Invert Existence

17th Apr 2021 Jason Chung

Monarch brings to us multiple more ways to explore the game, today I will be showcasing an exciting card that is not only unique to what Runeblade can do but has multiple uses for such a high utility card.

Invert Existence

A card that interacts with an opponent’s graveyard while doing arcane damage at instant speed? 2 arcane damage for a runeblade card?!?

Invert Existence is a new Shadow Runeblade Instant that messes with your opponents plans while doing damage in the process.

Let’s break this card down.

You may play Invert Existence from your banished zone. As a shadow card Invert Existence is on theme with being relevant to be played from your banished zone.

As a pitch three, you would usually pitch this early, then later it will be banished by Chane’s Soul Shackles.

Soul Shackle

Later in the game this serves as instant speed arcane damage forcing your opponent to hold up resources and even making them play arcane barrier 2.

Banish up to 2 cards in an opposing hero’s graveyard.

This is the first time we see graveyard disruption in Flesh and Blood and this is a lot more powerful than you might first think.

Firstly, We are not required to banish actions, it can be any cards. You can use this card to interfere with decks that care about the quantity of cards in graveyard or even better in response to a card targeting a card in graveyard such as Rattle Bones or make an opponent have worse Remembrance targets.

Rattle Bones

If an attack action card and a ‘non-attack’ action card are banished this way, deal 2 arcane damage to that hero.

This is the first set we see more than one point of arcane damage in runeblade. Previously we’re used to playing only one arcane barrier but what this means other heroes will need to start considering to play additional arcane barrier or risk taking unblockable damage later in the game.

So what are some ways we want to utilize this card?

There are multiple cards in Crucible of War and beyond that care about dealing arcane damage. Since this is an instant we can use this as a surprise by doing arcane damage after our opponent has always defended and have their guard down. The best candidates are:

Piercing Shadow Vise (1)
Consuming Volition (1)
Meat and Greet (1)

Having the threat of this card whether in arsenal, hand or even banished zone can force your opponent to leave 2 resources up every turn. Early damage is key when this card exists and being able to close games at instant speed is a very powerful effect.

Hope you guys enjoy playing with this card as much as I do and don't forget to pay your debt to come May 7th!

Jason Chung