Reckless Rampage

Inside a small hollow, beneath the roots of a haldor, a small pup opens its eyes for the first time. Rhinar is a brute, one of the fiercest predators in the Savage Lands. Yet, as he crawls out of the pile of rotting carcasses, he is no more dangerous than a newborn jacara.

Hunger drives him to leave the safety of his burrow, following the scent of fresh blood on the air. Small, weak and defenseless, the young brute is easy prey for anything that finds him - but for every day that he manages to survive, he grows just a little stronger.

After a successful hunt, the brute feasts upon his prey. However, the scent of blood often draws nearby creatures, who come searching for a free meal. Even when he bellows in an attempt to intimidate them, the young brute is rarely seen as a threat.

Skera, peluda, ank’is, brawnhide; kings of the jungle, fighting tooth and nail in a primordial wilderness. There is no rest, no respite. This is a lesson repeated across the Savage Lands - you must always be ready for a fight. If you cannot defend yourself, you become another beasts’ meal. It is in this endless wilderness that the brute grew up, battered by the constant fight to survive.

Some days, he is hunted, constantly on the run. Others, he becomes the hunter, lounging in a secluded den with a full belly. As each season passes, the young brute grows. He becomes stronger, standing his ground against predators, no matter how large. The jungle sees him become a predator in his own right, marking out a place of his own within the Savage Lands.

Straying further and further from his birthplace, the brute travels north, to lands filled with larger, more dangerous predators. While the prey is plentiful, the beasts here are massive, powerful masters of the hunt. For even the most experienced hunter, these are treacherous lands, and biding your time might well save your life. The brute lies in wait, skirting along the edges of a tall cliff face, avoiding the largest and fiercest beasts that would spell certain death.

Rhinar marks a place for himself amongst some of the most dangerous beasts in the Savage Lands. This is his territory, his kingdom, and any creature who dares to step foot within his land will die for it.

Now fully grown, the fear and caution have given way to aggression, an overwhelming urge to carve out a territory for his own. One by one, he destroys any predator on his land, devouring them whole. Scale or fur, crystal shell or venomous fang, he hunts them all. The crack of bone echoes through the trees, creatures fleeing from the overwhelming stench of decay that hangs in the air. Rhinar grows ever stronger on the constant feasting, consuming flesh, cramming the fresh organs down his throat by the handful.

When strange creatures trespass in his territory, clad in silver shells, wielding lengths of sharpened steel, he charges. As they fought back, working together as a pack, they tossed rope over his limbs, straining to bind his arms to his chest and prevent him from fighting back. Struggling against their restraints, Rhinar was left defenseless to their blows, blood streaming from his open wounds. Slowly but surely, Rhinar began to grow weaker, the world dulling to a hazy, burning red.

A memory surfaced, taking him back to a warm, mid-autumn day; a young pup at the mercy of the wilderness, overwhelmed by fear. The endless fear turned to rage, fuelling a fire that flooded through his veins, bringing with it an all-consuming bloodrage.

Rhinar charges forward, tugging himself free of the ropes, sustaining several gashes in the process. He bowled over one of the larger creatures, leaping toward one of the smallest members of the pack. Her fear was a sharp note in the air, the acrid scent stark against the fire of his bloodrage.

The scent of blood drove him into a frenzy, tearing through the clearing in an unbridled rampage. One by one, they began to fall, faltering, bones crushing easily beneath the might of his blows. Even as they tried to escape, Rhinar felled them one by one, crushing their bodies into the earth.

Finally, all was still.

Standing above the carnage, Rhinar bellows, a challenge to fall on empty ears, no surviving beast to hear his challenge. His bellow echoed through the trees, signalling the birth of an apex predator, an alpha unmatched by any other.