Where to Watch Worlds

15th Nov 2023 Kasharn Rao

This is it.

Pro Tour, Callings, National Championships, Battle Hardeneds, Pro Quests, Road to Nationals, Skirmishes, and even Armories... Everything leads up to this.

The World Championship is the absolute pinnacle of our globally renowned Pro Play Circuit, delivering $1,000,000 USD in organised play across 44 countries in 2023 alone.

From November 16th-19th players will come together in Barcelona to celebrate the biggest Flesh and Blood tournament in history. The world will watch as titans collide, battling through Classic Constructed and Bright Lights Booster Draft for the most prestigious honour this game can bestow - the right be called the best player in the world.

Join us in Barcelona to experience the best Flesh and Blood has to offer, from the Bright Lights Calling with $30,000 up for grabs, to the Living Legend Battle Hardened, welcoming old heroes out of retirement to shake the very earth of Rathe itself once more. Explore the endless fun! Commoner! Ultimate Pit Fight! Cosplay!

The creator himself, James White, will be delivering a special keynote presentation with some incredibly juicy surprises. Meet The Professor in person, and help him solve the mystery of the Quantum Processor. Marvel at the cutting edge tech of Dash I/O, brought to life by genius cosplayer Rachel Stoddard. Score stunning hand-sketched treasures from a range of world famous artists.

Those of you tuning in from distant lands, fear not as we will have coverage, snapshots, and highlights running all weekend long in the form of a Live Blog, alongside piping hot social media updates, and a live stream with expert commentary!


Key Dates

Thursday 16th: Player Reception, Keynote Presentation, LSS QnA

Friday 17th: World Championship Day 1

Saturday 18th: World Championship Day 2, Calling Day 1, Cosplay Contest

Sunday 19th: World Championship Top 8, Calling Day 2, Battle Hardened

Live Coverage

Stay tuned for our World Championship Live Blog (by yours truly), bringing you breakdowns, snapshots, and highlights from the whole weekend! The Live Blog also features pairings, standings, and results so you can track the progress of your favourite players.

Watch thrilling gameplay as it unfolds on our YouTube channel, starting each day at 9:00am (CET)/ 3:00am (EDT)/ 12:00am (PDT)/ 6:00pm (AEST).

For the latest updates, follow us on Facebook and X. We want to hear from you too, so for World Championship specific content, use the hashtag #fabworlds2023.

If you're not able to join us in Barcelona you can still be a part of the action. Get together with your friends, family, and local game store to watch the World Championship, chat with others online, root for your country, your favourite hero, or your favourite player! This is a special moment for the community to celebrate great games and good times!

The stage is set... The decks are sleeved... The tables are waiting...

This is it.