Rune Blood

Viserai is the first of his kind; an Arknight, gifted with both arcane power and physical prowess. Forced to serve the will of the master, he has long since forgotten his past, and the person that he once was. Wielding blade and aether alike, he is the perfect weapon.

As his creator searches for a way to bind Viserai to his will, the secrets of the Demonastery threaten to spill forth, as the ancient powers within stir once more. Viserai must find a way to break free before it is too late...

Hero Highlights

The Arknight

From decorated warrior of Volcor, to washed up carcass on the shores of the Demonastery. Lord Sutcliffe had at last found a vassal with enough strength to bear the agonizing procedure he sought to prove possible. Opening the chest cavity, he replaced viscera with an Arknight Shard, carved channels in bone to feed the arcane energy into runic vents etched into skin, and the first Arknight was born.

Sword & Sorcery

The Runeblade is a hybrid fighter, the only true class able to wield equal parts magic and might. Split damage types allows a Runeblade to attack from multiple angles, preying on whatever vulnerabilities the enemy may have.

Rune Master

Arcane energy flows through Viserai from the Arknight Shard inserted in his chest, which he uses to manifest an army of Runechant auras around him. They wait poised for the strike of their commanders blade, to unleash piercing arcane pain on the target.

Become the Arknight

Viserai, Rune Blood

Viserai is the first successful subject of Lord Sutcliffe's Arknight project. He is the only hero able to proficiently wield both sword and sorcery, showcased by the synergies that exist between playing magical 'non-attack' action cards and his melee attacks.


The first test subject to survive Lord Sutcliffe's gruesome procedure to become an Arknight, it's questionable if the outcome was better for Viserai than dying on the shore he washed up on.

Nebula Blade

The ancient blade of Eridani. Viserai is able to channel arcane energy from the Arknight Shard through runes scribed into its hilt, creating an arcane apparition of the original blade.

Grasp of the Arknight

Runic vents are etched into Viserai's skin to manifest arcane energy into Runechant auras. Ducts on his Arknight armor release and hold the Runechants, with each additional Runechant requiring greater amounts of energy to maintain.

Crown of Dichotomy

Sword and sorcery, might and magic. Two opposing concepts of warfare, brought together as one deadly weapon with the Runeblade. Sorcery is represented in Flesh and Blood through 'non-attack' action cards, while melee fighters take the battle to the combat chain with attack action cards. Crown of Dichotomy allows you to bring back the best of both for a late game sorcery coated strike!

Arknight Ascendancy

The Arknight rose into the air, lifted by the arcanic runes swirling beneath him, rising higher and higher to command a dominating position above the battlefield. With the stroke of his hand, a torrent of purple pain rained down, its target writhing in agony. The grovelling enemy looked up once more, their spirit crushed by the sight of the Arknight surrounded by a legion of runes in numbers even greater than before.

Mordred Tide

Amassing an army of Runechant auras can drown any possible defense the enemy can muster. Make up to 18 Runechants in a single turn with a Mordred Tide powered 4 card hand!

Become the Arknight

"It did not wilt this time, reducing to a listless sack of flesh and bone and failed ambition. No. It screamed. It screamed and screamed until it had no air left to expel from the cavity that formerly housed its lungs. Then it opened its eyes and became the first Arknight" - Lord Sutcliffe

Bequest the Vast Beyond

Once Viserai is freed from the puppet strings of his creator, he rips open the gateway to íArathael. What the Arknight will soon discover deep in the realms of the unknown will forever change the tides of destiny.

Sonata Fantasmia

Power unlike anything encountered in Rathe twists and thrashes throughout the beyond. Its nature is incomprehensible and its potential is terrifying.