Roll of Honor - Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light

8th Sep 2022

On August 30th, 2022, Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light officially reached Living Legend status in Classic Constructed. Debuting with the release of Monarch on May 7th, 2021, Prism stepped out of the The Library of Illumination and soon discovered the legends of the Heralds, Sol’s golden emissaries, who watched over the people of Solana. Quick, curious and incredibly intelligent, Prism adapted to her new life with ease.

Prism bg.jpg

The popular heroine captured the hearts and imaginations of fans worldwide from the moment of her debut on Rathe and, soon after began to take slow and steady footsteps towards her eventual ascension to Living Legend, collecting a cornucopia of victories during the 2021 Road to Nationals and National Championship event series.

Shadows darkened on the horizon as the Demonastery’s Chane began to rack up a blood debt to Ursur in the war against Solana. The Shadow Runeblade occupied much of the Monarch season metagame and hope across Rathe began to wane…As the bells of war tolled across the city of Solana, Prism invoked Solana’s legendary beings, sending her creations to guard her beloved ones and smite her foes.

At the Calling Las Vegas final in September 2021 Sebastiano Cavallo and Tyler Horspool embodied this war of Shadow and Light as the last match of the tournament saw Sebastiano’s Chane face off against Tyler’s ingeniously engineered Prism, resulting in a decisive victory for Tyler, the Light and Prism.

Prism left her mark on Rathe, and will live on as a Legend until the end of time. She taught us that hope is never truly lost…and that her fantastical arc light spectras need not only be figments of imagination.

Congratulations to all players around the world who helped Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light on her journey to Living Legend status; your names have been entered into Flesh and Blood history with the Roll of Honor!

Name GEM ID Event Series
Joris Verhelst 15957852 Calling: Lille
Tyler Horspool 77657489 Calling: Las Vegas
Nicholas Holding 42916169 New Zealand National Championships 2021
Sergio Sanz Guerrero 55195433 Battle Hardened: Spain
Wen Jin Hsu 48349641 Battle Hardened: Taiwan
Brian Moss 45529617 Battle Hardened: Los Angeles
Name GEM ID Event Series Store Name
Jack McHalffey 19213929 Pro Quest Dallas Fort-Worth
Tyler Horspool 77657489 Road to Nationals 2021 A Hidden Fortress
Igor Brkic 78262755 Road to Nationals 2021 Cardtastic Collectables and Gaming
Oliver Phi 75633349 Road to Nationals 2021 ChannelFireball
Newman Brantley 58467586 Road to Nationals 2021 Comics &!
James Silver 17637648 Road to Nationals 2021 Game King
Justin Salmon 46936762 Road to Nationals 2021 Goin' Gaming
René Heijnen 31659342 Road to Nationals 2021 Kai of Cards
Viet Pham 77629976 Road to Nationals 2021 MAWO Cards
Plamen Marekov 23532868 Road to Nationals 2021 Mox Games
Piotr Krzempek 63849848 Road to Nationals 2021 SideQuest
Viet Pham 77629976 Road to Nationals 2021 Trading Goblin Gamesworld
Felix Larsen Stenderup 37233425 Road to Nationals 2021 ZZ Games
Sergio Sanz Guerrero 55195433 Road to Nationals 2022 Azkaban Juegos
Jerome Bastogne 63415792 Road to Nationals 2022 Brood en Spelen
Rafał Szymaszek 78815493 Road to Nationals 2022 Centrum gier Pegaz
Nick Donnelly 89841748 Road to Nationals 2022 Dan Solo Comics & Collectables
Rob van der Burgh 43415184 Road to Nationals 2022 De Dobbelsteen Den Bosch
Nicholas Steele 45755586 Road to Nationals 2022 Epic Loot Games and Comics
William Knight 29334895 Road to Nationals 2022 Fat Ogre Games & Comics, Inc
Noah Clark 37235158 Road to Nationals 2022 Forest City Coins
Jace Velez 64574422 Road to Nationals 2022 Four Horsemen Comics and Gaming - Morgantown Mall
Viet Pham 77629976 Road to Nationals 2022 Funtainment GmbH
Chu Heng Eng 48899492 Road to Nationals 2022 FYENDAL HOBBY
Lucas Macorano 13496413 Road to Nationals 2022 GG Lounge
Lorenzo Brambilla Pisoni 45953664 Road to Nationals 2022 Il Labirinto - Comics, Cards & Games
Howard See 16361153 Road to Nationals 2022 Kitsu Models Hobby Shop
Christian Gerdes 38359582 Road to Nationals 2022 LEVEL UP GAMES LLC
Tye Soens 89993634 Road to Nationals 2022 Midian Gaming
Damon Elgie 67858688 Road to Nationals 2022 Mox in the Hole
Scott Khuu 41444552 Road to Nationals 2022 Mythos Games
Romanos Defiano 92538598 Road to Nationals 2022 Nexus Tabletop Games Cafe
Tuomas Kainulainen 44791464 Road to Nationals 2022 Oh My Game Oy
Mikael Jacobs 52859245 Road to Nationals 2022 Outland Oslo
Jerome Bastogne 63415792 Road to Nationals 2022 Outpost Brussels
shawn Hill 83342977 Road to Nationals 2022 Red Dragon Comics, Cards and Games
Antoine Pech 25977367 Road to Nationals 2022 RELIC
Romain Mamecier 44564887 Road to Nationals 2022 Sedai 4.5
Justin Wong 7337 Road to Nationals 2022 shuffle “n" cut hobbies and games
Jesse Kennon 72852145 Road to Nationals 2022 The Lotus Lookout Belleville
Ian Zhang 75916243 Road to Nationals 2022 Titan Games
Daniel Kläsener 28859699 Road to Nationals 2022 White Rabbit Community Game Store
Noah Clark 37235158 Road to Nationals 2022 X Level Hobbies
Mikael Jacobs 52859245 ProQuest Season 1 Alara Games
Liam Canning 94726641 ProQuest Season 1 Boards and Swords Hobbies
Zachary Cauchi 25749648 ProQuest Season 1 Brisvegas Comics
Ian Zhang 75916243 ProQuest Season 1 Brood en Spelen
Justin Wong 7337 ProQuest Season 1 Card Merchant Westcity
Kristian Čurla 45478211 ProQuest Season 1 Carta Magica
Po Yu Lin 48359429 ProQuest Season 1 Cat Footprints (Kaohsiung)
Limbo CFP 56833717 ProQuest Season 1 CatFootPrints Playground - SongChiang
Viliam Kubik 96614538 ProQuest Season 1 Centrum Gier Inny Wymiar
Julian Helgeson 66278441 ProQuest Season 1 Citadel Game Cellar
Juan Kin Lim 48839823 ProQuest Season 1 Classroom Cafeteria
Travis McDaniel 12467529 ProQuest Season 1 Comic Book World Louisville
Mikael Conrow 97232914 ProQuest Season 1 Curio Cavern Centreville
Jami Faulkner 56872833 ProQuest Season 1 Dark Sphere
Patrick Weiss 12657916 ProQuest Season 1 Dream Wizards
Wesley Cole 83247774 ProQuest Season 1 Enchanted Realms Games and Gifts
Yuki Lee Bender 22253482 ProQuest Season 1 FaB Foundry
Michael Lau 99168843 ProQuest Season 1 Fabled Collections
Gregory Patellis 12959859 ProQuest Season 1 Fantasy Shop
Daylon Mack 44746491 ProQuest Season 1 Fat Ogre Games & Comics, Inc
Kevin Zänker 37818356 ProQuest Season 1 Friends & Foes Amsterdam
Oliver Phi 75633349 ProQuest Season 1 Game Kastle Santa Clara
James Adams 96214336 ProQuest Season 1 Gamers Haven
Nigel Teo 58358474 ProQuest Season 1 Gaming Sanctuary PTE LTD
Jack Raven 15774589 ProQuest Season 1 Geek Retreat Southampton
Bruno Patrão 79173212 ProQuest Season 1 GG Lounge
Christian Gerdes 38359582 ProQuest Season 1 Giga-Bites Cafe
Ryan Hulin-Bobart 48954357 ProQuest Season 1 Heretics Haven
Stephen McKeever 54177126 ProQuest Season 1 Highlander Games
Nathan Fortin 62823362 ProQuest Season 1 Infinity Card & Collectibles
Phillip Hadley 4527 ProQuest Season 1 Jolt Games
Sergio Sanz Guerrero 55195433 ProQuest Season 1 Júpiter Madrid
Tyler Horspool 77657489 ProQuest Season 1 Kingslayer Games - Oceanside
Matthew Light 56519372 ProQuest Season 1 Living Realms
Hayden Dale 7666 ProQuest Season 1 Midian Gaming
William Harrison 75781937 ProQuest Season 1 Modern Explorers Guild
Timothy Scroggs 73784633 ProQuest Season 1 Modern Table Top
Justin Salmon 46936762 ProQuest Season 1 Mox Boarding House Portland
Nicholas Osborne 87691385 ProQuest Season 1 Need Now Toys & Games
Adam Fiffles 24655356 ProQuest Season 1 Odyssey Games
David Andrews 36171955 ProQuest Season 1 Out of the Box Gaming
Jerome Bastogne 63415792 ProQuest Season 1 Outpost Brussels
nino Zimmermann 73769528 ProQuest Season 1 Pan Mysza
Shawn Hill 83342977 ProQuest Season 1 Red Dragon Comics, Cards and Games
Ed Bracamontes 78561838 ProQuest Season 1 Rocket City Gaming
Johnny Shen 97174894 ProQuest Season 1 Scrub Tier Gaming
Mark Alvin Mendoza 75888523 ProQuest Season 1 Scry Games
Biing Chyn "Benson" Lai 36587649 ProQuest Season 1 Silver Goblin
Matthew Foulkes 71963772 ProQuest Season 1 Skyward Fire Games
Tee Thebeau 97894393 ProQuest Season 1 The Blue Post
Ryan Cochran 32789595 ProQuest Season 1 The Comic Book Shop
Mark Johnson 23894321 ProQuest Season 1 The Gamers Wharf
Kye Huynh 17697679 ProQuest Season 1 The Local Game Store
Jordan McClure 44523711 ProQuest Season 1 The Upkeep Games
Mikael Conrow 97232914 ProQuest Season 1 TokenMTG
Isaac Murray 85528141 ProQuest Season 1 Trinity Card Capital LTD
Cedar Graham 11649998 ProQuest Season 1 Zulu's Board Game Cafe
Daniel Pearson 13779113 ProQuest Season 2 Bel Air Games
shawn Hill 83342977 ProQuest Season 2 Boutique Awesome
Matt Rogers 8717 ProQuest Season 2 Card Merchant Nelson
Sable Wang-Wills 4722 ProQuest Season 2 Cardtastic Collectables and Gaming
Gaetan Bovey 15571494 ProQuest Season 2 CatFootPrintKaohSiung2
Yu Watermelon 62535844 ProQuest Season 2 CatFootPrints Playground - SongChiang
Julien Abenhaim 93766922 ProQuest Season 2 Chez Geeks
Colin Tang 21928285 ProQuest Season 2 Classroom Cafeteria 2.0
Patrick Yoder 59587656 ProQuest Season 2 Comic Book World Louisville
Nik Dinnis 84228558 ProQuest Season 2 D6 Games
Finbarr Begley 75388611 ProQuest Season 2 Dice & Destiny
Matthew Whewell 81153357 ProQuest Season 2 EH Gaming
Michael Lau 99168843 ProQuest Season 2 Fabled Collections
Jyri Ollila 38729812 ProQuest Season 2 Fantasiapelit Jyväskylä
Luke MacDowall 68935335 ProQuest Season 2 Fat Ogre Games & Comics, Inc
Kevin Zänker 37818356 ProQuest Season 2 GameForce
Roger Bodee 87757911 ProQuest Season 2 Gamer's Loot
Jake Dwyer 76394196 ProQuest Season 2 Gold Coast Good Games
Adam Parker 34871733 ProQuest Season 2 Good Games Joondalup
Phillip Hadley McKay 4527 ProQuest Season 2 Grimdark Gaming
jong Bob De jong 56899467 ProQuest Season 2 Hermelijn
Lucas Ward 26397637 ProQuest Season 2 Hobby Master Events
Aaron Grace 12965718 ProQuest Season 2 House of Cards
Prosperis Damiano De Prosperis 87871378 ProQuest Season 2 I CIVETTONI
Nathan Fortin 62823362 ProQuest Season 2 Infinity Card & Collectibles
Chu Heng Eng 48899492 ProQuest Season 2 Jeux Kingdom
Maximilian Klein 23337859 ProQuest Season 2 JK Entertainment
Martin Widjaja 66537297 ProQuest Season 2 Kavdean's Den Bukit Timah
Tyler Horspool 77657489 ProQuest Season 2 Kingslayer Games (Fountain Valley, CA)
Frederick Wong 21689421 ProQuest Season 2 Kitsu Models Hobby Shop
Alexander Hempelmann 94399835 ProQuest Season 2 KNR Landhandel Ried GmbH
Arkadiusz "Rasaad" Sioda 82615922 ProQuest Season 2 KROLM
Daniel Johnson 92738678 ProQuest Season 2 Mana Merchant
Francisc Loghin 23732463 ProQuest Season 2 Metagame Kártyabolt
Brandon Jones 43299335 ProQuest Season 2 Mox Boarding House
Joseph Schilling 48266179 ProQuest Season 2 Need Now Toys & Games
Nguyen Giang 45843333 ProQuest Season 2 Nerd Base
Kenneth Habunite 39238374 ProQuest Season 2 No Dice
George Melissakis 37549179 ProQuest Season 2 No Label X
Jyri Ollila 38729812 ProQuest Season 2 Oh My Game Oy
Aaron Grace 12965718 ProQuest Season 2 Out of the Box Gaming
Lucas Ward 26397637 ProQuest Season 2 Shadow Realm TCG - Whangarei
Emmanuel Onate 42931316 ProQuest Season 2 SMASHBOXX PC & HOBBY
Jonas Stoberock 58732441 ProQuest Season 2 Spielraum Bielefeld
Julius Jonauskas 28517173 ProQuest Season 2 Stalo zaidimai EU
Mara Faris 57899695 ProQuest Season 2 Star City Comics & Games
Reeve Chia 61688869 ProQuest Season 2 Tanoshimou
Joseph Scalco 73113941 ProQuest Season 2 The Adventurers' Academy
Dung Yung Le 17492438 ProQuest Season 2 The Adventurer's Guild
Michael Riddle 19286246 ProQuest Season 2 The Blue Post
Darren Hazelden 65469985 ProQuest Season 2 The Dice cup
Shawn Wang 45371444 ProQuest Season 2 The Game Center - Campbelltown
Sergiu Morar 81945759 ProQuest Season 2 The Guild Hall
William Bradshaw 59166293 ProQuest Season 2 The Mighty Meeple
Colby Gerrish 64173258 ProQuest Season 2 Timetwister Games
Ian Zhang 75916243 ProQuest Season 2 Titan Games
Zayne Johnson 68823878 ProQuest Season 2 Tubbys TCG