Calm a Commotion

8th Feb 2022 Jacob Pearson

Sick to your stomach of arcane wizardry? The latest harvests getting you down? Feeling the chill from those of icy inclinations? Well have I the news for you dear reader. Stir up some seldom sought seismic activity to leave your enemies' craniums feeling crushed with this young tavern brawler Valda Brightaxe!

Valda Brightaxe

Feeling like you’ve met this not so wee lass before? Well, as the more keen eyed from among you may have noticed, she has been hidden away in artworks all across the world of Flesh and Blood! Valda embodies the ‘setup’ style of guardian, punishing your opponents for making big plays - while rewarding playing cards like ‘Seismic Stir’. Ensuring that your guardian attacks hit hard, fast and most importantly, are cheap. Additionally she puts her own seismic style spin on the new ‘heave’ mechanic. Choose whether you want to send out a dominated crush attack on the cheap or follow through with your massively economical heaved swing. Valda sure does have a lot of nuance to her hero ability. The fact that your opponents may be thinking twice before sinking below your strikes or heading to the library for a tome gives a lot of pause for many players. Perhaps most importantly, she makes astounding use of Guardians' new chestpiece ‘Earthlore Bounty’. Since your opponents won’t want to be picking up any tomes for light reading while Valda is watching from the bar. Perhaps it is time for your new favorite girl to give up the drink and find her revelations elsewhere.

Seismic Surge
Seismic Stir (1)
Earthlore Bounty

Everfest certainly has given us all a party trick or two to take to the next pit fight and I feel that there is where this staunch drinker truly shines. Watch as the others care only for themselves, buying round after round of drink, cashing out their currency without a trifling thought to tease their mind with and playing bingo while bragging that they can do something even bigger than that. Surged with seismic power Valda will suddenly crush all who discount her table talk.

Cranial Crush

So don’t be afraid to pick up that hammer one more time to explore all the new wild and wondrous possibilities Valda has to offer. Looking forward to trading trinkets, shouting drinks and having a smashing good time with all of you at Everfest. As we slowly move back to being in the Flesh and Blood once more. Raise your mug with me, it's Show Time!

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