Roll of Honor: Kano

7th Dec 2023 Legend Story Studios

That’s where the trouble began. That smile.

The poor aether construct didn’t know exactly how much danger it was really in, as it flickered in front of the tomb entrance, painting the catacombs an angry orange. With a sly smirk, the young Wizard intruder calmly splayed his palm, releasing twin arcs of white-hot lightning. The construct contorted its bubbling frame out of harm's way, as the bolts careened past their target. It cackled hideously at the Wizard, rearing up to vaporise him in a single burst.

Kano couldn’t believe it was actually this easy. Without breaking his smug grin, he clicked his fingers. The dual lightning bolts, which had been silently swirling in the space behind the construct, suddenly melded together and condensed into a single point. There was a brief quiet moment in which the construct learned what regret felt like for the first time, before the compressed energy exploded in a deafening sonic boom, scattering the construct’s essence into insignificant wisps.

Kano confidently strode forth into the tomb, immediately spying a dusty leather bound tome sitting tantalisingly upon a cracked pedestal. He flipped through the ancient pages, and the smile on his face stretched even wider. Not only was it perfect, none of the other Wizards knew about it. He would emerge from the catacombs armed with secrets they could only dream about possessing. That made him dangerous, and oh how he loved being dangerous.

Young Kano Hero Art

Debuting in Arcane Rising on March 27th 2020, Kano formed the backbone of Blitz when the format was first officially released and would remain the central figurehead that every other hero had to tiptoe around for the entirety of his young Wizarding career. With unique instant-speed gameplay mechanics, Kano would steal wins out of nowhere, providing a fresh challenge for both players each and every game.

Kano would evolve over the years as his arcane reservoir fluctuated, but no matter what tools were available to him at any given time, he was always an iconic threat who made you think twice about removing your Arcane Barrier. Whatever insanely convoluted combo line Kano needed to find in order to win, players reveled in pulling off the impossible, and basking in the satisfaction of robbing victory from the opponent at the last second.

Kano officially reached Living Legend status in Blitz on December 1st 2023. His departure will drastically reshape the entire foundation of Blitz, bringing forth the dawn of a new era. Congratulations to all the players who taught Lessons in Lava, your names will forever be emblazoned in the glory of the Royal Court with the Roll of Honor!

Roll of Honor
Abdul Mousa
Adam Adamski
Adam Fiffles
Adam Kohler
Adrian Malana
Adrian Samyudia
Afiq Danial
Aidan O'Sullivan
AJ Brown
Alan Maigne
Alessandro Pistelli
Alex Mearns
Alex Sheedy
Alexander Hempelmann
Alexander Vore
Aloysius Goh
Amelia Hulin-Bobart
Andrew Loberg
Andrew Lorenz
Andrew Peters
Andrew Rudin
Andy Liu
Anthony Flores
Ar Bun
Archer Taylor
Arthur Murta
Axilleas Siskopoulos
Ben Bakal
Blake Lathorp
Blake Lathrop
Brayden Pritchard
Brent Kitchen
Brian Trail
Brock Lewis
Bruno Cracco
Bryan Kong
Bryce Morgan
Bryce Stroyek
Caleb Womack
Carl Cedric Celera
Carlos Samaniego
Cheaman Buckwalter
Chen Ming
Chu Heng Eng
Connie Barnett
Dakota Kunert
Damiano De Prosperis
Damien Hutchins
Daniel Bellotti
Daniel Hughes
Daniel McKay
Daniel Mendes Sechinske
Daniel Oneli
Dave Laffan
Derk Hua Lee
Dhedy Hindrawan
Diego Paoletti
Dirk Feldmann
Don Gallitz
Dylan Williams
Elijah Calub
Elliott Liew
Emmanuel Barron
Emmitt Luna
Eric Lerer
Eric Lind
Eugene Galipchak
Faiz Safian
Fedir Kokhan
Filipe Lima Cardoso
Fredrik Fagerberg
Gabriel Brandao
Gavin Rapp
Gavin Wu
George Ferris
George Melissakis
Georgia Sumner
German Glukhov
Giannis Karyotakis
Grant Bartel
Hayden Reed
Hazel Hensley
Hugo David
Isaiah Malana
Jack Palen
Jack Stoney
Jacob Maxwell
Jacob Shaker
Jacob Simmons
James Wray
Jan Van Nieuwenhove
Jason Sid Robertson
Jason Woodland
Jeff Phillips
Jeppe Madsen
Jesse Watts
Jin Han Toh
John Patrick Dogelio
John Zapata
Jonah Overholt
Jonathan Maurer
Jordan Biggs
Jordan Hamilton
Jose Carlos González
Josh Samples
Juan Chacon
Justin Graham
Justin Young
Kaiser Wong
Kaspar Terauds
Keduo Yang
Keith Yong
Kelvin Law
Kevin Sossenheimer
Kieran Carnegie
Kori Valentine
Krishaal Kumar
Kristian Čurla
Kristian Scheibe
Kuan Li
Kyle Melton
Leo Shea
Liam Spronken
Lukasz Ziemba
Luke Macdowall
Luo Sheng-Xun
Marc Figard
Marcin Okruhlica
Mason Wintle
Mathew Zoglman-Garcia
Matthew Sarrington
Matthew Steeves
Michael Caronchia
Michael Cawvey
Minh Hoàng Nguyễn
Mitchell O'Keefe
Moritz Waeckerle
Naib Mobassir
Neal Olinger
Neil Ryan
Neo Teng Whay
Nick Holding
Nigel Loutzenhiser
Noah Geiger
Noah Hicks
Owen Keane
Paul Lee
Peter Buddensiek
Philip Parker
Randy May
Remington Aalbers
Richard Mcmahon
Rob Catton
Ronny Martin
Ryan Brown
Ryan Kilpatrick
Ryan Newberry
Sage Husanu
Sam Yuen
Sean Yang
Sebastian Anaya
Søren Madsen
Todo Poderoso Hubert
Steven Young
Suciu Andrei
Takumi Watanabe
Tan Eugene
Terukazu Goshima
Thanat Chullamandala
Thomas Shelby
Tiffany Le
Trenton McBride
Tyler Luce
Tyler Thao
Vasilis Kirlis
Ve Herrman
Viet Pham
William Forster-Ambrose
William Lugar
Xiang Yong
Yan Garito
Yorgos Samaras
Yuanji Li