Pro Tour: Los Angeles

Enter the Deathmatch Arena at Los Angeles along with hundreds of players from around the world competing for their share of prizes and $200,000 USD!

What is the Pro Tour?

Pro Tour: Los Angeles is one of the most prestigious Flesh and Blood tournaments of the year, boasting a whopping $200,000 USD prize pool! From March 21st to 24th players are coming together from all over the world to enter the Deathmatch Arena and compete for gold, glory, and the coveted title of Pro Tour Champion!

Featuring a dynamic gauntlet of Classic Constructed and Heavy Hitters Booster Draft, players will need all the Agility, Might, and Vigor they can muster to survive. Flesh and Blood has the best TCG organised play program in the world, with $1,500,000 USD up for grabs in tournaments across more than 40 countries in 2024 alone!

But the Pro Tour isn’t just for professionals. We warmly welcome anyone and everyone, from seasoned veterans to fresh faces, to join us in Los Angeles for an incredible weekend of great games and good times!

What is Flesh and Blood?

Flesh and Blood is one of the largest trading card games in the world, developed by New Zealand-based Legend Story Studios. Flesh and Blood's innovative and unique mechanics pit hero against hero in a constantly evolving metagame with multiple new releases every year.

Charging into battle with weapons and equipment at the ready, heroes are primed to unleash their most powerful attacks from the very first turn! But winning doesn't always come easily, and as heroes wear each other down, they must dig deep to scrape together the finishing blow and emerge victorious.

Available in both one v one and multiplayer formats, Flesh and Blood is an easy to learn trading card game designed for anyone to pick up and enjoy, whether that's competitive tournaments or just casual games.

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The Calling

The Calling is an open entry tournament, with hundreds of players trying their hand at bagging the lion’s share of $30,000 USD, along with many other rewards. Anyone could enter and become the next champion!

Featuring the most popular way to play Flesh and Blood - Classic Constructed - the Calling offers an opportunity to get together with hundreds of like-minded gamers and play the best games of your life!

Kicking off on March 23rd, anyone can enter the Calling, including players who didn't make Day 2 of the Pro Tour, allowing them to go again. This is the perfect opportunity to experience Flesh and Blood at a competitive level without needing to earn an invite!

Battle Hardened

Living Legends return for a Battle Hardened like no other! In this open entry side event, all heroes are legal, even the ones who have achieved Living Legend status. With $2,000 USD on the line, this is your chance to experience heroes at their full power!

Living Legend is an exciting new way to play Flesh and Blood. With so many heroes and deckbuilding options at your fingertips, the possibilities are near unlimited!

Battle Hardened starts on March 24th, and is a great option for newer players looking to take things to the next level. With great rewards on the table, tickets could sell out quickly, so make sure to grab yours now!

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Side Events

There is something for everyone at Pro Tour: Los Angeles, even if you're completely new to the game! You don't have to be a pro, or even know the rules - simply come on down, bring a friend, and dive into the action.

We have open entry side events running all weekend long, from Learn to Plays, to the budget beatdowns of Commoner, to the multiplayer madness of Ultimate Pit Fight! You can even score yourself an exclusive Cold Foil Extended Art Energy Potion just for playing!

Marvel at the wonders crafted by our talented cosplay community, or bring a character to life yourself in the Cosplay Contest and you could win exclusive prizes!

Special Guests

Meet some of the masters behind the breathtaking art of Flesh and Blood, such as Isuardi Therianto, Joseph Qiu, and Asur Misoa! Pick up signed treasures like artist proof sketches, limited edition playmats, and more!

Chat with your favourite content creators, get to know pro players, and meet legends of the TCG industry. We have a stellar line-up of special guests including Mitch Leslie, Bryan Gottlieb, Matt di Marco, Pankaj Bhojwani, Sam O'Byrne, and Andrew Heintz!

Flesh and Blood creator James White will also be at Pro Tour: Los Angeles! Witness his keynote presentation on March 21st, where he will reveal some mind-blowing secrets and answer your burning questions!

Traveller's Guide to Los Angeles

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Lights, Camera, Action!

Los Angeles is a thriving hub of entertainment and connection, the perfect location for players from anywhere and everywhere to join up and throw down!

Flesh and Blood is renowned for being a truly global game, encouraging people to travel to tournaments, play the game, see the world, and make lifelong friendships! Los Angeles has so much excitement to explore so make sure to check it out while you’re in town for the Pro Tour.

Whether you’re immersing yourself in the world of cinema, dining at famous restaurants, or even just relaxing on the beach, Pro Tour: Los Angeles will be a truly unforgettable experience!

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