Shadowborn Abomination

Levia was born into extreme poverty, her mother forced to sell both herself and her child into the service of the Barthimont estate in order to survive. But after both of her parents disappeared under mysterious circumstances, Levia was left to spend her life serving Lady Barthimont. Although she was haunted by her mother’s final warning, to escape the Barthimonts by any means necessary, Levia chose instead to stay, determined to uncover the secrets of the Lord and Lady.

Then, one terrifying night, Levia finally uncovered the truth of Lady Barthimont’s dark games, witnessing the bloody horrors which took place within the Lady’s private rooms. At first she was gripped by paralysing fear, but Levia soon felt it transform into an intense, burning rage. She painstakingly recreated the Lady’s dark rituals, spilling blood in the dark of night, searching for the power she needed to take back control. Unfortunately, it was not long before her actions were discovered.

Levia was easily subdued, and soon found herself in the Barthimonts’ great banquet hall, surrounded by gawking nobles and bloodied servants. Recognising the grisly fate which awaited her unless she fought back, Levia attacked and devoured those around her in an act of sheer desperation, seized by the will to survive. Reborn, an unfamiliar presence whispering in her ears, she cleaved Lady Barthimont’s head from her shoulders, claiming her blood in one final act of defiance.

With this newfound power, Levia could finally take charge of her own fate, determined to never again let anyone else take control of her.

Hero Highlights

Hunger for Power

The hunger that possesses Levia will only be satisfied when everything has been devoured, including existence itself. Manage your graveyard carefully to gorge upon, else you may find your Shadow consuming you!

Pay Your Debt

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and in íArathael the currency is power or blood. Be sure to include many cards with 6 or more power in your deck, and plenty of ways to send them to the banished zone to keep your inner demons at bay.

Doomsday Scenario

From farmhand to Shadowborn Abomination, Levia’s transformation isn’t by chance. A willing pawn in the Demonastery’s plan, Levia is a dimenxxional gateway for the Shadow embra Blasmophet to descend upon Rathe.

Rise from the Shadows

Levia, Shadowborn Abomination

A ravenous, all consuming, insatiable hunger fills Levia, as her Shadow gorges on the carnage left in her wake.


From oppressed servant, to abomination.

Hexagore, the Death Hydra

Pain goes both ways. Hexagore is the most heinously powerful weapon yet. A brutal chain ender after paying your blood debt without using your action point.


When the throne lay empty, the mortal realm shall fall before the Harvester's bloodlust... and Levia is the gateway for Blasmophet to descend on Rathe.

Blasmophet, the Soul Harvester

A millennia trapped within a viseral wasteland, Blasmophet hungers for the souls of Light.

Soul Harvest

The embodiment and conduit for Blasmophet, Soul Harvest is everything a Shadow Brute could want.

Convulsions from the Bellows of Hell

Consume everything and spew forth your vile intentions across Rathe. Cards with go again that banish are the best way to make sure you pay your debt on time and don't end up being consumed by your own demons.

Dread Screamer

Put the frighteners up the enemy with this gorging attack that will leave them screaming. A powerful piece of the offensive plan for Levia, pairing incredible well with the classic Bloodrush Bellow for monsterous damage.

Tome of Torment

Not all Brutes are ignorant to real power... and knowledge is always the source of real power. No one is better at unleashing the power of this tome than Levia's consuming recursion effects.