Chenjun Liu
Chris Ray
Christopher Shreve
Chuck Cruz
Clinton Bolinger
Colton Jackson
Corbin Cartwright
Craig Johnson
Dan Tripp
Daniel Correas
Daniel Cwiertak
Daniel Dreisziger
Daniel McKay
Daniele Frattarelli
Davis Kingsley
Derek Anderson
Derek Watring
Dimitris Melissinos
Donovan Niiranen
Drew Peastrel
Dylan Thompson
Edward Kim
Elliot Bicker
Eros Andreolli
Ethan Krischke
Ethan Oechsle
Ferdinand Mendoza
Fernando García-Casarrubios
Filipe Camacho
Frank Karamaroudis
Freddie Crespo
Gage Gilliam
Gao Zhi-Peng
Gary White
Gordon Koh Koh
Gui Cohen
Guillermo Pedernal
Henry Fan
Henry Robichaux
Hiroshi Kanaya
Ho Wei Jie
Hrvoje Hedžet
Ian Fraser
Isaac Fogg
Jack Hindley
Jack Seth
Jack Stoney
Jaden Urdiales
Jake McCormack
James Griffin
Jamie McCabe
Jason Thomson-Sheck
Jayson Devaney
Jeff Stamm
Jesse Kennon
Joe Colon
John Padavic
John Powell
Jordan Cook
José Murcia
Joyce Bugnard
Juan Kin Lim
Juha Saarnilampi
Kelvin Ng
Kevin Brayer
Kevin Canales
Khai Dang
Kieran Carnegie
Kyle Moss
Kyle Ramage
Larry Johnson
Laurens Overgaauw
Long Dao
Lorenzo Cavazzini
Lori Vanderhulst
Mateusz Sass
Matthew Blanchard
Matthew Duggan
Michael Feng
Naib Mobassir
Nakara Juntavong
Nathaniel Snyder
Nica Roth
Nicholas Koppean
Nicholas Porter
Nick Butcher
Oliver Berry
Oliver Chen
Owen Young
Pathomtarn "Tony" Arsaithamkul
Patrice Rohee
Peter Bråss
Philip Parker
Philip Van Donselaar
Porter Jones
Powerful Dickson
Quang Duong
Rain Ööpik
Raj Parikh
Ralph Gomeri
Ralph Schlauri
Raymond Chow
Renzo Schietgat
Rob Catton
Robert Piper
Ryan Hulin-Bobart
Ryan Porter
Ryan Rinsma
Ryan Taylor
Saiful Bahari Hassan
Sammy Weckx
Samuele Costantini
Scott Huffman
Scott Mackenzie
Sebastian Bednarski
Sebastiano Cavallo
Shea Ashbee
Shing Tsang
Shingo Okazaki
Stephen Leany
Steve Thompson
Steven Caraher
Steven Doan
Sylvain Poirree
Tanner Propst
Thanthawat Chujitngamsuwong
Theodore Scott
Tom Ward
Tommy Garnett
Travis Wong
Travis Woodward
Tsz Lung Wu
Tyler Cabana
Valentin Mackl
Vincent Lim
William Lapp
Wilson To
Yudai Yamagami
Zdeněk Matura