Shadowborn Abomination

You bleed, the Redeemed feeds. Levia has an appetite for destruction and you’re welcome to the feast.

Levia was born into extreme poverty, her mother forced to sell both herself and her child into the service of the cruel Lady Barthimont in order to survive.

Soon after, Levia’s parents vanished under mysterious circumstances. Although haunted by her mother’s desire to escape the Barthimonts by any means necessary, Levia chose to stay, to uncover the secrets of the Barthimont estate.

She spied on the horrific rites the Lady practiced in her blood-drenched chambers and, out of desperation, learned to harness those occult powers for herself. Trapped, her life in peril, she had no other choice but to use the dark ritual against the Lady and her cult, rising as a Shadow reborn to slaughter her sadistic captors.

Possessed by a longing that would not rest, Levia’s growing hunger led her to the Demonastery and beyond into íArathael. There she hunted the creatures of nightmare, enriching her evolving flesh with their bloody essence. Deeper she delved into the Bellows of Hell where, at last, she met a voracity to rival her own.

Perched upon Doomsday Peak, Blasmophet regarded her with a mighty greed. Yet as she stared back, down the maw of that beast, Levia felt only the cravings of the famished.

Levia ripped and tore at old Blasmophet, bite by bite, until she had consumed the Embra, body and tortured soul. Yet as the last wet morsel slid down her throat, Levia realized the deadly bargain she had unwittingly struck. The Embra stirred within her gut, reforming, remembering, ravening. She knew at that moment that she would need to hunt forever; to gorge herself on ever greater banquets or let herself be utterly consumed by Blasmophet.

Upon her return to the Demonastery, the assembly of scholars shivered in fear at what Levia had become. The baying hordes they had summoned grew quiet and compliant in her presence.

She drank in their fearful vows, then looked to the horizon as the sun cast its first rays upon the millions so shining and succulent. Here was the sustenance she needed—here was a grand feast that might satisfy even the Harvester of Souls.

Hero Highlights

Hunger for Power

The hunger that possesses Levia will only be satisfied when everything has been devoured, including existence itself. Manage your graveyard carefully to gorge upon, else you may find your Shadow consuming you!

Pay Your Debt

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and in íArathael the currency is power or blood. Be sure to include many cards with 6 or more power in your deck, and plenty of ways to send them to the banished zone to keep your inner demons at bay.

Doomsday Scenario

From farmhand to Shadowborn Abomination, Levia’s transformation isn’t by chance. A willing pawn in the Demonastery’s plan, Levia is a dimenxxional gateway for the Shadow embra Blasmophet to descend upon Rathe.

Rise from the Shadows

Levia, Shadowborn Abomination

A ravenous, all consuming, insatiable hunger fills Levia, as her Shadow gorges on the carnage left in her wake.


From oppressed servant, to abomination.

Levia, Redeemed

Don't let her ethereal elegance fool you... Just below the surface resides a relentless hunger that will devour everything in her path.

Blasmophet, Levia Consumed

They say you are what you eat. Levia has consumed Blasmophet and doing so, unleashed a new horror beyond imagination.

Hexagore, the Death Hydra

Pain goes both ways. Hexagore is the most heinously powerful weapon yet. A brutal chain ender after paying your blood debt without using your action point.


When the throne lay empty, the mortal realm shall fall before the Harvester's bloodlust... and Levia is the gateway for Blasmophet to descend on Rathe.

Blasmophet, the Soul Harvester

A millennia trapped within a viseral wasteland, Blasmophet hungers for the souls of Light.

Soul Harvest

The embodiment and conduit for Blasmophet, Soul Harvest is everything a Shadow Brute could want.

Dread Screamer

Put the frighteners up the enemy with this gorging attack that will leave them screaming. A powerful piece of the offensive plan for Levia, pairing incredible well with the classic Bloodrush Bellow for monsterous damage.

Blood Dripping Frenzy

Eat... Kill... More...