Card Replacement Policy

It is our goal to produce beautiful cards that fans are proud to include in their decks and collections. When manufacturing damage does occasionally occur, you can rest assured that there is a remedy available. We will endeavour to make this process as fast and simple as possible.

Please note:

  • We are not able to replace common or token cards, including rainbow foil commons.
  • We are not able to replace cards from a product that is OOP (Out of Print).
  • We are not able to replace serialized cards or artist sketch cards.
  • Damaged card replacement is available only to cards obtained through opening booster pack products.
  • Damaged card replacement will be available for a period of 7 days following the date of purchase. Proof of purchase from a local game store required.
  • Card replacement does not extend to product obtained through organized play, including operational and prize product.

What constitutes damage?

Our expectation is that cards come out of factory sealed product in Near Mint (NM) condition. We only replace cards that do not meet the standards of NM.

  • Near Mint (NM) Condition Definition
    We follow the grading standards of independent industry leading grading service provider PCG, when assessing if a card meets the condition of NM. The PCG condition guide can be viewed here


  1. Small white dots, nicks, and impressions on the corners of a card do not reduce a card's condition to less than NM.
  2. Small nicks and indentations on the edge of a card, as long as not in a concentrated area of the card, does not reduce a card's condition to less than NM.
  3. Minor scratching may occur due to the friction of cards during the freight and handling of packaged products and do not reduce a card's condition to less than NM.

We are always striving to improve upon our manufacturing process so that the quality of the cards coming straight out of booster packs is as close to being pristine as possible.

The Process

  1. Email with a photo(s) of the cards you believe are damaged out of the pack, together with a list of card names, and the postal address to send replacement cards to.
  2. We will email you to confirm which cards we will replace and confirm your postal address.
  3. Print the email thread and enclose it with the damaged cards to be replaced. If sending by standard post, send to:

    Legend Story Studios
    PO Box 99428
    Newmarket, Auckland 1149
    New Zealand