Rune Blood

Hybrid Class

A Runeblade is a class that is able to wield both sword and sorcery. Being able to deal melee and arcane damage allows them to attack from different angles.

Viserai uses ‘non-attack’ action cards and attack action cards to create Runechant aura tokens that deal arcane damage whenever he attacks.

Spellblade Assault (3)
Bloodspill Invocation (1)

A typical Viserai deck will have a very balanced mix of ‘non-attack’ action cards with go again, and Runeblade attack action cards. The goal is to use your ‘non-attack’ action cards to turn Viserai’s hero ability on, and for each Runeblade card you play thereafter, you create a Runechant that will threaten to deal arcane damage to the opposing hero whenever you attack. Splitting damage types between attack action cards and arcane damage can be difficult for the opposing hero to defend without depleting all the resources from their hand.

Whisper of the Oracle (2)
Oath of the Arknight (1)
Spellblade Strike (1)

Runechants and Arcane Damage

Viserai deals arcane damage by creating Runechant aura tokens. Whenever you attack, each Runechant aura you control is destroyed and deals 1 arcane damage to the opposing hero.

Nebula Blade
Spellblade Strike (1)

Arcane damage cannot be defended by the traditional way of defending in combat. Arcane damage can only be stopped by cards that prevent damage, such as cards that have arcane barrier.

Nullrune Hood
Nullrune Robe
Nullrune Gloves
Eirina's Prayer (1)

Using melee damage from attack action cards and arcane damage from Runechants to split the damage types creates a dilemma for how the enemy can defend themselves. If they do not have prevention cards, or arcane barrier, your arcane damage will be unpreventable!

Powered by Runechant

Viserai has many extremely powerful cards at his disposal, but strong cards come at a high price. Viserai is able to channel the power of Runechants to reduce the cost of many of his cards by 1 for each Runechant he controls. You can create strategies where you amass an army of Runechant auras over a number of turns, setting up to play the most expensive card in Flesh and Blood for FREE!

Mordred Tide
Read the Runes (1)
Ninth Blade of the Blood Oath

When you play your expensive attack action cards that are reduced by the amount of Runechants you control, those Runechants will also fire at the enemy, threatening to bury them in a torrent of sword and sorcery!