Pack 1, Pick 1 - Monarch

4th May 2021 Calum Gittins

Greetings & salutations aspiring drafters! With the format for the next Calling announced as Monarch Sealed and Draft, we thought it would be a good time to introduce a new series of Pack 1, Pick 1 videos for your perusal!

Grab some popcorn and watch as our Devs (and other staff) take a deep dive into a pack of Monarch 1st Edition, trying to answer all the age-old questions: What do I first pick? Do I stay open with a juicy generic or commit early and nab up all the powerful class cards? What is the person next to me likely to end up drafting?

If you’ve never done a draft before, feel free to take a moment and check out the basics here:

If you’re a seasoned pro, perhaps you’d like to look at the pack we’ve opened and see what you would take before watching (feel free to tell us who you think chose correctly in the comments!) :

Soul Shield
Belittle (2)
Overload (2)
Adrenaline Rush (2)
Rally the Rearguard (3)
Lunartide Plunderer (2)
Ghostly Visit (1)
Gallantry Gold
Bolt of Courage (2)
Herald of Triumph (2)
Herald of Ravages (1)
Spears of Surreality (1)
Rifted Torment (1)
Unworldly Bellow (3)
Boneyard Marauder (1)

Check back next week for another pack, and good luck if you're drafting in person, whether to prepare for The Calling or just to experience the joy that is Monarch Draft format!