Roll of Honor: Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light

8th Sep 2022 Legend Story Studios

On August 30th, 2022, Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light officially reached Living Legend status in Classic Constructed. Debuting with the release of Monarch on May 7th, 2021, Prism stepped out of the The Library of Illumination and soon discovered the legends of the Heralds, Sol’s golden emissaries, who watched over the people of Solana. Quick, curious and incredibly intelligent, Prism adapted to her new life with ease.

Prism Hero Art

The popular heroine captured the hearts and imaginations of fans worldwide from the moment of her debut on Rathe and, soon after began to take slow and steady footsteps towards her eventual ascension to Living Legend, collecting a cornucopia of victories during the 2021 Road to Nationals and National Championship event series.

Shadows darkened on the horizon as the Demonastery’s Chane began to rack up a blood debt to Ursur in the war against Solana. The Shadow Runeblade occupied much of the Monarch season metagame and hope across Rathe began to wane…As the bells of war tolled across the city of Solana, Prism invoked Solana’s legendary beings, sending her creations to guard her beloved ones and smite her foes.

At the Calling Las Vegas final in September 2021 Sebastiano Cavallo and Tyler Horspool embodied this war of Shadow and Light as the last match of the tournament saw Sebastiano’s Chane face off against Tyler’s ingeniously engineered Prism, resulting in a decisive victory for Tyler, the Light and Prism.

Prism left her mark on Rathe, and will live on as a Legend until the end of time. She taught us that hope is never truly lost…and that her fantastical arc light spectras need not only be figments of imagination.

Congratulations to all players around the world who helped Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light on her journey to Living Legend status; your names have been entered into Flesh and Blood history with the Roll of Honor!

Roll of Honor
Aaron Grace
Adam Fiffles
Adam Parker
Alexander Hempelmann
Antoine Pech
Arkadiusz "Rasaad" Sioda
Biing Chyn "Benson" Lai
Brandon Jones
Brian Moss
Bruno Patrão
Cedar Graham
Christian Gerdes
Chu Heng Eng
Colby Gerrish
Colin Tang
Damon Elgie
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Kläsener
Daniel Pearson
Darren Hazelden
David Andrews
Daylon Mack
Dung Yung Le
Ed Bracamontes
Emmanuel Onate
Felix Larsen Stenderup
Finbarr Begley
Francisc Loghin
Frederick Wong
Gaetan Bovey
George Melissakis
Gregory Patellis
Hayden Dale
Howard See
Ian Zhang
Igor Brkic
Isaac Murray
Jace Velez
Jack McHalffey
Jack Raven
Jake Dwyer
James Adams
James Silver
Jami Faulkner
Jerome Bastogne
Jesse Kennon
Johnny Shen
Jonas Stoberock
jong Bob De jong
Jordan McClure
Joris Verhelst
Joseph Scalco
Joseph Schilling
Juan Kin Lim
Julian Helgeson
Julien Abenhaim
Julius Jonauskas
Justin Salmon
Justin Wong
Jyri Ollila
Kenneth Habunite
Kevin Zänker
Kristian Čurla
Kye Huynh
Liam Canning
Limbo CFP
Lorenzo Brambilla Pisoni
Lucas Macorano
Lucas Ward
Luke MacDowall
Mara Faris
Mark Alvin Mendoza
Mark Johnson
Martin Widjaja
Matt Rogers
Matthew Foulkes
Matthew Light
Matthew Whewell
Maximilian Klein
Michael Lau
Michael Riddle
Mikael Conrow
Mikael Jacobs
Nathan Fortin
Newman Brantley
Nguyen Giang
Nicholas Holding
Nicholas Osborne
Nicholas Steele
Nick Donnelly
Nigel Teo
Nik Dinnis
nino Zimmermann
Noah Clark
Oliver Phi
Patrick Weiss
Patrick Yoder
Phillip Hadley
Phillip Hadley McKay
Piotr Krzempek
Plamen Marekov
Po Yu Lin
Prosperis Damiano De Prosperis
Rafał Szymaszek
Reeve Chia
René Heijnen
Rob van der Burgh
Roger Bodee
Romain Mamecier
Romanos Defiano
Ryan Cochran
Ryan Hulin-Bobart
Sable Wang-Wills
Scott Khuu
Sergio Sanz Guerrero
Sergiu Morar
shawn Hill
Shawn Wang
Stephen McKeever
Tee Thebeau
Timothy Scroggs
Travis McDaniel
Tuomas Kainulainen
Tye Soens
Tyler Horspool
Viet Pham
Viliam Kubik
Wen Jin Hsu
Wesley Cole
William Bradshaw
William Harrison
William Knight
Yu Watermelon
Yuki Lee Bender
Zachary Cauchi
Zayne Johnson