Road to Nationals 2020 Revealed

1st Mar 2020

We are proud to announce the first batch of Road to Nationals locations across the world, and more so, reveal the prize pool at each Road to National event now includes a CASH PRIZE National Champs appearance fee!

Road to Nationals season runs July 4th to October 11th.

National Champs appearance fee!

The winner of each Road to Nationals will receive a cash payment for attending National Champs 2020. Simply present ID when you register at National Champs, to receive the cash payment appearance fee on the spot! You can even accumulate appearance fees if you manage to win multiple Road to National events! (The National Champs appearance fee is not transferable or deferrable. If not redeemed at a National Champs 2020 event, the appearance fee entitlement will be forgone.)

Appearance fees are based on the National Champs 2020 event attended as follows:

  • Australia $500 AUD
  • Malaysia RM1000 MYR
  • New Zealand $500 NZD
  • Taiwan $10,000 TWD
  • United States of America $500 USD

For full details about the Road to Nationals program along with events by territory, check out the page below:

Road to Nationals 2020