Social Play Kit - Brevant

12th Feb 2024

"Greetings, traveller, and welcome to our glorious home! I trust your adventures have been prosperous and enlightening thus far? You need not fear any peril during your stay, for I shall remain by your side to protect you! I hope you enjoy your time here and leave with a story to tell!"

Get round the table for some fun and frenzied shenanigans without any competitive stakes! Social Play Events are perfect for beginners looking to dip their toes into the world of Rathe, as well as seasoned players looking to try new things or have a bit of relaxed fun!

Featuring Ultimate Pit Fight as the first official format for Social Play Events, players can take part in a more casual focused level of organised play, supported with prizes from the awesome Social Play Kit!

Today we are excited to announce the new Social Play Kit - Brevant!


  • 4x Brevant, Civic Protector (Cold Foil)

  • 2x Hammer of Havenhold (Rainbow Foil)
  • 2x Bastion of Duty (Rainbow Foil)
  • 2x Civic Peak (Rainbow Foil)
  • 2x Civic Steps (Rainbow Foil)
  • 2x Civic Guide (Rainbow Foil)
  • 2x Civic Duty (Rainbow Foil)

  • 22x Chivalry (Rainbow Foil)

  • 2x Brevant Playmats

  • Marketing posters

Social Play Kits are designed to support a minimum of 4 events and these should be run across a period of 1-2 months. Stores should allocate Social Play Kit materials to reward participation and attendance at their discretion. Check Retailer News for more information on Social Play Events and how stores can become eligible for the Social Play Kit.