Roll of Honor - Viserai

28th Jun 2022

On May 2nd, 2022, Viserai officially reached Living Legend status in Blitz Constructed. Debuting with the release of Arcane Rising on March 27th, 2020, the set that introduced arcane damage to the world of Flesh and Blood for the very first time. Viserai was our first Runeblade, a hybrid hero who could use both melee and arcane damage in battle.

Roll of Honor Viserai socials

When Arcane Rising was released, the Blitz format had yet to be announced, and there were few opportunities for Limited events to take place. It wasn't until the Blitz format was announced, and the debut of our Skirmish series in January 2021 that Viserai had his chance to fight his way onto the Living Legends table - alongside Chane, and then Briar.

In 2022, the younger Viserai found his chance to shine, making the finals at Battle Hardened: Leeds with Matthew Foulkes, foreshadowing the Arknight's meteoric rise to Living Legend status over the following month. The fourth season of Skirmish saw players around the world join the forces of the Demonastery, winning over 150 events. As the final events of the season wound down, Viserai seized his first Battle Hardened win with Brodie Spurlock in Dallas on April 10th, then his first Calling win with Yuanji Li in Krakow on April 16th.

The following weekend on April 24th, Limbo won Battle Hardened: Taiwan and Joshua Bausch won Battle Hardened: Frankfurt with the first Runeblade, making Viserai the first-ever hero to attain Living Legend status.

The first of his kind both in the world of Rathe and in Flesh and Blood, Viserai has once again made history, ascending to the halls of our Living Legends and breaking free of Lord Sutcliffe's control... leaving the adult Viserai, Rune Blood to follow in his footsteps.

Congratulations to all players around the world who helped Viserai on his journey to Living Legend status; your names have been entered into Flesh and Blood history with the Roll of Honor!

Name GEM ID Event Series Region
Yuanji Li 96371481 Calling: Krakow United States
Limbo CFP 56833717 Battle Hardened: Taiwan Taiwan
Joshua Bausch 76869379 Battle Hardened: Frankfurt Germany
Brodie Spurlock 78449312 Battle Hardened: Dallas United States
Name GEM ID Event Series Store Name Region
Adam Fiffles 24655356 Skirmish Grails Gone Wild Toys & Collectibles United States
Adam Fiffles 24655356 Skirmish Finch and Sparrow Games United States
Adam Fiffles 24655356 Skirmish OC Trading United States
Adrian lee 91381331 Skirmish The Bearded Card Trader United Kingdom
Aidan Arruza 86255412 Skirmish Mythic Games United States
Aiden Harrison 74655799 Skirmish Gametraders Chermside Australia
Albert Schütt 58265332 Skirmish Spelgrottan Sweden
Alex Slotnick 11737789 Skirmish Notorious Collectibles LLC United States
Alexandre Lefebvre 28449771 Skirmish Silver Goblin Canada
Andrew Nimeh 77912539 Skirmish Top Deck Games Australia
Andrew Padlesky 26162391 Skirmish Common Box Games Canada
Andrew Padlesky 26162391 Skirmish Taps Games Canada
Andrew Prejean 91524267 Skirmish Man o' War Games, LLC United States
Andrzej Poniatowski 55848848 Skirmish Grand J Games Australia
Archer Taylor 55196431 Skirmish Mox Boarding House Portland United States
Artur Dziadosz 98698845 Skirmish Wilczek Sklep Poland
Brandon Chow 88695578 Skirmish Nerdz Cafe Canada
Brian Reed 43988749 Skirmish Nerdvana United States
Brodie Spurlock 78449312 Skirmish Reaper Game Store United States
Bryan Knecht 55254252 Skirmish Pack Fresh United States
Caleb Van Patten 86168764 Skirmish Game Kastle Sacramento United States
Calvin Holt 69538258 Skirmish Friendly Local Game Store United States
Carter Barton 59614336 Skirmish Oasis Games United States
Chad Bortz 73953888 Skirmish Gators Games and Hobby United States
Chad Bortz 73953888 Skirmish EXP Gaming Lounge United States
Chad Turner 96923991 Skirmish Vintage Games N Junque Canada
Chen Han Yang 74892135 Skirmish CatFootPrintKaohSiung2 Taiwan
Chris Kern 24939741 Skirmish Flipped Table Games United States
Chris Ray 79935486 Skirmish Goblin King Games United States
Christian Hauck 47346524 Skirmish JK Entertainment Darmstadt Germany
Christopher Monroe 97879856 Skirmish Midgard Hobbies and Games United States
Christopher Shreve 85277871 Skirmish Kavdaens Market United States
Chuck Cruz 52565128 Skirmish Vault Cardshop Philippines
Ciro Gambone 96355931 Skirmish Gamers Haven United States
Cooper Templeton 89541934 Skirmish Lantern Games LLC United States
Cosmo Hahn 66621694 Skirmish JK Entertainment Germany
Craig Pollack 46981763 Skirmish A Hidden Fortress United States
CYK Lionel 26355256 Skirmish 貓腳印士林店 Taiwan
CYK Lionel 26355256 Skirmish 貓腳印板橋店 Taiwan
Daniel Mulato 88359444 Skirmish AZ Card & Games Italy
David Watt 19845251 Skirmish Mox in the Hole United Kingdom
Dawid Dominiak 92964195 Skirmish MGLA Poland
Dennis Pham 45882875 Skirmish The Game Cellar United States
Derrick Corriea 81457352 Skirmish Game King United States
Donovan Lemay 65793337 Skirmish Mox Valley Games United States
Dylan Thompson 73151816 Skirmish ReRoll Games Ireland
Eduardo Francis 48889517 Skirmish Lucky Dice Cafe United States
Edward Kim 78133687 Skirmish Card Merchant Takapuna New Zealand
Eric Hyneman 71889211 Skirmish Sirius Unbound LLC United States
Eric Shoopman 51439173 Skirmish The Destination United States
Fabian Bayha 99297243 Skirmish Trading Goblin Gamesworld Germany
Filipe Camacho 76111121 Skirmish Drawstep Portugal
Frank Hung 94336373 Skirmish Boutique Awesome Canada
GAO ZHI-PENG 45482661 Skirmish 貓腳印台南店 Taiwan
George Karampinis 77979622 Skirmish Dragonphoenix Inn Greece
Glenn Van Roey 81359118 Skirmish GameForce Netherlands
Greg Mansfield 98536245 Skirmish Gamers Revelation New Zealand
Gregory Radek 24235483 Skirmish Kingdom Gaming Ltd United Kingdom
Henry Criollo 31391885 Skirmish Red Seal Gaming United States
Hunter Finkbeiner 53744214 Skirmish Legends Sports and Games United States
Hunter Hill 96772787 Skirmish Gulf Coast Hobby United States
Ian Holland 55771772 Skirmish Underworld Gaming Ireland
Jack Palen 26647865 Skirmish Sip & Play Boardgame cafe United States
Jacob Milam 63498352 Skirmish Mage's Archive United States
Jacob Milam 63498352 Skirmish Big Boy Gaming United States
Jacob Nickel 71431271 Skirmish Matt's Cavalcade United States
James Armstrong 83199961 Skirmish Manascrew United Kingdom
Jamie Faulkner 56872833 Skirmish Rule Zero United Kingdom
Jamie Faulkner 56872833 Skirmish Living Realms United Kingdom
Jamie Faulkner 56872833 Skirmish Dice Saloon United Kingdom
Jamie Faulkner 56872833 Skirmish Nerd Base United Kingdom
Jarel Chia 91758115 Skirmish Bricks Play Singapore
Jesse Harper 62751447 Skirmish Command Zone Games & Hobbies United States
Jimmy Nguyen 37919264 Skirmish Titan Games Netherlands
Joe Whetter 97226316 Skirmish Lvl Up Gaming United Kingdom
Jonas Benzarti 33193648 Skirmish Topdeck Denmark
Juha Saarnilampi 18849332 Skirmish Fantasiapelit Jyväskylä Finland
Julia Happel 32773526 Skirmish 42 Southside-Fantasy Germany
Justin Mooney 2568 Skirmish CellZ Hobbies United States
Justin Teague (53759348) 53759348 Skirmish Akiba Underground United States
Justin Wong 7337 Skirmish Forge and Fire Gaming LLC United States
Kenny Thai 41352778 Skirmish Star City Comics & Games United States
Kevin Lerens 55814454 Skirmish Oberonn Belgium
Kevin Lerens 55814454 Skirmish Brood en Spelen Belgium
Kevin Lerens 55814454 Skirmish The hub game lounge Belgium
Kristian Čurla 45478211 Skirmish Carta Magica Croatia
Lee Kimball 51252331 Skirmish West Bend Hobby Knights United States
Long Dao 34799151 Skirmish MAWO Cards Austria
Lorenzo Miele 69321146 Skirmish Il Labirinto - Comics, Cards & Games Italy
Lucas Macorano 13496413 Skirmish Spielzeit GmbH Germany
Łukasz Cichecki 31212529 Skirmish Strefa MTG Poland
Łukasz Szczepanowski 12924573 Skirmish Mag Planszowy / Board Mage Poland
Luke Harris 41161629 Skirmish Media Men Cards & Collectibles United States
Maciej Iskierka 34393335 Skirmish CUBE Poland
Marc SION 36275921 Skirmish Trollune France
Mark Alvin Mendoza 75888523 Skirmish Scry Games Philippines
Mason Galvan 32592286 Skirmish The Lotus Lookout United States
Matthew Dilks 12332725 Skirmish Gamer's Lair Canada
Matthew Foulkes 71963772 Skirmish Excelsior! Comics United Kingdom
Matthew McInnis 49235889 Skirmish Annex Games United States
Matthew W 36217316 Skirmish Multiverse Games, Comics and More United States
Matthias Hittel 22532354 Skirmish Paladin's Place Germany
Michael Antunez 72387448 Skirmish Zeeks Comics and Games United States
michael passer 23497552 Skirmish StormKing Gaming United States
Michael Thomas 38676791 Skirmish Nerd Rager United States
Michał "siUa" Matusiewicz 39818895 Skirmish Centrum MTG Jarosław Podlasiński Poland
Michal Bedzak 35713425 Skirmish Pan Mysza Poland
nathan lapham 71693458 Skirmish The Griffin's Rest United States
Nicholas Kent 87439298 Skirmish Dreamers Vault Games Champlin United States
Nick Bova 36338661 Skirmish The Collective: A Comic & Game Community United States
Nick Bova 36338661 Skirmish Versus Games and Events United States
Nils Büchner 37915983 Skirmish Fantasy Kolosseum Germany
Oscar Ojeda Gomez 62693329 Skirmish Menard Comics Canada
Patrick Nelson 74933547 Skirmish Odyssey Games, LLC United States
Paul Fortin 72983687 Skirmish New World Gaming United States
Paul van Gijssel 82996881 Skirmish Friends & Foes Amsterdam Netherlands
Paweł Ropa 77943644 Skirmish Magic Cafe Poland
Peter Buddensiek 61767867 Skirmish Darkside Games United States
Philip van Donselaar 48821756 Skirmish Kai of Cards Netherlands
Plamen Marekov 23532868 Skirmish Mox Games Bulgaria
Porter Jones 95935514 Skirmish Intrinsic Gaming United States
Randy Wood 87778751 Skirmish Top Deck Keep United States
Raymond Chow 41425185 Skirmish Manta Trading Canada
Robert Ramsey 75629831 Skirmish Galaxy Gaming United States
Ryan Hulin-Bobart 48954357 Skirmish Vault Games Australia
Ryan Mound 97226338 Skirmish Haven Games United States
Ryan Nelson 21819538 Skirmish TokenMTG United States
Ryan Shope 19549688 Skirmish The Realm Games (oh)! United States
Sebastian Bednarski 45635179 Skirmish Troll's Cave (Jaskinia Trolla) Poland
Sebastián Marchante 14744322 Skirmish Azkaban Juegos Spain
Sebastien Buxcey 15999693 Skirmish Red Dragon Comics, Cards and Games Canada
Sharif Shaaban 49689965 Skirmish Geek Retreat Glasgow United Kingdom
Simon Linabury 42391481 Skirmish Jolt Games Australia
Skye Selbiger 52291453 Skirmish Wayward City Games United States
Spencer Freeman 74755923 Skirmish Sun Valley Gaming United States
Spencer Freeman 74755923 Skirmish Amazing Discoveries United States
Steve Hwang 58649927 Skirmish SMASHBOXX PC & HOBBY United States
Steve Thompson 48848115 Skirmish Athena Games United Kingdom
Suitirat Palakawong 61568355 Skirmish Sedai 4.5 Thailand
Thibaut Clausse 31991724 Skirmish Sod Games SRL Belgium
Tho Bui 49292472 Skirmish Source Comics and Games United States
Thorsten Drescher 35349415 Skirmish Ragnaroek Cafe Germany
Tigh Ward 85191882 Skirmish No Josh Collectables Australia
Tom Ward 99796926 Skirmish EH Gaming United Kingdom
Tony Mapelli 87483234 Skirmish Akiba Underground United States
Tucker Campbell 96748883 Skirmish Petrie's Family Games United States
Tyler Thao 13294344 Skirmish Dice Addiction United States
Viliam Kubik 96614538 Skirmish P-Games Slovakia
Vincent Lim 18269158 Skirmish The Gaming Verse Australia
Vincent Yuen 25549911 Skirmish 異次元桌遊社 Different Dimension TCG Hong Kong
Wojciech Klimczyk 74215342 Skirmish Centrum Gier Inny Wymiar Poland
Wynton Bedford 52592693 Skirmish Sushi Knight Gaming New Zealand
Yassine Echafai Tripiana 58442431 Skirmish MANA VORTEX Spain
Yu Watermelon 62535844 Skirmish 貓腳印遊樂園 Taiwan
Yu Watermelon 62535844 Skirmish CatFootPrints Playground - SongChiang Taiwan
Zach Cash 16114523 Skirmish Mayhem Comics and Games United States
Zachary Gardiner 58827455 Skirmish Next Level Games Morwell Australia
Zachary Gardiner 58827455 Skirmish Cardtastic Collectables and Gaming Australia
Zachary McCollough 37166185 Skirmish Gift of Games United States
Zachary Spofford 12438757 Skirmish Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy Austin United States