Roll of Honor: Bravo, Star of the Show

28th Jun 2022 Legend Story Studios

On June 24th, 2022, Bravo, Star of the Show officially reached Living Legend status in Classic Constructed. Debuting with the release of Everfest on February 4th, 2022, Bravo returned to the stage of Flesh and Blood for the first time since Welcome to Rathe. This time, he had the power of the elements at his disposal, harnessing Ice, Earth, and Lightning as he put on a grand performance for all the world to see.

Bravo, Star of the Show

In a whirlwind tour of Rathe, Bravo claimed Callings and Battle Hardened events across the United States, Asia, and Europe, seizing the spotlight worldwide with the first two seasons of ProQuest. Michael Hamilton took center stage at the Calling: Indianapolis with Bravo in March, where he became the second-ever two-time Calling Champion; Luo Sheng-Xun made history at Asia's first-ever Calling as the charismatic ringmaster, claiming the tile of Calling: Taiwan Champion

While Bravo lost the finals of our first-ever Pro Tour, Mateusz Sass was winning the final match of the Calling: New Jersey, delivering the final blow to see Bravo into the hall of Living Legends. Yet Bravo found a few last opportunities to steal the show, claiming victory during the Uprising World Premiere weekend; Chris Ray won the Battle Hardened event in Las Vegas, and Thomas Bailey Galbraith won the Battle Hardened event in Sydney.

Whether you refer to him as Bravo, Starvo, Bravatar, Brostar, E-Bravo, Captain Planet, or any of the other titles he picked up across his journey, this is our final farewell to the first adult hero in Flesh and Blood to ascend to the halls of our Living Legends; a fitting finale for the star of the Legendarium.

Congratulations to all players around the world who helped Bravo, Star of the Show on his journey to Living Legend status; your names have been entered into Flesh and Blood history with the Roll of Honor!

Roll of Honor
Adam Fiffles
Adam Kohler
Adam Sarrington
Adam Urban
Adi Guna Sodikin
Aimran Kamarul Bahrin
Albert Serrano Gomez
Alejandro Silva Moro
Alex Forndran
Alex Keeler
Alex Sneed
Alexander King
Alexander Steiner
Alexandre Lefebvre
Alvaro Francisco Toledano Benito
Amour Brandan St. Amour
Andrea Pizzetti
Andrew Padlesky
Andrew Rothermel
Andrew Webber
Anthony Bugoci
Armin Soleimanpor
Bartosz Jankowski
Ben Hannan
Brodie Spurlock
Bun Ar
Cayle Mccreath
Charles Dunn
Charles Nash
Chris Brummett
Chris Ray
Christian Hauck
Christian Heilman
Christian Weißling
Christopher Higashi
Ciro Gambone
Connor Rash
Corey Baker
Craig Krempels
Dagan White
Danny McGeehan
Dave Pruneau
David Reitbauer
Dawid Dominiak
Dean Ebelshäuser
Dhedy Hindrawan
Dirk Crasto
Donovan van Beek
Easton Douglas
Ed Ross
Elijah Bishop
Ferran Riu
Florin-Cristian Loghin
Francesco Giorgio
Gabe Sher
Gabriel Torres
Galaxy Yang
George Karampinis
George Rodger
Gianni Kouris
Gordon Koh
Grzegorz Kowalski
Ho Wei jie
Ian Holland
Ian Siczewicz
Ilias Karamanis
Immanuel Gerschenson
Isaac Lee
Isaak Krut
Jacob Hand
Jacob Shaker
James Arnesen
Jean-Sebastien Laurin
Jenson Wilhelm
Jeppe Madsen
Jeremy Stockfleth
Jeremy Stowe
Jerick Fomocod
Jesse Meulman-Marshall
Joel Repta
John Wood
Jonathan Magnuson
Jonathan Owens
Jonathan Suarez
Jonny Chapman
Joseph Cervantes
Josh Lind
Joshua Bausch
Julio Alfonso Pineiro
Kailam Dale
Karl-Emil Drenck
Kenneth Thomas
Kevin Zänker
Kuan Li
Lachlan Buchan
Laurens Overgaauw
Łukasz Szczepanowski
maciej janik
Mário Abrantes
Mateusz Sass
Matthew Mcgraw
Matthew McInnis
Matthew Vore
Michael Bonde
Michael Corvino
Michael Dalton
Michael Hamilton
Michael Jaszczur
Michał "siUa" Matusiewicz
Michal Bedzak
Minh Toan Nguyen
Mohamed El Fardi
Naib Mobassir
Nam Vo
Nathan Fortin
Nick Butcher
Nicolas Bouffard
nicolas Jamoulle
Noah Cagle
Nuno Amaral
Pablo Pintor
Pankaj Bhojwani
Pat Eshghy
Patrick Hauser
Patrick McGregor
Paul Crame
Peter Markovič
Philip Parker
Philip van Donselaar
Pietro Gerletti
Quinn Wongkew
Randall Sims
Ravi Sharma
Raymond Chow
Richard Anthony Bustamante
Richard Wiradharma
Rob Cygul
Rory Milne
Ryan Baker
Ryan Leong
Ryan Mound
Sam Yuen
Sean Stanley
Sebastian Golla
Sébastien Spilliaert
Shawn Dhaliwal
Sheng-Xun Luo
Sherman Darrenkamp
Simon Linabury
Stephan Schwarz
Stephen Black
Tariq Patel
Taylor Ballard
Ted Grabow
Ted Nilsson
Thanthawat Chujitngamsuwong
Thomas Badell
Thomas Bailey Galbraith
Thomas Harle
Thomas Preyer
Thomas Scott
Thorbjørn Lind Jensen
Timothy Barron
Timothy Scroggs
Tobias Lind
Toni Savolainen
Travis Bowling
Trenton McBride
Tsubasa Ueda
Tyler Green
Tyler Steenmeijer
Vasil Popov
Wan Pang Law
Wesley Dong
Will Laystrom
Wim Eliano
Wojciech Klimczyk
Wyatt McHalffey
Yongji Yang
Yuanji Li
可耻 失败者