Get Round the Table this weekend!

29th Sep 2023 Kasharn Rao

A Mechanologist, a Guardian, a Bard, and a Ninja all walk into a bar...

CRU GEN Coax a Commotion (Jessada Sutti)

Round the Table

Our new multiplayer box set, made in partnership with Tolarian Community College, has now hit shelves at Local Game Stores across the world! Take control of The Professor himself and a rowdy bunch of misfits, and watch the fun commence!

With more than 100 new cards (many of which are also great additions to formats like Blitz and Classic Constructed), Round the Table: TCC x LSS has everything you need for a blast with friends and family this weekend, all wrapped up in a handy storage box!

If you run into any gameplay situations that you're a little unsure about, you can easily find more information on how everything works with our Rules Reprise, or by checking the release notes in the Rules & Policy Center. And stay tuned for The Professor's "Is It Worth It To Buy" episode dropping very soon, as well as the next "Shuffle Up & Play" on Monday, October 2nd.

Social Play Kit

We've been steadily ramping up support for casual play, bringing back kitchen table gaming like you've never seen before! Social Play Kit - Melody releases today, giving Local Game Stores a smorgasbord of sweet prizes to give out to players who take part in their Social Play events like Ultimate Pit Fight.

Speaking of Ultimate Pit Fight, if you're digging the absolute insanity of Flesh and Blood's multiplayer format, let us know on social media! We love hearing about what crazy concoctions people dream up, sleeve up, then inflict upon their mates. Need inspiration? Check out our Ultimate Pit Fight Nightmares series, where we create crazy brews that will have the whole table giggling (or banging their heads on the table in anguish)!

Bright Lights Pre-Release

Pre-Releases are always a special time for the community to come together, rip open packs of the new set, and celebrate good times and great games. If you've been following spoiler season, you'll know that Bright Lights is on a whole new level, stacked with mechanized madness and steam-fuelled frenzy!

Check out our simple guide below to get up to speed with all the new heroes and cards in Bright Lights, and before you know it, you'll be boosting with the best of 'em! After Pre-Release, why not pick up Round the Table, and keep the fun flowing for even longer...