Blitz Preconstructed

Looking for a quick and simple way to dive into Flesh and Blood TCG? Look no further than the Blitz Preconstructed format! This entry-level format starts players off with pre-built Blitz decks, so they can start playing right away. The decks within each set are balanced against each other, so everyone has a fair shot at victory. Whether you're a seasoned player looking to try out a new hero, or a new player just starting out, Blitz Preconstructed is a great way to get into the game. With cheap entry fees and fast-paced games, you'll have a blast competing against other players in this fun and accessible format.

The following only covers the basics and recommendations for Blitz Preconstructed. Please refer to the Tournament Rules and Policy for more complete details on running a Blitz Preconstructed tournament.


Blitz Preconstructed is based on the Blitz format, but each player uses a pre-built deck.

  • Each player has a pre-built Blitz deck
  • Start with exactly 40 cards in the deck
  • 30 minutes per round, first to 1

Card-Pool Construction Rules

In Preconstructed-Blitz, players start with a pre-built Blitz deck from a given set. All cards in the deck are legal to play (without modification), regardless of the Card Legality Policy.

The sets of pre-built Blitz decks include:

Preconstructed Sets Decks in the set
Heavy Hitters (recommended) Kayo
Victor Goldmane
History Pack 1
Outsiders Uzuri
Uprising Dromai
Tales of Aria Oldhim
Monarch Prism

Tournament Structure

The following is the recommended structure for a Blitz Preconstructed tournament, which may be altered at the discretion of the Tournament Organizer.

  • Matches: First to 1 win

Round Time: 30 minutes

Players Swiss Rounds Playoff (optional)
3-4 2 None
5-8 3 None
9-16 4 Top 4
17-32 5 Top 8
33-64 6 Top 8
... ...

Start-of-Game Procedure

Each game of a match follows the same procedure:

  1. Each player reveals their hero card.
  2. Choose a player at random, and then that player decides who will go first.
  3. Each player chooses the weapons and equipment they will use for this game (chosen from the weapons and equipment in their pre-built Blitz deck).
  4. Each player shuffles and presents their 40-card deck to the opponent, who may shuffle and/or cut.
  5. Each player reveals the weapon(s) and equipment they have chosen for this game, draws cards up to their hero's intellect, and the first player begins the first turn of the game.

End-of-Match Procedure

The match ends when one player has won the required number of games for the match (usually 1 game win).

If the round time expires, and a winner of the current game is yet to be determined, the turn player completes their turn and then 1 additional turn is played. At the conclusion of the additional turn, if a winner of the game has not been determined, the current game is a draw.

This document was last updated on 21 April, 2023