Roll of Honor: Iyslander, Stormbind

5th Dec 2023 Legend Story Studios

It hadn’t taken very long for Volcor to rip apart at the seams.

Like shreds of parchment in a furnace, centuries of order, dominion, and tradition - all consumed in flames with the single precise flick of a dagger. To be fair, Iyslander hadn’t known what exactly to expect when she returned to the realm of the Dracai, but she certainly hadn’t anticipated the sudden fall of the empire. Volcor had been reduced to a playground for squabbling factions who tore at each other's throats, desperately scrambling to seize control of the crumbling royal estate. It only meant more pain and hardship for innocent civilians unlucky enough to be caught in the crossfire.

Iyslander wasn’t one to take sides, but she had extended an icy palm wherever she encountered injustice. The stranger’s mask had only granted so much anonymity before her interference had built a notorious reputation - on both sides of the conflict. She couldn’t fight the urge to stem the tide of cruelty, betrayal, and bloodshed. It made her sad, it made her angry, but most of all - it made her realise the truth. There were larger forces at play. She could taste in the air something terrible and all-encompassing, and if Volcor was to stand a chance at surviving it would need to stand united with fire in its heart, not ruptured and smouldering as it was now.

She could do it - she could just wipe away the warring factions with a flick of her wrist. Her power had evolved immensely since her youth, to the point where she could easily extinguish everything with the unbridled wrath of Winter itself. But coming back here had taught her a valuable lesson. Hers was not the role of raw destruction - it was one of renewal. Just as the frost consumed Rathe, so too would it thaw out and nurture new life. Volcor’s fate was not branded in cinders, it was simply obscured by the smoke of an ancient dynasty. She would eventually guide them down the right path, but first the last choking embers of the old power needed to drift away for new flames to rise from the ashes.

Until then, she would wait…

Iyslander Hero Art

Although originally appearing in Everfest, Iyslander's official Classic Constructed debut was in Uprising on June 24th 2022. The lone Ice hero caught between two Draconic siblings, Iyslander would come to face her fiery foes many times at Premier tournaments. Her extremely potent instant-speed disruption kept aggressive heroes at bay, while also utilizing the slow encroaching cold of Frost Hex to combat control heroes.

Iyslander reached her highest peak at the 2022 World Championship, where Michael Hamilton piloted her all the way to first place with an innovative build using overlooked cards like Wounded Bull. The ability to threaten large chunks of damage to force the opponent to give up crucially valuable resources or risk their life dropping into lethal range proved to be extremely effective, and would set the popular standard for Iyslander decks moving forward. While her popularity tended to wax and wane, she remained a constant threat in the metagame, defining how other heroes would build their decks. The Elemental Wizard nearly went two for two at the 2023 World Championship, piloted to second place by Shing Tsang.

Iyslander, Stormbind officially reached Living Legend status in Classic Constructed on December 1st 2023. Congratulations to all the players who wrapped Rathe in the chilling grasp of Winter. Your names will bring a shiver to the spine for generations, proudly displayed in the Roll of Honor!

Roll of Honor
Adam Fronsee
Adam Matecki
Adam Tuček
Alan Chavarin
Alex Keeler
Alexandre Castanheira
Alexandros Argyriou
Alvaro Francisco Toledano Benito
Angel Santiago
Austin Henson
Austin Kim
Axilleas Siskopoulos
Bart Horré
Bea Budnik
Biing Chyn "Benson" Lai
Bogdan-Andrei Oros
Brodie Spurlock
Bruno Cracco
Calvin Holt
Chanon Puttaree
Chris Pepe
Chris Weidinger
Christopher Bizau
Ciro Gambone
Cody Williams
Dominic Chong
Drew Peastrel
Earl Edison Ang
Elijah Calub
Eric Dauernnheim
Eric Towne
George Melissakis
Hanno Guellicher
Howard See
Jack Raven
Jake Warburton
James Adams
Janbert Dela Cruz
Jean-Sebastien Laurin
Joakim Gustafsson
Joe Santianna
Jordan Brengartner
Joris Verhelst
Joshua Mattison
Joshua Rath
Julian Felix Flury
Julien Roux
Kai Yang
Kaiser Wong
Kevin Lerens
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Zänker
Kristian Čurla
Liam Bennett
Lorenzo Brambilla Pisoni
Lucas Birch
Lucas Oswald
Luigi Fontana
Majin Bae
Marijn Lybaert
Mateusz Jasiński
Mathew Zoglman-Garcia
Matthew Tickal
Michael Caronchia
Michael Hamilton
Michael Jaszczur
Michael Julianto
Mikko Airaksinen
Nathan Lapham
Nguyen Giang
Niels Kornerup
Nikola Marcoux
Noah Beygelman
Oliver Berry
Onica Lucian
Pankaj Bhojwani
Paul Dollé
Paul Mirande
Philip Parker
Pierre-Nicolas Perrin
Quinn Wongkew
Ray Lam
Rayland Luiz Duarte
Redc Chen
Reeve Chia
Rhea Adams
Richard McMahon
Richard Yanke
Rose Smyth
Samuel Braben
Sebastian Spicher
Shimon Bandiel
Thanthawat Chujitngamsuwong
Timothy Bunn
Tobias Lind
Tseung "T" Donnelly
Valentin Mackl
Victor Mercado
Viet Pham
Will Rea
Xi Shern Tan
Yuta Maruo
Zdeněk Matura