Armory Events

Armory Events are casual tournaments usually held weekly at local game stores worldwide. Anyone can join an Armory Event, play a few rounds of Flesh and Blood, and possibly win some sweet prizes! You can typically expect to see a mix of casual and competitive players at Armory Events, which gives you the opportunity to have some fun and grow your skills in a friendly, social environment.

The game store may choose to run Armory Events as Competitive or Social. Competitive Armory Events have a stunning Cold Foil promo for first place, and typically reward booster packs, promo cards, and playmats among attendees. Social Armory Events reward prizes from the special Social Play Kit randomly, making the event less focused on winning and more focused on chill games with no stakes.

Once you have attended a few Armory Events and are feeling comfortable with the game, it's time to branch out! We run several organised play events all year long, ranging from casual to competitive - a grand adventure awaits!

As you travel along the pathway to greatness, you'll be able to find like-minded players every step of the way to play great games with in the Flesh and Blood.

Past Armory Kits