Roll of Honor: Chane, Bound by Shadow

28th Jun 2022 Legend Story Studios

On June 24th, 2022, Chane, Bound by Shadow officially reached Living Legend status in Classic Constructed. Joining the fight with the release of Monarch on May 7th, 2021, Chane was one of the first heroes in Flesh and Blood to feature the brand-new Talent mechanic. The Shadow Runeblade represented the Demonastery on the global stage, racking up a blood debt to Ursur in the war against Solana.

Chane Hero Art

Chane took his first steps into íArathael with Matt Rogers on June 6th, 2021, where he fought against Levia and Kiki Labad in the booster draft final match to claim the title of Calling: Auckland Champion. Later that year, players around the world embraced the Shadow during the Road to Nationals season, wrapping up the year with Bun Ar, who won the Hong Kong Regional Championship with power and precision.

The first season of ProQuest events in January 2022 saw Chane lagging behind the biggest stars of the season, but his war against the Light culminated in Pablo Pintor's stellar performance at the Pro Tour: New Jersey. Pablo started out the event with a 0-2 record, before ripping through reality (and his opponents) to claim the title of the first-ever Flesh and Blood Pro Tour Champion. Seizing power from his recent victory, Chane navigated the dimenxxional crossroads in the second season of ProQuest events, claiming the second-highest number of wins across the season and officially reaching the threshold for Living Legend status. In one final send-off, he seized victory with Alvaro Franscisco Toledano Benito at the World Premiere weekend in Madrid, winning the Battle Hardened event.

Runeblade and researcher, Disciple of Pain and vassal of Ursur, Chane seized power through his journey into the beyond, making a deal with the Soul Reaper in the war against Solana. While Chane may have passed into the hall of Living Legends, the war of Light and Shadow continues, waiting on more heroes to join the battle.

Congratulations to all players around the world who joined Chane, Bound by Shadow on his journey to Living Legend status; your names have been entered into Flesh and Blood history with the Roll of Honor!

Roll of Honor
Ádám Levente
Alekzander Idol
Alex Forndran
Alexander Sinninger
Allen A
Allen Lau
Alvaro Francisco Toledano Benito
Andres Perez
Andrew Lorenz
Aneil Seetharam
Anthony Bertrand
Ar Bun
Archer Taylor
Austin Yost
Benito Alvaro Francisco Toledano Benito
Brendan Patrick
Bun Ar
Carter Barton
Carter Norris
Chi Shing Tsang
Chris Evans
Chris Robinson
Christopher Iaali
Christopher Shreve
Cody Williams
CYK Lionel
Daniel Rutkowski
Danny McGeehan
Dante Delfico
David Marshall
Derk Hua Lee
Dimitris Melissinos
Dirk Crasto
Dylan Thompson
Elijah Hewlett
Eric Lerer
Eros Andreolli
Evan Herndon
Evelio Valdespino
Frank Hung
Glenn Van Roey
Grégory Lefebvre
Hrvoje Hedžet
Jacob Maynard
Jason Thomson-Sheck
Jeerod Balangan
Jeromy Tsai
Jesse Kennon
Jin Han Toh
Joe Colon
Joe Tough
John Asbach
Joshua Bausch
Kaiser Wong
Kanaris Bounas
Kaspar Terauds
Kevin Baatjes
Kevin Brayer
Kevin Lerens
Kevin Pennec
Kevin Zänker
Kristian Čurla
Kuan Li
Li-hong Yeh
Long Dao
Lorenzo Silvestri
Lucas Ng
Luke Fletcher
Mark Henderson
Mark Johnson
Matt Kozmor
Matt Pollitt
Matt Rogers
Matthew Duggan
Matthew Tickal
Menion Croll
Nathan Crawford
nathan lapham
Nica Roth
Nik Katebian
Nikos Tavoulareas
Pablo Pintor
Patrick McGregor
Patrick Nelson
Patten Caleb Van Patten
Pei-Tung Liao
Peter Buddensiek
Peter Ward
Phillip Plew
Pierre Canali
Preepong Samalee
Robert Catton
Roy Lai
Rueylin Jou
Rui Correia
Ryan McClain
Ryan Rich
Samuele Costantini
Sarah Bisplinghoff
Sarah Vandehey
Scott Mccrory
Sean Knowelden
Sebastiano Cavallo
Shahmir Samee
Shane Martin
Shawn Dhaliwal
shawn Hill
Stephen Leany
Steven De Canck
Suitirat Palakawong
Tariq Patel
Taylor Morrow
Thomas Farrow
Thorne Jones
Thorsten Drescher
Timothy Long
Toon Vertommen
Tyler Trudel
valentin mackl
Vincent Lim
Wan Pang Law
Will Laystrom
Yorgos Samaras
Zachry Benz