Round the Table: TCC x LSS

Legend Story Studios is proud to team up with Tolarian Community College to get you Round the Table enjoying great games and good times!

What is Flesh and Blood?

Flesh and Blood is one of the largest trading card games in the world, developed by New Zealand-based Legend Story Studios. Flesh and Blood's innovative and unique mechanics pit hero against hero in a constantly evolving metagame with multiple new releases every year.

Charging into battle fully primed with weapons and equipment, your hero will attack and defend with a variety of actions and abilities until only one is left standing in this action packed and easy to learn trading card game.

Available in both 1v1 and multiplayer formats, Flesh and Blood is designed for anyone to pick up and enjoy, whether that's competitive tournaments or casual games round the table.

What is Round the Table: TCC x LSS?

Round the Table: TCC x LSS is a special Flesh and Blood box set that contains four ready-to-play Blitz decks designed for Ultimate Pit Fight (the fun-flowing multiplayer format).

Featuring over a hundred new cards and a 24” rubber playmat, everything you need is packaged inside a Teklo Industries 1000ct storage box!

Play as The Professor and build your own mech suit to stomp the competition with brand new Evo equipment! Delight the table with Melody, a lively Bard who sings tunes for the crowd while building up to the final act of a lifetime! Come to the rescue with Brevant, a chivalrous Guardian who defends other heroes in need! Seek vengeance with Ira, the Ninja with a bloodsoaked past!

Learn to Play

Learn how to attack, defend, and pitch with our interactive online tutorial!

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Tolarian Community College

Watch the Professor shuffle up and play the new box set with special guests!

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Round the Table: TCC x LSS is exclusively available at game stores worldwide!

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Begin your journey

Round the Table: TCC x LSS is a great starting point for stepping into the wider world of Flesh and Blood.

The Professor deck debuts new Evo cards that are a core feature of the next booster set, Bright Lights. Getting familiar with The Professor deck is the perfect pathway to picking up Bright Lights gameplay like a pro!

Jumping into Flesh and Blood has never been easier, with the new casual 3-Pack format introduced in Bright Lights (simply crack, shuffle, and play), especially when you've just graduated from The Professor's Evo-101 class!

Social Play Kit

Alongside the release of Round the Table: TCC x LSS, we are excited to announce the first dedicated Flesh and Blood Social Play Kit, available while stocks last free-of-charge to local game stores who run regular social play events in their stores.

Social Play Kits differ from our existing prize kits such as those for Armory Events, in that they are evergreen, not month specific. They contain a wide variety of promos that can be used over a period of time to fit the needs of each individual store and community.

Beginner Decks

Ira, Crimson Haze

Learn to play with the Ira Welcome deck, free from your local game store.

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History Pack 1

Learn the basics with the most iconic heroes, everything from Brute to Wizard.

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