Rune Blood

Greatness deserves to be remembered. Champions of Flesh and Blood professional events are immortalized on each hero’s Legend page, forever etched into the history of the game for those who follow.

The most successful heroes in the game will ultimately achieve Living Legend Status.

January 22nd, 2022

Hayden Dale delved into the darkest depths of the Demonastery and became the arknight as he embraced both his physical prowess and the arcane, ending opponent after opponent, preying on any and all vulnerabilities the heroes of Rathe may have had.

Throughout the 2021 Australian Nationals Championships event, Hayden exemplified excellence as he showed the world his precision in pivoting at salient stages of each and every matchup. Whether aiming to build up a critical mass of Runechants to finish the opponent with a one turn kill or, adopting an aggressive strategy, Hayden and Viserai were the perfect weapon.

After two days, the final had arrived. It was Hayden and Viserai, Rune Blood against Roy Lai and Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity. Early in the match health totals, Runechant counts and anticipation built as Oldhim quickly rose to 53 health and Viserai saw no fewer than 33 Runechant tokens in play before a single drop of blood had been spilt.

Harnessing the unbridled power of Bloodsheath Skeleta, reducing the cost of the next attack action and non-attack action by 33, Hayden pulled the trigger and attacked with Ninth Blade of the Blood Oath after firing off a huge Sonata Arcanix, sending in 33 Runechants. Roy stayed the course, falling to four health however, it was not enough to weather the storm as Hayden and Viserai came in for the final four points of damage, holding victory and the title of 2021 Australia National Champion in their dark grasp.

Hayden Dale - Viserai, Rune Blood - 1st place 2021 Australia National Championship (January 22, 2022)

April 16th, 2022

Yuanji Li tore through the field at Europe’s first ever Calling wielding both aether and the blade, unleashing piercing arcane pain on any and all enemies in sight to become the perfect weapon and the Calling Krakow champion!

Yuanji Li - Viserai, Rune Blood - 1st place The Calling Krakow (April 16, 2022)

The Calling Krakow - Semi Final and Final Match