Reckless Rampage

From the heart of the Savage Lands, Rhinar hungers for the savage thrill of the hunt. Fueled by a relentless bloodrage, he has wandered the untamed wilderness, seeking something mighty enough to quench his primal thirst. However, his instincts have pulled him North—guiding him to a new battleground, the Deathmatch Arena.

To Rhinar, the arena is an extension of his savage dominion. Here, he confronts Rathe's mightiest creatures, tearing them apart with a lethal blend of raw power and cunning. The arena-masters, stunned by his ferocity, have thrust him into the limelight as their spectacle of unbridled brutality. Yet, fame means nothing to Rhinar; he craves only the satisfaction of sating his insatiable bloodlust and solidifying his reign as Rathe's apex predator.

Feared by foes and celebrated by crowds, Rhinar pays no mind to the adoration or disdain swirling around him. Indifferent to the roars of spectators, he heeds only his primal instincts. With reckless abandon, he unleashes his reckless rampage on any fool who crosses his path, etching his name as an unstoppable force in the Deathmatch Arena.

Hero Highlights

An Intimidating Display

Already capable of reducing the bravest warriors to quivering mush, Rhinar has become even more terrifying in his displays of ferocity. By brazenly and boldly beating his chest, Rhinar is now able to empower actions throughout his turn.

Seize on the Fear

More than ever, Rhinar is ready to capitalise on the terror he sows, with a host of new effects designed to increase the pain and punishment for an opponent that succumbs to his intimidation.

Become the Alpha

Rhinar, Reckless Rampage

An apex predator fuelled by instinct. Show your opponent who's the alpha by combining cards with 6 or more power with Rhinar's reckless attacks and intimidating bellows!


Who would have thought a young cub left to fend for himself in the Savage Lands would become anything more than vulture pickings.

Romping Club

Rumoured to be made from the jaw bone of the previous alpha and the Rashari tree stump Rhinar used to cave his skull in. To make the most of Romping Club, look for cards that make you discard and have go again.

Show No Mercy

Whether it’s deep in the Savage Lands or the throngs of the Deathmatch Arena, the laws of the jungle always apply. Wherever Rhinar roams he exhibits the ruthless behaviour of an apex predator.

Alpha Rampage

Rhinar is the king for a reason. Alpha Rampage rips the defending hero's hand apart when combined with his hero effect, taking away two cards from the opponent before they have a chance to defend!

Bloodrush Bellow

The ground turns slick with blood when Rhinar enters blood frenzy. Bloodrush Bellow enables Rhinar's most powerful plays, intimidating every card from the defending hero's hand and powering up all of Rhinar's attacks for the turn!

Rawhide Rumble

It isn’t the first time the arena-masters have tried luring a Brute into the Deathmatch Arena. But for Rhinar, this is just another hunting ground.

Sand Sketched Plan

Brutes aren't known for their planning skills. Their heat of the moment ideas usually involve charging head first into combat and seldom work out as planned. Sand Sketched Plan is best played to maximise a key card in arsenal, safe from the random discard effect.

Reckless Swing

For a Brute, offense is the default method of defense, even when on the backfoot. Reckless Swing is a deadly card in the endgame, able to kill an opposing hero on low life out of nowhere.

Monstrous Veil

The apex predator wears the remains of his prey like a trophy, striking even more fear into the hearts of his already terrified victims.

Scabskin Leathers

Live by the die, die by the... die. It takes bravery to don the skin-melting hide of the Rek'vas Venomscale. The power of the legendary Scabskin Leathers is immense and so is the cost. Use it wisely.