Arcane Rising Art Preview (Pt.2)

28th Feb 2020 Robbie Wen

Volcor, a Volatile Kingdom

It is said that long ago, when the world of Rathe was untouched by human hands, a great and mighty beast gave life to the land now known as Volcor. Beneath its claws, the ground turned to stone; its gaze gave life to rivers of flame, and with its breath, the very air became dry with the heat of a blazing fire.



Metrix, the City of Tomorrow

To the North lies a vibrant and bustling city, the largest hub of commerce on the continent... a shining beacon of industrial innovation and human ingenuity. The ‘city of tomorrow’ is a fresh start for all those searching for a brighter future.



The Pits: Criminal Underground

Beneath the city of Metrix exists a series of massive tunnels and caverns. Through centuries of excavation, miners have uncovered a network of underground passages, carved into the bedrock by subterranean rivers and streams.



Demonastery, the Forbidden Realm

A place that is neither here nor there, a dark sanctuary free from the bounds of morality. Its spires cast shadows on the barren grounds, its sharp, jagged architecture looming over the landscape like a vengeful apparition. Its residents frantic, ghoulish, unrelenting in the pursuit of knowledge; through whatever means necessary.