Sealed Deck

Sealed Deck is an easy and fun way to play Flesh and Blood Trading Card Game and a great way to get new cards for your collection! Simply turn up, open 6 booster packs, and make your best deck from the cards you have to work with. Part of the fun is getting to play with cards you may never consider using in other formats.

Deck Construction

Players open 6 booster packs and use the contents to construct a 30-card minimum deck (not including hero, weapon, and equipment cards). Note - it’s during the start-of-game procedure that the exact 30 cards (minimum) are chosen. Typically, a player will change a small number of cards in their deck based on the hero they are about to play against.

A deck may only contain Generic cards and cards with the same class and/or talent as your hero card.

The 3-card limit applicable to constructed formats does not apply to limited formats. A sealed deck may contain any number of copies of each unique card. For example, if your card pool contains 5 copies of Scar for a Scar (1), you may include all 5 copies in your deck.

In some sets player's may add additional cards to their card pool, even if they didn't open them from a pack. The follow cards (the set and the amount) can be added to a player's card pool:

  • 3x Phoenix Flame (Uprising)
  • 1x Helio's Mitre (Uprising)

Deck Construction – Heroes and Weapons

Only young hero cards are legal for limited formats (sealed deck and booster draft).

Players may add young hero and weapon card(s) of their choice to their card pool during deck construction. Cards added this way are from a publicly available pool of young hero and weapon token cards provided by the tournament organizer, or by pooling the token cards opened from the booster packs between all players in the event. (Young hero and weapon token cards are plentifully available in booster packs.)

For a tournament that does not require card pool registration, players may change hero between rounds.

Recommended Tournament Structure

  • Deck construction: 30 minutes
  • Matches: Best of 1
  • Round time: 30 minutes

Number of Rounds:

Players Swiss Rounds Playoff*
5-8 3 None
9-16 4 Top 4
17-32 5 Top 8
33-64 6 Top 8
... ... Top 8

*Playoff is optional and at the tournament organizer’s discretion. If there is a Top 8 playoff, it’s recommended for it to be an 8-player booster draft.

The recommended number of rounds are a recommendation only. The tournament organizer may change the number of rounds at their discretion. If they do, this should be announced before the start of round 1.

Start of Game Procedure

  1. Both players reveal their hero card, then;
  2. A random method is used to determine who chooses to play first, then;
  3. Both players choose the equipment, weapons, and 30-card minimum deck they will use for this game, then;
  4. Both players shuffle and present their deck to the opponent for final shuffle and/or cut.
  5. Both players reveal the weapon(s) and equipment they have chosen for this game, draw cards up to their hero's intellect, and begin the first turn of the game.

End of Match Procedure

When time is called in the round and a winner of the current game is yet to be determined, the turn player completes their turn, then 1 additional turn is played. At the conclusion of the additional turn, if a winner of the game has not been determined, the current game is a draw.

For detailed information about the sealed deck format, please read the Tournament Rules and Policy document.

This document was last updated on the 8th of April 2022