OP Pathway

1) Welcome Event

Welcome Events are a great way to begin your adventure into the world of Flesh and Blood. They usually start with a 60 min open play session, where you'll learn to play as Ira, Crimson Haze, followed by a casual tournament where players face off to become the undisputed leader of the Crimson Haze! What's more, you get to keep the Ira welcome deck.

Welcome Events run from time to time in local game stores and at events like conventions. Find upcoming Welcome Events by searching "event type" in the event locator.

2) Armory Events

Armory Events run weekly in local game stores across the world, and are usually Classic Constructed, Booster Draft, or Sealed Deck. They award cold foil prize cards, such as iconic weapons, and extended art promos of popular cards. Each month, Armory Event stores receive one special "Peoples Champion" play mat to award to a person bringing positive energy to the FAB community in that store!

Find upcoming Armory Events by searching "event type" in the event locator.

3) Road to Nationals

Road to Nationals run in select local game stores and at special events, and can be run as Classic Constructed or Sealed Deck with top 8 Booster Draft.

The Road to Nationals seasons run every year, with each event awarding invitations to National Champs, top 8 play mats, rewards for the highest ranked player of each hero, and a "random drop" gold legendary prize card for the winner!

Find upcoming Road to Nationals by searching "event type" in the event locator.

4) National Champs

Fame. Glory. National Pride. Nothing brings the community together like National Champs!

National Champs are professional, invitation only tournaments, run by Legend Story Studios in each official Flesh and Blood territory. Invitations will be awarded through Road to National events, and based on leaderboard rankings at milestone periods.

National Champs awards Professional Tournament Invitations, cash prizes, commemorative event gifts, and gold legendary prize cards!

5) The Calling

Calling events bring players from across the land to battle. Calling events are open to all players featuring different formats for players to test skill with. Calling events offer fantastic prizes including playmats, Gold cold foils and a huge cash prize pool! Check below for the next scheduled Calling event.

6) World Championship

The World Championship brings the best players in the world together, then raises one higher to the pinnacle of greatness, to be immortalized as a living legend of Flesh and Blood.

The World Championship will be a multi-format tournament, featuring Classic Constructed and Booster Draft.

Further details to be announced.