Lead by Example

19th Apr 2021 James White

Welcome to week two of preview season. We have endured the grim onslaught of destruction from powers that extend to realms beyond Rathe, now it’s time to look within ourselves, to summon a fighting spirit that will serve as a ray of hope for all our fellow citizens of Rathe. The greatest power to change our world is not from realities beyond the world we know, but from deep within the world we know best: ourselves.

Leadership comes in many forms. A style of leadership that I hold in the highest regard is leading by example. Let me introduce you to Ser Boltyn, and share the story that is the inspiration behind his design.

Ser Boltyn, Breaker of Dawn

As a young boy growing up with British grandparents (I’m a first generation New Zealander), I was deeply fascinated by medieval history. The story of King Arthur, Excalibur, Morgana, and Merlin was my most loved childhood story, so much so, my Grandparents took me to visit the remains of his castle in Tintagel when I was 8 years old. The plastic “Excalibur” sword I bought back to New Zealand from that trip was one of my greatest treasures!

From the many books I read on medieval history, with their illustrious antiquarian oil paintings depicting epic scenes of valor, an image always stuck in my mind of the “Flying V” battle formation. To me, the Knight who was at the head of V was the greatest symbol of courage, valor, and leadership.

Ser Boltyn is the valiant warrior of Solana who leads the vanguard. He is the “V of the Vanguard", leading his team as they charrrrrrge! towards the battlefront and hopefully towards 'V for Victory”.

V of the Vanguard (2)

As you can see in the fantastic art of this special card, the V of the Vanguard extends even past Ser Boltyn himself, right to point of his signature weapon, Raydn, which you will see revealed in the coming days!

Wrapping up the inspiration behind Ser Boltyn, the more I developed this hero and told the story of him leading the vanguard over the years (and I mean years, Boltyn is similar to Chane in that he has been part of FAB development since 2014), I started to feel a connection to a real world hero I greatly respect, a champion who leads all others to victory. You can check my interview on the official Flesh and Blood YouTube channel later in the preview season to find out who it is.


We have talked a lot about the inspiration, how about game play? Firstly what makes Boltyn a warrior?

There are 2 core design concepts behind the warrior class:

  1. Melee prowess when engaged.
  2. Weapon masters.

Ser Boltyn is more weighted towards point 1 than our previous warriors. He is in his prime steel on steel, and has no hesitation charging straight into the face of close combat.

Ser Boltyn’s static ability is reminiscent of reprise, another warrior keyword premised on prowess when engaged by the enemy.

Unlike our existing warriors, Ser Boltyn brings a more dynamic combat style to the battlefield. His Light Warrior skills give him a repertoire of attack action cards that he uses to charge onto the battlefield and build his soul, which in the depth of battle will serve as Boltyn’s most powerful weapon of all.

Cross the Line (1)
Rising Solartide (1)

Just like Kassai and Dorinthea, warriors are good at, and usually look to buff their attacks, to get across the line. Ser Boltyn continues this warrior trait with his activated soul ability, which very importantly is not once per turn!

When you are playing Ser Boltyn, it is important to understand that his game plan has a different ebb and flow than other heroes you may be used to playing. Ser Boltyn is at his most powerful after he has built his soul, enabling him to make massive offensive plays that radiate as a beacon of victory to the fellow Solanians fighting alongside him.

Courageous Steelhand (1)

The time is now my fellow gamer, to find the courage within you, and take your place at the V of the vanguard. For the shadows draw near, but with your valor, we will see the break of dawn once more.



Lead the Charge

Blitz Deck Boltyn

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