Introducing Social Play Events

15th Sep 2023 Organized Play Team

We have always believed that one of the beautiful things about trading card games is how they appeal to different people in different ways. As such we are excited to introduce Social Play as an new option for Flesh and Blood Organised Play.

Gather round the table for some fun and frenzied shenanigans without any competitive stakes! Social Play Events are perfect for beginners looking to dip their toes into the world of Rathe, and seasoned players looking to try new things or have a bit of relaxed fun!

Featuring Ultimate Pit Fight as the first official format for Social Play Events, players can now take part in a more casual focused level of organised play, supported with prizes from the exciting new Social Play Kit (available from September 29th onwards)!


How to run Social Play Events:

  • Schedule events using the Social Play tournament type in GEM. Format should be Ultimate Pit Fight
  • Use the Open Play feature to make it a player list only event.
  • Record the details of all players participating
  • Social Play events are recommended to be run on a casual, pod on demand basis.
  • Pods and pairing/rounds will need to be run manually outside of the GEM software.
  • Stores may choose to run a more structured Ultimate Pit Fight event if they choose, see the Ultimate Pit Fight format page for more details.

Stores are welcome to begin to schedule Social Play events immediately and can support these using left over materials from prior organised play kits or alternative prizing at the stores discretion. We request that you do not advertise Social Play events with prize support from Social Play kits unless your store has been supplied with a kit, as not all stores will be eligible to receive these kits and they will be released over time.

How to get Social Play Kits for your store:

Social Play kits differ from our existing prize kits and Armory event program, in that they are not month specific and will be distributed to eligible stores over an extended period of time.

  • The first wave of kits will be offered to selected stores at the discretion of LSS and distributors , based on GEM organised play and previous hosting of Ultimate Pit Fight events
  • The first Social Play kits will begin to be available from September 29th 2023, please note that dates are subject to change depending on region and logistics.
  • Further waves of kits will be available from distributors in the coming months.
  • Stores may only receive 1 of a specific Social Play Kit
  • Over time some stores may get a second chance to receive each of the Social Play kits, based on their event history but this is not guaranteed.

If you are interested in receiving a Social Play kit for your store we invite you to fill out our Social Play Kit Expression of Interest Form. Please note that completing this form is an expression of interest only and does not guarantee that your store will receive a social play kit.

How to use Social Play Kits:

Social play kits are designed to support a minimum of 4 events and these should be run across a period of 1-2 months. Stores should allocate social play kit materials to reward participation and attendance at their discretion, such as:

  • Random prize draws per event
  • Monthly prize draws with entries based on attendance
  • Develop a monthly Social Play League table & award points for attendance, heroes defeated per week, pod victories per week, most heroes played etc.

Please note that social play kit materials are not permitted to be sold and must be used to support in store social play events.