Roll of Honor: Iyslander

13th Jul 2023 Legend Story Studios

A trail of bodies encased in ice lay behind, each a monument to her icy wrath. Before her lay the edge of the Bleak Expanse, whipping and whirling, teasing and beckoning.

Iyslander nursed her wounds, as the burning fury that had fuelled her rampage subsided into a cold ache. She splayed her palm and sprayed shards of ice at the ground, forming a small, crystalline pillar to lean against. The last reserves of her energy had been depleted, laying waste to the boundless forces that had tried to subdue her.

How did it come to this?

No, now was not the time for regrets. Now was the time to recover, replenish her power, embrace the cold. She would return to this place one day. Iyslander took one last longing look over her shoulder before she disappeared into the blankets of snow.

Iyslander Art

Debuting in Everfest on February 4th 2022, Iyslander brought new meaning to instant-speed play. But it wasn’t until Uprising when she really joined the fray. Slowing her foes down with unpredictable disruption, coupled with arcane damage combinations to steal games out of nowhere, the young Elemental Wizard dominated Blitz with her never ending icy interruptions.

Iyslander officially reached Living Legend status in Blitz on May 4th 2023. Congratulations to all the players who aided her on the quest for truth. Your names have been carved in ice on our Roll of Honor for all the years to come!

Roll of Honor
A zi
Adam Filipchuk
Adam Jessell
Adam Tuček
Adrian Gebhart
Alberto Hilario
Aleksandar Atanasov
Alexis Cloutier
Andrew DiLullo
Andrew Karl
Andrew Magri
Andrew Rayner
Andy Pham
Angus Schuler
Antoine Billy
Antonio Ferreiro
Antonio Otero
Arthur Trehet
axilleas siskopoulos
Ben Black
Ben Farmer
Benjamin Coan
Bertrand Guillot
Blake Meier
Brandan St. Amour
Brandon Akers
Brandon Stolzer
Brodie Spurlock
Bryan Knecht
Carl Norman
Chang Li
Chase Roberts
Chen Ming
Christian Parisotto
Christopher Iaali
Ciro Gambone
Connor Talty
Corey Baker
Daniele Frattarelli
darren cooper
Darren Hazelden
David Yau
Dennis Zhang
Derek Anderson
Dmytro Kozhevin
Dylan Grytness
Dyllon Dietz
Easton Douglas
Ed Bracamontes
Eli Brawerman
Elijah Calub
Emmanuel Barron
Enrique Boada
Erick Ortiz
Evan Bicknell
Fernando Caprino
Florin-Cristian Loghin
Fung Ching
Gabriel Brandao
George Melissakis
Georgia Sumner
Gregory Patellis
Hayden Dale
Jacob Hyde
James Adams
James Armstrong
James Gilchrist
James Lavine
James Martin-Toilolo
Jan Ban
Jan Ivan Alaba
Jan Starek
Janbert Dela Cruz
Jarrod Sanders
Jasiel Diez
Jason Ly
Jason Woodland
Jayson Jacks
Jeff Morvan
Jethro Thomas
Jin Han Toh
Joe shoo
John Zapata
Jon Ho
Jonathan Abbott
Joshua Hannan
JP Coleman
Julien Bergeron
Justice Yang
Justin Kinison
Justin Liwag
Justin Salmon
Katelin Bogle
Keith Yong
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Zänker
Kok Bin (CB) Ng
Kolbrun Palsdottir
Konstantinos Paltoglou
Kori Valentine
Kung-nan huang
Lee Mine-Han
Lee Ming-Han
Levi Rauch
Lubos Vanicek
Luis Coelho
Mario Rivera
Mariusz Suchanecki
Mariusz Wojciechowski
Marshall Stevenson
Mason Taylor
Matěj Stejskal
Matt Johnson
Matthew Dilks
Matthew Greaves
Matthew Vore
Matúš Martinko
Maximilian Klein
Melody Wehipeihana
Melvin Lemke
Metodi Nikolaev
Michael Day
Michael Hamilton
Minh Pham
Naib Mobassir
Natan Tomeo
Nathaniel Snyder
Nghia Tran
Nicholas Jackson
Noah Beygelman
Oh Oh
Oliver Griffin
Olivier Roure
Pathomtarn (Tony) Arsaithamkul
Patrick Yoder
Paul Dollé
Paul White
Paulo Fernandes
Pedro C. Silva
Pedro Ugioni
Phillip Vu
Raymond Rouse
Rene Farwer
Richard Jackson
Riley Hughes
Robert Szary
Robin Avenoso
Rose smyth
Rúben Martins
Ryan Youngquist
Rylie Groff
Sage Husanu
Savinien Castel
Scott Mackenzie
Sebastian Bednarski
See Atlantis
Shahmir Samee
Shao Lun Lu
Shawn Sapiel
Shea Ashbee
Shou Miyahara
Stefano Meoni
Taylor Morrow
Theo Maggs
Thomas Preyer
Tiago Polónio
tim Lin
Tom Kersten
Tom Philippi
Toon Vertommen
Trent Lennon
Tyler Horspool
Valentine Nguyen
Vasil Popov
Victor 🇵🇭 Mercado
Victor Mercado
Viet Pham
Vince Biamonte
Weiang Yan
Wen Yen Huang
Xavier McLean
Yong Soon Ooi
Yuki Lee Bender
ηicholas Carnival II