World Championship: Barcelona Live Blog

Nov 15, 2023 Kasharn Rao


Sunday - The Champion of the World

463 heroes… 17 rounds… 3 days…


The sheer level of skill, passion, and endurance exhibited by everyone in the World Championship is beyond anything we could have ever hoped for. The climax of the $1,000,000 Pro Play Circuit has finally come to a close, and we will forever have these titans, immortalized by the legendary stories they have carved with their cards. Whether you’re the World Champion, or you only started playing at Armory Events last week, now you can say “I was there.”

What a final match, and what an epic win for Greece! The hometown crowd erupted into fanfare when Alexandros Argyriou took Fai, Rising Rebellion all… the… way! Alexandros, the “Blue Flame”, needed to pull all the stops to overcome the mighty team Blue Pitch. Shing Tsang, having fallen excruciatingly close to the Top 8 at last year’s World Championship, finally breaks through the barrier all the way to the final match! This is an incredible story he will bring home to Hong Kong, and one he should be immensely proud of.


Not only is Alexandros going home to Greece $100,000 richer, he has achieved the ultimate title - the right to be called the best Flesh and Blood player in the entire world!

“I didn’t expect to win the World Championship until the last second. Right now I’m in a dream.”


The World Championship is over, and as the tables and chairs are packed away, one thought crosses everyone’s mind. It’s the thought friends have when they reunite from different lands. It’s the thought plastered all over Alexandros’ face. It’s the thought that all of us had when we first walked up those stairs, flanked by the flags of 44 countries who all came together in the Flesh and Blood to play great games.

“This is it.”

Sunday - Oops, all Starvo!

The dust has finally settled following the absolute bloodbath of Living Legend heroes, each striving to prove they are numero uno. But there is only one Star of the Show. I mean that literally, it’s “Oops, all Starvo!”


1st: Lucas Oswald - Bravo, Star of the Show

2nd: Charles Dunn - Bravo, Star of the Show

3rd-4th: Gordon Koh - Bravo, Star of the Show

3rd-4th: George Rodger - Bravo, Star of the Show

5th-8th: Dennis Zhang - Bravo, Star of the Show

5th-8th: Brian Lorenz - Bravo, Star of the Show

5th-8th: Wojtek Klimczyk - Bravo, Star of the Show

5th-8th: Michał Biernacki - Bravo, Star of the Show

It’s official - Bravo, Star of the Show is the most powerful hero ever printed in Flesh and Blood. Congratulations to Lucas for his grand performance, winning the coveted Fabled Collection Prism Statue, as well as the leading star’s cut of $2,000 USD. Congratulations to the rest of our Top 8 supporting cast as well!


You know what they say… “Ship it!”

Sunday - Calling All Mechs!

The Calling has been answered… and one bright spark has risen to the ivory towers overlooking Metrix, winning an esteemed magnate’s share of a whopping $30,000 USD.


1st: Florin-Cristian Loghin - Maxx Nitro

2nd: Jaap Ijlst - Dash, Database

3rd-4th: Valentin Mackl - Teklovossen

3rd-4th: Jose Antonio Del Hoyo Cuenda - Maxx Nitro

5th-8th: Nicolas Scandalis - Dash, Database

5th-8th: Toni Schwarze - Teklovossen

5th-8th: Viet Pham - Teklovossen

5th-8th: Kamil Rejman - Teklovossen

Congratulations to Florin, and to the rest of our Top 8 tinkerers!


Sunday - The Finals

A hush falls over the crowd as Shing and Alexandros prepare for the most historic battle of Flesh and Blood ever seen. Fai versus Iyslander, Red versus Blue, Greece versus Hong Kong. It all comes down to this.


As the higher seed, Shing opts to go second, so nervous that he nearly spills his opponent’s deck while shuffling. But as soon as the action starts he becomes cool as Ice, flowing through the game like a Winter breeze. Alexandros, swapping out his Kodachis for Searing Emberblade and relying on just Arcane Barrier 1, kicks things off with two Ravenous Rabbles. But with a Salt the Wound on top of his deck, no damage is leaked. On Shing’s turn the Wounded Bull is unleashed straight out of the gate. Alexandros kicks up the heat with Mounting Anger, Rising Resentment, and Blaze Headlong - Shing opts to interact early in the combat chain, probing for more information about Alexandros’ hand before committing to blocks.

Out of nowhere, Alexandros cracks his Mask of the Pouncing Lynx, eager to Salt the Wound early while he has the chance. Shing keeps Alexandros at bay with Arctic Incarceration. Alexandros trudges through the storm, but the instant those Frostbites pop, Shing is there with a fused Ice Eternal, laying another three cold ones on Alexandros. Iyslander can be a very tricky hero to pilot, but to Shing it is like breathing air. He calmly places a card in arsenal and passes, a move that usually signifies a hero is on the backfoot, except when Iyslander does it, it’s terrifying!

finals 2

Halfway through and it could be anyone’s game. Walls of Draconic fire collide with walls of blistering Ice, over and over and over again, as the two titans throw everything they have at each other. After Shing has fully blocked, Alexandros plays an Enlightened Strike, drawing a card for arsenal. His next hand produces the deadly Art of War, and with three counters on Fyendal’s Spring Tunic, this haymaker couldn’t have come at a better time. But he’s facing down Shing’s full grip and arsenal, also with three counters on Fyendal’s Spring Tunic. Whatever Shing has tucked away, this is the turn it matters.

Ready to blaze headlong into the wastelands, Alexandros lays down Art of War, but it is met by the mother of all counters - Channel Lake Frigid! Shing slaps down the aura with clear excitement on his face, both players at an impasse of pure power. Luckily Alexandros has the blue to pull off Snatch into Double Strike into Snatch, the latter of which draws a visible wince from Shing when it hits the board. Shing’s behind on life but sheltered from Alexandros’ full wrath by the frozen tides of Lake Frigid. Alexandros trudges on despite the cold, backed by blue after blue, refusing to give Shing even a morsel of legroom.

With Shing at 3 life to Alexandros’ 27, it’s looking bleak for Hong Kong, but Shing didn’t come all the way to Barcelona to back out now. As long as he can survive long enough, etching away at Alexandros’ life total, there’s still a chance of an instant-speed win. Shing leads with Scar for a Scar into a fused Aether Icevein, then opts to pitch for Waning Moon rather than arsenal in order to keep the lake around for one last ride. But Alexandros is swimming in so many blues you’d almost think he was playing an Iyslander deck himself! A sneaky second blue pays for Emberblade, taking another card. Channel Lake Frigid has thawed out, but Shing’s not ready for Spring just yet, freezing Alexandros in his tracks with Arctic Incarceration. Holding on at 1 life, all Shing needs now is for Alexandros to whiff just one turn and he could pull off the comeback of the century.

finals 3

Alexandros confidently pitches ANOTHER blue to clear the path for an Enlightened Strike, hoping to burn as many cards from Shing's hand as possible. But a well-timed Fate Foreseen from arsenal gives Shing the window he needs to hit back with Scar for a Scar into Enlightened Strike, drawing what is likely the most important arsenal card in the history of Flesh and Blood. Team Blue Pitch’s last hope lies entirely in that arsenal.

With Alexandros now at 12 life and rapidly entering the danger zone, the tension in the air thickens like concrete. Nobody except the two final World Championship competitors dare utter a single word. Brand with Cinderclaw is met by Fyendal’s Fighting Spirit, giving Shing a crucial life boost, but it’s immediately canceled by an Ancestral Empowerment. Another blue for Searing Emberblade takes Shing’s Coronet Peak, and yet that card in his arsenal sits there taunting Alexandros with its mystery. With one card in hand, Alexandros has to think - does he go all in? The answer is yes. He fetches a Phoenix Flame, taking Shing’s Tunic, then follows up with Lava Vein Loyalty, into a DEVASTATING Lava Burst from arsenal.

Shing slowly places down the card in his hand, but that hand doesn’t extend into a handshake. Instead it reaches down for that curious arsenal, flipping it onto the combat chain. Fate Foreseen! Despite the relentless rage of the Rising Rebellion, Shing lives once more! Alexandros, desperate to close out the game, finally draws a hand with no blues and is forced to pitch an Art of War. Shing blocks with Fyendal’s Fighting Spirit, scraping back to 2 life, and Alexandros’ Tunic resource into Emberblade into Phoenix Flame is only enough to bring him back down to 1. Officially the hardest Flesh and Blood player to kill, Shing simply passes back to Alexandros.

finals 4

Alexandros takes a deep breath, and the crowd follows suit. On the surface it may look like curtains for Shing, but with Storm Striders still up Alexandros knows a single misstep will cost him everything. Down comes Ronin Renegade... Shing blocks for 3… Then Alexandros, the “Blue Flame”, plays the World Championship winning Art of War, the third and final copy, and Greece’s final nail is scorched into the coffin for Hong Kong.

finals 5

finals 6

finals 7

Sunday - Living Legends

Rathe trembles as giants walk the earth once more…


281 players busted out the strongest heroes the world has ever had the misfortune of being crushed by in an all-out war for the coveted Fabled Collection Prism Statue. This ain’t your grandma’s Battle Hardened - this is the first official Living Legend format event!


Bravo, Star of the Show (aka the great and terrible STARVO) is the one hogging the limelight today. Many players who claimed past victories with the A-Lister, such as Michael Hamilton, are back on ye olde familiar “reveal blue, green, and yellow crayons, win the game”, but others, like Pablo Pintor, have forsaken their old loves. You may recall Pablo winning the first ever Pro Tour with Chane, Bound by Shadow, but with the presence of Hypothermia and Warmonger’s Recital, he has elected to shed the shackles and pick up a trusty hammer as well.


Spicy concoctions once thought impossible are now a reality - from Prism, Awakener of Sol wielding the OG Luminaris to threaten absurd board states, to Fai, Rising Rebellion reliving the good ol days of Stubby Hammerers and Belittle, the power levels are off the charts! Some are digging up the still-warm corpses of Briar, Warden of Thorns and Lexi, Livewire in order to take their pet deck for one last spin, while some absolute lunatics with a death wish are repping Kano, Dracai of Aether!


A special shout out to Cayle Mccreath from New Zealand for having the cojones to bring Bravo, Showstopper!

Sunday - Cosplay Contest

The stage is set for the greatest games of Flesh and Blood the world has ever seen. But for now we ride the tailwinds to another stage... one dressed to impress.


From glowing fists to majestic wings to a literal tree, the tailors of Rathe have outdone themselves once more!

Congratulations to Eser Unger for winning the coveted Taylor promo - a true knight in shining armour!


Saturday - Meet the Top 8


Yuki Lee Bender (Canada)

Favourite Colour: Purple

Favourite Food: Sablefish

Favourite Card:

Lightning Press
Lightning Press

"I'm feeling exhausted and in complete disbelief. I'm looking forward to playing the best I can in Top 8! I felt like things just really went my way, I found what I needed at the right time, and I'm really happy with my plays overall, despite some small mistakes. I would like to shout out my girlfriend Elly, all of Team Stroopwafel, and all of my locals."


Easton Douglas (United States)

Favourite Colour: Teal

Favourite Food: Banana Bread

Favourite Card:

Crown of Seeds
Crown of Seeds

"I'm feeling lucky to be where I am right now and proud of my plays and mental game throughout the tournament. My opponents were superb and the games were incredible, as always. This is Flesh and Blood, after all. I would like to shout out my team, Ascent, they are all amazing. A special shout out to my longtime testing partner Chris Brummett and also Brian Lorenz for being an insane Iyslander to help me master that matchup."


Shing Tsang (Hong Kong)

Favourite Colour: Purple

Favourite Food: Chicken Soup Hot Pot

Favourite Card:

Tome of the Arknight
Tome of the Arknight

"I'm feeling so excited. I'm proud to be part of Hong Kong and my team, Blue Pitch. Last year I got 14th place at the World Championship and I finally got into Top 8 this year! Most of my games went pretty well, then I got destroyed by Dash at the end. I would like to shout out Allen Lau and Jack Tang, who were also really close to making Top 8. I want people to know that my teammates are also very good at the game."


Aaron Shantz (Canada)

Favourite Colour: I think I'm obligated to say Red

Favourite Food: Stir-Fry

Favourite Card:


"I'm feeling overwhelmed and looking forward to a good dinner and resting up for tomorrow. I lost the very first round on Day 1, but managed to make a 9-0 run after that to make it into Top 8 contention. I've played against incredible opponents all weekend. I would like to shout out my girlfriend Emma, who has been my biggest supporter and cheerleader since I started playing, I don't think I could do this without her. Big ups to my teammates Tariq Patel, Nick Butcher, Matt Rogers, Shawn Dhaliwal, Matthew Dilks, Joel Repta, Michael Jazacor, Evan Herndon, and Isaak Krutt. Also a big thank you to David Rood for teaching me how to beat all the Fai players."


Matthew W (United States)

Favourite Colour: Purple

Favourite Food: Chipotle

Favourite Card:

Spellbound Creepers
Spellbound Creepers

"What is there to be happy about? *Kobe Shrug* Job's not finished. I would like to shout out Jacob Baugh, Tariq Patel, Matthew Foulkes, Tee Thebeau, Matthew McInnis, and my locals Taylor, Bryce, Evan, Aaron, Corey, Chris, Jim, and Lucas."


Pudding Tam (Hong Kong)

Favourite Colour: Black and Red

Favourite Food: It's not pudding LOL

Favourite Card:

Flic Flak
Flic Flak

"I'm feeling unreal TBH, I guess I am hokage now? I was so nervous after Day 1, but I could feel my deck really wanted to win. I would like to shout out all of my teammates in Blue Pitch, and everyone who supports them! Blue Pitch is the best team!"


Daniele Frattarelli (Italy)

Favourite Colour: Black

Favourite Food: Carbonara

Favourite Card:


"I'm feeling good. I'm very proud of my result, I worked hard and put in a lot of effort. I would like to thank my wife Nicoletta, today is her birthday and I am here to carry on a great passion of mine. Without her none of this would have been feasible!"


Alexandros Argyriou (Greece)

Favourite Colour: Purple

Favourite Food: Souvlaki

Favourite Card:

Channel Mount Heroic
Channel Mount Heroic

"I'm feeling ecstatic that I managed to achieve such a big goal in the biggest Flesh and Blood event of the year. I played against a plethora of different decks and I was rewarded because my own deck had a linear strategy. I would like to thank my teammates and friends that prepared for this event with me."

Saturday - Ultimate Pit Fight

While the bare-knuckled thrills of the World Championship raged on, James White got his popped collar dirty in the Pits. Sitting Round the Table we have our main cast in order of appearance:

  • James - Melody, Sing-along
  • Guille - Ira, Crimson Haze
  • Junkai - Brevant, Civic Protector
  • Dean - Professor Teklovossen
  • Henry - Brevant, Civic Protector

Junkai kicks off the party with a Crash Down, immediately ready to throw hands with anyone and everyone. Dean follows up with his first Evo, but this spooks Henry who throws a Disable at him. James attempts to keep the peace by strumming a beautiful tune, but what he doesn’t realise is Guille is out for Kiwi blood! Slashing back at the humble Bard, Guille forces James to dance for his money.


Good Guy Henry comes to the aid of those in need, protecting them from harm, meanwhile Junkai slams down massive beefcake attacks turn after turn, ‘helping’ in his own special way. Who said chivalry was dead? With the Brevants sitting pretty and the rest of the table suffering, James and Guille decide to let bygones be bygones and team up to oust the Guardian duo.

“Remember the good old days?” He says, playing a Song of Yesteryears. “About five minutes ago?”

Three songs in and James has amassed a sizable fortune in copper. The table quickly realises that having five players completely breaks the maths, and the pleading begins.

“You don’t have to do this,” begs Henry. “You can just buy coffee instead!”

At first the anti-Brevant alliance shows promise, but in a surprise twist, Guille backstabs his ally once again. Junkai decides he’s had enough of the senseless carnage (unless it’s being caused by himself), and slams down a 14-power Colossal Bearing right into Guille’s face. Guille’s eyes pop out of his head, and he keeps reading the card again and again to check if it’s actually real. Sorry Guille, this one doesn’t have phantasm.

Sensing tension, Dean finds his Evo legs, perfect for running away from the incoming conflict. He takes a swing at Dean as revenge for the first turn Disable. Henry walls up behind his equipment, and a legendary three-way bargain is made. Not wanting to be caught up in James’ Final Act, Henry agrees to help him stay alive, which means putting an end to Guille’s anti-James agenda. Henry greases Guille’s palms with card draws and Might tokens with the caveat that Guille must redirect his onslaught towards Junkai. Still sore from Junkai’s last attack, Guille accepts the deal, but James doesn’t trust him for some strange unexplained reason.


It turns out James’ suspicions were bang on the money. Guille takes a few teeny potshots at Junkai, then sends a massive Qi Unleashed at poor James, who is so stunned he can only manage a “WHAT?!”, followed by Henry admitting “Maybe I should have been more clear, but I’m not a lawyer.” In comes Junkai, who decides Guille is out of line and Lays down the Law to strip his hand. Dean takes advantage of the chaos by launching an Apocalypse Automaton at Henry and James at the same time. But Henry and James have been through hell and back together, and they’re as tight-knit as two peas in a UPF pod. Henry valiantly defends himself and James, who lives on 1 life.

Guille is forced to take a breather from attacking James, which is just the hail mary he needs. When it finally ticks over to James’ turn, with an arsenal and full grip, the most premium DJ in Rathe prepares to drop the fattest mixtape ever heard. James launches into the performance of a lifetime, spending copper like it grows on trees (which, being cardboard, it technically does). He hits a Sigil of Solace, but the show must go on. The cards in James’ pitch zone pile up, until he reaches for the final draw. Everybody holds their breath as James reveals… another Sigil.

“Unbe-f*cking-lievable!” is all James can say. “Even a single damn yellow would have done it.”

Guilles lives on 1, and cool as a cucumber, slowly slides the Edge of Autumn back at James. At least the Sigil of Solace keeps him breathing, even if his Final Act went over budget.

Dean takes a shot at Junkai, then James, then ends his turn with a third Evo. Henry isn’t having any of it, throwing down a 13-power Colossal Bearing which crunches Dean's Evo Tekloscope into scrap metal, then with Quicken token in tow, follows up with another attack for 7, leaving Dean hanging on by a thread. James prepares an encore with a Final Act for 15, determined to take Guille out if it’s the last thing he ever does.

“Do NOT defend this man!” he begs the table. “The show is closed. No more tickets!”

With a smirk on his face, Junkai slides over two Chivalries to keep Guille’s heart beating.


Guille tries again to land the killing blow on James but with Henry coming to the rescue, he fails once more.

“You’re a very hard man to kill…” he laments. Without even breaking a sweat, Junkai turns to a defenseless Dean and sends him to the afterlife. Having been booted off stage, Dean offers the table biscuits before departing. Henry swings his hammer at Junkai, then it’s over to James, who performs his FINAL Final Act for Guille for a pitiful 1 damage, but time in the round is called. Dean died, and nobody won, but did we learn any valuable lessons about trust and friendship? Of course not! The table elects Henry as the victor and with that, the curtains close.

Saturday - Day 2 Meta Breakdown

We are rapidly nearing breaking point...


The Classic Constructed metagame has remained relatively stable riding into Day 2, but keep in mind that six rounds of Booster Draft has played a huge part in making or breaking those dreams. Some of our dark horses have dropped off the map, while Iyslander, Dromai, and Bravo retain a three-way handshake over the metagame (fun fact: the three-way handshake is a classic Kiwi greeting). Against all odds, Levia, Dorinthea, and Kano have all made it to Day 2 despite most of the playerbase forgetting to pick them up from soccer practice.

Yuki Lee Bender continues to take names with the queen of the Bleak Expanse, while Shing Tsang, also repping the Elemental Wizard, is so close behind he's practically stepping on Yuki's Storm Striders. Below the pair is an absolute turmoil of names skyrocketing and plummeting with each gravitational win and loss.


The chance to compete in Top 8 of World Championship: Barcelona all comes down to these last few games...

Saturday - Day 2 Draft Highlights

With a gigantic chunk of competitors cleaved out by the throes of Day 1, only 223 heroes remain. This is where every game becomes make or break, as players desperately struggle to lock in a foothold. When the stakes are this high players need to bring out the big guns, and the level of expertise, intuition, and adaptation we've seen at the top tables today is beyond unreal.


Seven out of eight players in the leading pod picked the same hero they drafted in Day 1, opting to run back the slick strategies that had so far served them well. Shing Tsang was the only player in the pod to pivot to a new hero, recognising his opponents were all ruthlessly guzzling all the gas. Not content to get caught in the middle of a turf war, he decided to adapt, improvise, and overcome. It's moments like these that prove you need to know the ins and outs of every hero in the set so you can comfortably switch things up on the fly.


After 10 rounds Yuki Lee Bender is the only undefeated player, having showcased complete perfect mastery of Dash, Database. With heads up plays like cranking a Boom Grenade so that her opponent was goaded into blocking out, only for it to self-destruct on the following turn in order to play a prepared Torque Tuned with overpower, Yuki is the most dangerous name in the room today.


But everything could change over the next four rounds of Classic Constructed. This is where hopeful speculation turns to nail-biting suspense. Will Yuki ride her endless bloodbath all the way to Top 8, or will she fall victim to the Heist of the century?

Saturday - The Calling

You thought nobody played this game? More than 580 players are sitting down to rip open packs of Bright Lights, some living the high life with all the cutting edge technology their hearts desire, others forced to cobble together a ramshackle contraption out of nothing but scrap metal. The lights are bright, the streets are steel, and the mayhem is liquid-cooled.


There's nothing quite like a good old fashioned rebound after a rough first day. Those who couldn't make it to Day 2 of the World Championship have a chance to go again today, and many are feeling relaxed and Re-Charged, having shaken off yesterday's bad beats. It's a nice change of pace to simply open four packs and build a deck, rather than having to make several critical decisions on the fly against other World Championship competitors.


But a titanium-infused gauntlet awaits them with challenges at every corner. Those who have the Mechanical Strength needed to make it to Day 2 will face an even greater challenge - Booster Draft...

Friday - Day 1 Draft Highlights

What started out as dreams of a brighter future were shattered by the reality of Booster Draft, shredding many 4-0 Classic Constructed records to ribbons an an instant. But for some, it was simply the cue to step on the gas and Out Pace the rest of the hooligans in a blinding hot streak.

Bright Lights introduces a unique challenge to drafting Flesh and Blood in that being an all-Mechanologist set the signals aren't always clear, and many critical components are needed to construct a working machine.

Since players were first plunged into the streets of Metrix, Teklovossen has been an overwhelmingly popular hero of choice, due to his relatively simple defensive gameplan. But this is the big leagues, and right off the bat you can see that the world's finest have explored every nook and cranny, weening off the Teklovossen train to expand into the broader possibilities that Bright Lights has to offer. The dynamic and flexible skillset these players bring to the table is next level, as shown by three separate players in three different top table pods going undefeated with each of the three different heroes.

draft 1

After seven rounds we have four undefeated players:

  • Yuki Lee Bender (Canada)
  • Shing Tsang (Hong Kong)
  • Alex Lo (Hong Kong)
  • Philip van Donselaar (Netherlands)

Each of these players has embarked on an absolute murder spree, but do they have what it takes to stay alive for another seven rounds in Day 2?

draft 2

Friday - The Professor and his Processor

Ş̵͍̮̇I̴̯̯͝N̵͉̿͐͝Ģ̶̹̟̓̍̀Ų̷̋̀̏L̸̪͇͎͆̇̅À̴̡̺̘̋͠R̵̻͓̋̐͠Ī̵̗̺T̷͈̦̺̕͘Ỵ̸̛͓̥̊̇ ̶͖̗̎A̴̙̟͐͂L̸̨̟͖̀͝E̸͙̮̺̒̕Ŕ̵̺͂T̷͕͓͛_̶͔̳̠̀̌

C̷̠̓͝Ŗ̸̨͔̍́I̵̜̼͋̆͗T̴͇̫̈́͛ͅI̵͔̦͔̎C̷͕̎̌͋A̴̛̪̙̦L̵͇̿̓ ̷̺́͒S̵͉̈́̈́Ÿ̷͔́S̸̤̼̠̋̎Ť̵̥͇̗̌̂E̴̤̾M̷̨̼̫̈́̃ ̸͙̩̐̊̍F̸̢̥̿͜A̴͔͎͊I̸̡̞̼͝L̴̻̈́̅Ư̸͇͇̙R̵͉̳̟̈Ḛ̵͚̽͝_̴̰̒̓͐

R̵̪̰̆͋͝Ṳ̴̖͔̥̈́̏̀͊N̵̡̧͇̺̽͘Ñ̷͉I̷̛̪͒́̌N̷̠̰̰̠̊̕̕G̴͎̦̱̽͗ͅ ̴̛̦́̎B̷̞̘̆̌Ǎ̸̢̛͓̺C̷̜̚K̸͚̍͠Ű̴̝͌̂̏P̷̻̌͠ ̶͓̃̊̿̚P̵̯̬̖̝̌R̴͇̹͐̈́͝O̴̩̔̌ͅT̵͚̜̩̒̅͜O̶̹̕Ç̵͖̠̖͆̋O̸̥̘͊L̵̦̇̅̍̒_̷̛͖̗͍̊̆̚

LSS_9673 (1)

While the corporate war to monopolize Metrix rages on, some bright sparks engaged in the thrilling mystery of the broken Quantum Processor. Following clues hidden around the venue, our sleuths were lead to secret pages within the depths of Once they cracked the code they made their way to the event stage, where the actual Professor (you may have heard of this guy - he's one of the heroes in Round the Table!) bestowed upon them their shiny cold foil reward.


As one of the world's leading advocates of social gaming, it's only natural that the Professor gets stronger the more friends are with him round the table. And what better friends to join him than Dash I/O (Max Ferocity) and Maxx Nitro (Jacob Bertrand). How often do you get a chance to meet these larger than life legends in the Flesh and Blood? The answer is right here, right now, at World Championship: Barcelona!

LSS_9669 (1)

Friday - La Sagrada Familia

At our highest highs and our lowest lows, we can take a moment to gather strength at a Sigil of Solace, a point where others have come and gone before, and countless more will do the same hereafter. Sigil of Solace defines a special location, rich in both history and future, where we can come together in the Flesh and Blood through the common language of great games.


At the side event tables, a common conversation can be overheard:

"How long have you been playing for?"

"Only a few weeks, what about you?"

"Since day one."

It doesn't matter if you're a fresh face or a seasoned veteran, there's always room for everyone round the table. This sentiment flared to life at the Sagrada Familia side events, where players delved into a myriad of frenzied fun, including a blockbuster Bright Lights Team Sealed! Nothing but three mech pals and a giant heap of scrap metal to squabble over. Who gets the Boom Grenades? What about the Majestic Evo? Wait, stop taking all the blues!


Once the teams had finally settled on whose turn it was on the Xbox, they hooned down the neon-streaked streets of Metrix, aiming to Burn Rubber and give their foes the ol' Razzle Dazzle!

Friday - Day 1 Meta Breakdown

463 brave heroes have suited up to throw down. With the Classic Constructed metagame undergoing a major shakeup only days before the World Championship, an air of uncertainty lingers. Many players have decided to rely on a tried and true strategy in the hopes that a well-oiled machine will stay the course in whatever weather awaits. And despite Barcelona being pleasantly warm this time of year, it's growing chilly at the gaming tables...


Iyslander returns from hibernation in the Bleak Expanse to wrap the blanket of winter around Rathe once more. Hoping to thaw the frost is Dromai with her new book, freshly plucked from the still-warm hands of the fallen Emperor. And rounding out the lead cast is Rathe's greatest showman Bravo, back for yet another crowd-pleasing performance.

Many of these matchups could go either way. Everyone claims they're favoured or that they have the spicy tech - but we've seen time and time again that things don't always pan out the way you think they will. Nothing is set in stone.

Four solo underdogs are swimming upstream in the direction of making history. There's something poetic about a single Teklovossen, widely known for breaking the mold, daring to dream big. So far this innovative spark has been stomping the competition with a fatigue heavy strategy, but will he go... all... the... way??

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Friday - Welcome to Worlds

Fira de Barcelona Montjuic is seeping with prestige, luxury, and mystique. When you walk past those gorgeous Venetian Towers on Plaça d'Espanya, the last thing you expect to see when you turn the corner is an 8-metre tall Flesh and Blood banner. And yet here we are - bolder, brighter, and bigger than ever...


Walking up those stairs, flanked by the flags of 44 countries who have all come together in the Flesh and Blood to play great games, the feeling hits you like Anothos to the dome - This is it.


At the far end stands the event stage, fashioned into a mad Professor's workshop with gadgets and gizmos, pipes and bolts, leatherbound tomes and wax candles, invoking an atmosphere that is both cozy and industrial - it's like the comfort of finally arriving home after a long day, but at the same time it's eagerness to dive into the lab and crank out something new. There is much work to be done...


On to the Midtown Markets where anything your heart desires can be yours for just a handful of copper. Cards, playmats, artist prints, official LSS merch, and more are lying restless on tables begging to be taken home. If you want to look absolutely FIRE this holiday season why not stuff your stockings with this utterly CRACKED drip...


The rapidly expanding PCG has been making waves in the card grading industry, another New Zealand founded TCG-related business committed to quality. It's here at World Championship: Barcelona that players can finally get their hands on the FAB SLAB - sleek, shiny, and most importantly, fits in the Equipment zone!


$100,000 USD awaits the victor, stamped into this giant cheque which stands proudly displayed for all to see. Hungry eyes wash over it in passing, but it will only touch the hands of the one true champion...


Lastly we arrive at the glittering trophy - the monolith that marks you as undisputably the best Flesh and Blood player in the world. Will last year's champion Michael Hamilton go two for two? Or will a newcomer rise up and claim the ultimate prize? There are countless dangerous names in the field today, let's see how it plays out...


Thursday - Heaviest of Hitters

Hopefully you're not too attached to your jaws... because the bombshells dropped during James White's keynote has left the crowd picking up said jaws from the floor.


Flesh and Blood is the gold standard when it comes to TCGs and what better way to prove it than upping the Pro Play Circuit from $1,000,000 USD in 2023 to a whopping $1,500,000 USD in 2024! That extra half-million means not one but TWO Pro Tours next year, with the latter one taking place in Amsterdam from July 25th-28th. 18 Callings are on the way, including Queenstown, Hartford, Liverpool, Los Angeles, and Warsaw! If that wasn't enough, how about 50 Battle Hardened events? Looks like meat's back on the menu, folks!

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Now let's talk about Heavy Hitters. It wasn't just the news of six heroes that made the crowd go feral, it wasn't even the fact that Heavy Hitters will have a special Deathmatch Arena leaderboard with players who contributed to the Champion's success receiving an exclusive Command and Conquer promo shipped to their home... No, what made everyone lose their sh*t was the announcement of a familiar face stepping into the Arena to win enough gold to raise an army and finally enact her revenge.

Kassai of the Golden Sand, the fan favourite Cintari Warrior, is back for blood and playable in Classic Constructed! If you didn't catch the incredible teaser trailer feast your eyes on this...

Kassai and the other contestants will debut at Calling: Queenstown, which also features a once in a lifetime Celebrational! This special event features your favourite FAB faces from all walks of life, including (but not limited to):

  • Caster - Matt di Marco
  • Caster - Craig Kempels
  • Head Judge - Amanda Coots
  • Head Judge - Niccolo Paqueo
  • Coverage - Ethan Van Sant
  • Coverage - Nathan Dollman
  • Lifetime XP Americas - Brodie Spurlock
  • Lifetime XP APAC - Kelvin Law
  • Lifetime XP Europe - Viet Pham
  • Content Creator - DMArmada
  • Content Creator - One Two Juice
  • Content Creator - Dice Commando
  • Collector - Saint Hung
  • Organised Play Contributions - Aurélie Violette
  • Local Game Store - White Rabbit
  • People's Champion - Melody Wehipeihana
  • Cosplayer - Carolina Alvarado
  • Scholar of Rathe - Mara Faris
  • Ambassador - Yui Tokiwa

What an absolutely STACKED lineup! We hope you were thrilled by this absolute BANGER of an opening to World Championship: Barcelona. Stay tuned as tomorrow morning we take you for a tour through the halls of Fira de Barcelona Montjuic, where greatness awaits...

Welcome to Metrix...

So... you just arrived in the greatest city in Rathe. Take a gander at the incredible skyscrapers, bustling streets, and groundbreaking tech. Drink it all in while you have the chance because soon you'll realise there's more to Metrix than meets the eye. The name's Gambit, mastermind behind The Foundry, the last independent news station free from Mendacity Media's iron grip. Over the next few days my ragtag team will be bringing you the TRUTH - everything the suits don't want you to hear. Stick with me, loyal listeners, as we delve into what's really going on in the City of Tomorrow...

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