Roll of Honor: Oldhim

13th Jul 2023 Legend Story Studios

Drawing in deep, ragged breaths, Oldhim surveyed the bloodied battlescape. Countless days and nights of fighting had left him weary, and yet, he couldn’t falter. Dragging Winter’s Wail and Stalagmite behind him, he stumbled through the sea of corpses, climbing the rocky cliffside, until he reached an outcropping near the peak of Isenloft.

He sat upon a rock and gazed out at the frozen landscape as snowflakes played with his speckled beard. The Old Ones wouldn’t stay quiet for long, that much he knew. But he was so very tired. His aching muscles yearned for release.

Perhaps he would rest, even just for a brief moment, gather his strength for the battles to come. Oldhim allowed his heavy eyelids to droop shut as he leaned against the frost-coated rock. All was quiet, save for the howling of the wind.

Young Oldhim Hero Art

Debuting in Tales of Aria on September 24th 2021, Oldhim took outlasting your enemies to a whole new level. With a combination of disruption, damage prevention, and card recycling, the young Elemental Guardian remained an icy pillar in Blitz for years, able to staunchly defend against aggro decks while dodging encounters with fiery Wizards. Known for his extremely high density of equipment blocks, Oldhim’s survivability was his greatest strength.

Oldhim officially reached Living Legend status in Blitz on May 4th 2023. Congratulations to all the players who aided him on his journey to the top of the mountain. Your names have been etched in our Roll of Honor forever!

Roll of Honor
Abbey Fong
Abdullah Caliskan
Adam Bidler
Adam Skruch
Adrian Gebhart
Albert Serrano Gomez
Alberto Miracle
Alex Kivitz
Alex Sneed
Allen Lau
Andreas Mitterlechner
Anthony Nguyen
Anton Kutter
Austin Elkins
Bálint Ágoston
Ben Hannan
Benjamin Cole
Brian Bisplinghoff
Brian Lorenz
Bryce Stroyek
Casey Walker
Cayne Wilbur
Chanon Puttaree
Charlie Wallace
Chris Brummett
Chris Smith
Chris Waugh
Christian-Andrè Schmid
Christopher Lair
Christopher Mortenson
Cliff Wong
Clinton Ng
Connor Hill
Connor Rash
Dakota Hawks
Darcy Noonan
Darvydas Čepukaitis
David Aird
David Elrod
David Lee
David Rivera
Dayton Blair
Deitrich Mohan
Dennis Zhang
Donovan van Beek
Dylan Thompson
Easton Douglas
Emmanuel Padilla
Eric Lerer
Ferran Riu
Filip Stroch
Francco Cipriani
Francesco Giorgio
Galaxy Yang
Gavin White
Gerald Toms
Gordon Koh
Hugo Haddad
Ian Siczewicz
Isaak Krut
Jacob Hand
James Arnesen
James Donnithorne-Tait
James Gilchrist
James Martin-Toilolo
James Medland
James Silver
Jared Hunter
Jayson Wiggins
Jenson Wilhelm
Jesse Hudak
Jie ma
Jobs Zhang
Joel Grizzelle
joseph lawson
Joseph Vloet
Josh Martin
Joshua Alexandra
Joshua Carroll
Joyce Bugnard
Julian Helgeson
Julien Bergeron
Julio Anthony
Julius Otte
Justin Kent
Justin Manuel
Justin Wong
Karl Shen
Kekoapoaono Montalbo
Kelvin Law
Kevin Aabrink
Kevin Zänker
kyle femmer
Li-Hong Yeh
Liam Spronken
Lorenzo Brambilla Pisoni
Lucas Birch
Ludovic Guilmard
Luke Mayhew
Luke Ranasinghe
Malcolm Song
Marcel Harz
Marco Ng
Mário Abrantes
Mateusz Karczewski
Mateusz Sass
Matthew Graham
Max Thomas
Michael Cooper
Michał Krzyżyk
Michel Beaumont
Minh Toan Nguyen
Montalbo Kekoapoaono
Nathan Andre
Nathan Hills
Nathan Lapham
Nathan Turcotte
Nick Gabler
Nicolas Jamouelle
Nicolas Lazarides
nino Zimmermann
Nitan Avivi-Stuhl
Oliver Phi
Pat Eshghy
Paul Gerow
Pei-Tung Liao
Phawat Chuenchai
Philip Parker
Philip Torres
Phillip Spader
Richard Carr
Richard Casem
Robbie Valdez
Roy Lai
Ryan Alldredge
Ryan Cochran
Ryan Leong
Ryan Mound
Ryan Rich
Ryan Taylor
Ryann Lagrou
Samuel Nathanson
Scott Lee
Sean Yang
Sebastian Burnham
Sebastian Golla
Shawn Dhaliwal
Sinclair Chiem
St John
Stephane Doutaz
Stephen Harris
Steven Myers
Thomas Bailey Galbraith
Thomas Barkoski
Thomas Farrow
Tobias Lind
Toby Garza
Toon Vertommen
Travis Bies
Travis Woodward
Trent Lennon
Tristen Farmer
Tyler Green
Tyler Wolford
Victor Lima
wein kruz
Wyatt McHalffey
Xavier McLean
Yong Jin Jang
Yongji Yang
Yorgos Samaras
Yuki Lee Bender
Yukihiko Ikeda
Zack Stephenson
Zak Cargin
Zephen James