Ways to Play

One of the beautiful things about Trading Card Games is the variety of ways to play them. Here's an overview of our favorite ways to play.


Blitz is a fun and fast way to play Flesh and Blood. It's the recommended format to start your adventure into the world of Rathe, for social gaming, and to pair with Play Anywhere. A typical game of Blitz is fast paced, lasting 10-15 minutes.

Classic Constructed

Classic Constructed is the quintessential Flesh and Blood experience. Players choose a Hero, then construct an 80 card deck made up of powerful signature moves, class and generic cards, then compete against each-other in dynamic, 1v1 combat. Classic Constructed is full powered Flesh and Blood where the adult heroes take center stage. A typical game of Classic Constructed is a battle of endurance, lasting 30-50 minutes.

For more info about Classic Constructed, check out the FAB formats page.

Sealed Deck

Sealed Deck is an easy and fun way to play Flesh and Blood and a great way to get new cards for your collection! Simply turn up, open six booster packs, and make the best deck you can from what you have to work with. Part of the fun is discovering new interactions that don't come up in other formats.

Sealed Deck is a popular way to play when a new set is released. It's a great way to play with and obtain new cards, especially at pre-release events which are run in stores the week before the release of a new set, to celebrate the arrival of new heroes and the exciting cards they bring with them.

Booster Draft

Booster Draft is a fun way to play and get new cards for your collection. It requires no preparation - simply turn up and play! A group of players (ideally 8), each with three booster packs, sit around a table. Each player opens a booster, picks a card from it, and passes the remaining cards to the player next to them. Continue doing this until all the cards in all the packs have been drafted. At the end of the draft you'll have 40-45 cards to make a 30 card minimum deck.

Part of the fun of Booster Draft is working out the right card to draft at the right time to craft a well rounded deck. Booster Draft is a fun way to play with cards you may never consider using in other formats. What's more, you keep the cards you draft!

Ultimate Pit Fight (Multiplayer)

Ultimate Pit Fight (UPF) is an action-packed casual multiplayer format for Flesh and Blood, bringing with it a host of new and exciting interactions and experiences made only possible by the dynamic of group play. UPF uses deck construction rules from Blitz, but with a wider range of cards and special promos legal for play, allowing limitless chaotic possibilities!

Blitz Preconstructed

Blitz preconstructed uses specially designed Blitz decks that are ready to play fresh out of the box! No extra cards or deck construction are needed, simply pick up one of the preconstructed decks from your local game store and face off against others on even footing! Each of the decks within a Blitz preconstructed set are designed for interactive gameplay with each other, and can be upgraded into regular Blitz decks with cards from booster packs!


Gain XP at Official Events

Ready to start gaining XP and get your name on the FAB leaderboard? Check out the event locator to find an official event near you!

To play official events, you'll need a GEM player ID. You can get that here.