What's The Latest?

29th Apr 2022 Chris Bewley

Welcome to this week's What's the Latest!

Uprising is coming and it begins in Madrid, Sydney and Las Vegas! Check out the World Premiere infomation below.

The first ever Flesh and Blood Pro Tour, New Jersey is taking place May 13-15! Even if you aren't qualified to play in the Pro Tour itself, there are plenty of chances to join the fight and pick up a one-off doubled-sided cold foil Yorick, Weaver of Tales promo card at The Calling New Jersey whether you're playing in side events, UPFs, Battle Hardeneds, the Calling!

There have been some changes to Banned and Suspended card list and we have a very first Living Legend. Get all the goss on Viserai and the Banned and Suspended changes.

Last weekend we saw Asia's historic first ever Calling- the Calling Taiwan go down and over in Europe we had the Classic Constructed Battle Hardened Madrid and the Blitz Constructed Battle Hardened Frankfurt take place!

This weekend, in the US, the Classic Constructed Battle Hardened Pittsburgh is going down and tickets are available now.

Read on to catch up on the latest!


Uprising Logo (Horizontal)

June 24 2022 will see the release of the next standalone booster set, Uprising that plunges fans into a brutal civil war sweeping across the harsh and unforgiving land of Volcor.

Uprising Key Art

This week, the world was first introcuded to Dromai, an Imperial Illusionist able to conjure the legendary dragons of Volcor out of aether and ash, as well as Fai, a hot-headed Ninja who spearheads the Uprising against the draconian oppression of the Imperials, while Iyslander journeys from her Icy homestead in search of answers to painful questions seared deep within her mind.

Uprising is designed for exceptional booster draft, sealed deck, and constructed play, and introduces the incredible new “Marvel” rarity; each one having a carefully crafted design feature that sets it apart from its regular printing, that will leave players and collectors in awe!

Uprising World Premiere Poster

The Uprising World Premiere Weekend takes place June 10-12 across Madrid, Sydney and Las Vegas!

These World Premiere events are a chance to bring the global community together for one fantastic weekend of Flesh and Blood Organised Play, and in the spirit of coming together, the weekend will also feature the first ever Team Blitz Calling events! Grab your friends and battle it out over two days of intense 52 card Blitz action. These Calling events will each feature a USD20,000 prize pool, plus a Professional Tournament Invitation and a Golden Cold Foil Legendary prize card for each member of the top four teams. In addition to the Uprising World Premiere on the Friday and the two-day Team Blitz Calling starting Saturday, Sunday will see a Battle Hardened event take place in each of the three cities.

Read the immersive Journey into the Forgotten and In Flames works now to learn more about the story and lore about some of Flesh and Blood's most enigmatic heroes, Volcor and Uprising!

The world of Rathe turns to flame. Ancient and powerful dragons rise from the cauldron of Volcor. Discontent spills over into violence. Are you ready to join the Uprising?

Pro Tour New Jersey

The first ever Flesh and Blood Pro Tour comes to New Jersey May 13th-15th! If you're not on the list, you can still be a part of history in New Jersey!

The Pro Tour weekeend will feature many very special side events, including The Calling, Battle Hardened and even an ALPHA Welcome to Rathe draft! Some of Flesh and Blood's most iconic artists including legendary TCG artist Steve Argyle (Viserai, Rune Blood, Iyslander-EVR) will be in attendance as well as many industry-leading vendors. Tickets for all the weekend's events available now!


We very much value what cosplayers bring to the FAB community. To recognise them, we have created Taylor, a double-sided cold foil hero available exclusively to official cosplayers featuring at selected premier events across the world. Taylor will make her debut at Pro Tour New Jersey, May 13-15, where you can see some of the most iconic FAB heroes brought to life by some of the top cosplayers in the industry!

Cosplayers in attendance at Pro Tour New Jersey will have the chance to enter a cosplay competiton where the winner will take home their very own Taylor! Saturday May 14 at 1.30pm is the time and place, so make sure you're dressed to the nines, as the runner up will receive a Welcome to Rathe World Guide Book and the winner will take home a copy of their very own Taylor. Check out Channel Fireball's Pro Tour page for details.

Yorrick Promo

Taylor isn't the only new hero making their debut at Pro Tour New Jersey! Every player who enters the Pro Tour or who purchases a ticket package for the weekend will receive a one of a kind, double sided cold foil promo card - Yorick, Weaver of Tales. This exclusive promo will only ever be made available to players attending New Jersey as a thank you from LSS for being part of such a significant milestone in the history of the game! In addition, all players entering the event will get a very special set of Fyendal's Spring Tunic sleeves, courtesy of our partnership with Dragon Shield.

Read below for more information.

Banned and Suspended Cards Update

Viserai, the young hero and original Runeblade is the first of our heroes of Rathe to reach Living Legend status!

With over 500 Living Legend points acquired, Viserai and his signature weapon, Nebula Blade have left the Blitz format. Check out the Viserai honor roll in the artcile below and check out all the players who became the arknight and took Viserai the first place finishes.

The Blitz and Classic Constructed formats will see some card legality changes come into effect May 2. Read below for all the details about the scheduled card bans and suspensions.

A Piece of History

With History Pack 1 (English) being released on May 6, we are revisiting the history of Armory Kits!

History Pack 1 contains many of the key cards from the first year of Flesh and Blood (Welcome to Rathe, Arcane Rising, and Crucible of War), curated into a single white border set. This is an ideal product for the next generation of heroes, looking to grasp the history of Rathe witnessed by those who went before.

History Pack 1 Booster Box (English)

Celebrate the release of History Pack 1 with the May Armory Kit - Anthology!

Armory Kit Anthology.png

From May 1st, players will have the opportunity of earn Cold Foil Weapons and Young Hero cards going back to Welcome the Rathe along with Extended Art cards and People's Champion playmats.


History was made last weekend when the largest Flesh and Blood tournament to ever come to Asia finally went down, with the Calling Taiwan!

Calling Taiwan - city scape

In partnership with Fayble, the Classic Constructed Calling weekend action was non-stop, with plenty of awesome side events on offer, including two Battle Hardeneds.

Check out the full event Recap article and and both English and Mandarin streams below!

Europe and the United Kingdom

Battle Hardened Logo - Gold

The Classic Constructed Battle Hardened Madrid, Spain took place over the weekend on Saturday and 64 of Rathe's finest showed up to engage in combat. On the Sunday in Frankfurt, Germany the world watched as 68 players fought til the final blow in lightning quick Blitz action. Read the recap below for all the details of this euphoric European weekend!

Two week's ago in Krakow, Poland, we watched as the Calling came to Europe for the first time. Get to know the Calling Krakow Champion, Yuanji Li a bit better by reading Nicola's interview with him below.

North America

Battle Hardened Logo - Gold

The SCG Con series rolls on! Battle Hardened Pittsburgh is the next stop on the tour and the Classic Constructed action goes down May 1!

Get involved in the action at the SCG Con events series and sleeve up your finest 80 to compete for cold foils, cash prizes, excluisve playmats and PTIs, to gain entry to the first ever Pro Tour in New Jersey, USA in two weeks time!

Get your tickets now for this amazing event at the SCG Con website.