Ira Welcome Deck

The Ira Welcome Deck is a FREE intro product to Flesh and Blood TCG. It focuses on the key components of FAB - how to gain resources to play your cards, how to play out the cards in your hand by using go again, and how combat works. After watching the 6 minute learn to play video, you will be ready to start playing as Ira, Crimson Haze and will quickly discover the surprising level of depth that awaits!

Become a Ninja

Ninjas are masters of the physical arts, with a strong emphasis on precise control over form and figure, being able to perform incredible feats of agility. This is shown in game play through ninja's have unrivaled access to attacks with go again.

When playing Ira, you will be looking to make multiple attacks in one turn, mirroring the quick, nimble nature of a ninja.

Available Now in Local Game Stores

Available free of charge (while stocks last) in Local Games Stores in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Taiwan. Ask your friendly shopkeeper for an Ira, Crimson Haze welcome deck today.


Release date: August 31, 2019

Set code: IRA

Cards in set: 12

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Product Design: James White
Development: James White, Chris Gehing

Art Director, Productions & Manufacturing: Robbie Wen
Asset Rendering: MJ Fetesio