Monarch Gameplay Refresher

19th Jun 2023 Legend Story Studios

Alright, you all saw that incredible United We Stand teaser, now you’re counting down the days until you can rip into some packs of Dusk till Dawn.

Perhaps you’re dipping your toes into the waters of Flesh and Blood for the first time. If that’s the case, hello and welcome! Let’s dive into the epic battle between Solana and the Demonastery.

Maybe you’re a seasoned warrior who faintly remembers the frontlines. Chin up, soldier - the night is always darkest before the dawn, so let’s recap what may have been lost to the passage of time, and get you back on your feet.

Spoiler season is fast approaching, and War of the Monarch lies just over the hill. Rally the troops and join us as we take a look at some of the key gameplay content from Monarch season!

Monarch Key Art (FullHD)

The Heroes

Monarch introduced us to four unique heroes. Chane, Levia, and Boltyn all brought new spins to classic classes with their talents of Light and Shadow, while Prism heralded the debut of the Illusionist class! Check out the basics of each hero here:


The game developers at Legend Story Studios can be a rowdy bunch, and here we got the privilege of watching them tear each other to shreds in a Classic Constructed showdown! Each of the four devs drafted three heroes and built full-power decks to bring to the table. Whoever lost had their hero eliminated, while the winner went on to face the next challenger. Our Monarch superstars went on a hot streak, so be prepared for some ballistic games:

Pack 1 Pick 1

While only certain regions had the chance to experience Monarch draft the first time round, everyone is excited to give it a shot at War of the Monarch and the upcoming National Championships! It’s an incredibly dynamic format, rewarding careful decision making and strong signal reading. We’ll have a complete in-depth Monarch draft guide dropping later this week, but for now, take a look at what James and the team would pick first:

Deep Dives

Dusk till Dawn had some mighty big shoes to fill in terms of hype levels when compared to the anticipation surrounding Monarch. But it’s safe to say that the upcoming set has exceeded all expectations, with excitement levels high enough to break through the Demonastery’s roof tiles. During the lead up to Monarch we were treated to deep dives into the new game-warping heroes and mechanics, and how they combine story and gameplay to create something truly special. Read up on the breakdowns here:

While Light and Shadow are at the heart of the battle that plagues Rathe, we know our Monarch heroes aren’t alone. New allies have joined the fight, as have new enemies. Ancient prophecies will be fulfilled, and new powers will be awakened. We only know one thing for sure, after that critical 12 hour period between dusk and dawn takes place, nothing will be the same again.