As Cold as Ice

11th Jan 2022 Jason Chung

Cold as Ice, Iyslander is the exciting new Elemental Wizard focusing entirely on Ice. The combination of Ice disruption and the timing of Wizard instants creates one of the most disruptive forces in Flesh and Blood.


Iyslander is super exciting to play in Blitz. Let’s break down her abilities and better understand how to start building an Iyslander deck and how to play it to her full potential.

If it’s not your turn, you may play ‘non-attack’ action cards with blue color strips from your arsenal as thought they were an instant.

Now at first glance, you would think, "Oh that’s simple, let’s just play a lot of blues. Done". Well, it’s not that simple. Firstly, let’s focus in on a few things.

We are incentivized to use blue color strips however, it’s not ideal to use weak resource cards like we do in Kano.

We want to play with cards that benefit from being put into arsenal to maximize impact.

The most obvious card that comes to everyone's mind is blue Stir the Aetherwinds

Stir the Aetherwinds (3)

Blue Stir the Aetherwinds lets us then use a powerful card on the opponent’s turn from your hand.

Voltic Bolt (3)

Powerful cards that deal a lot of damage, especially when paired with Crucible of Aetherweave, allow us to maximize damage output when our opponent has no resources.

Winter's Bite (3)

Disruption is at its best when played at a critical time. This could be discarding the last card in our opponent's hand, sometimes stopping as much as 6 damage.

Secondly, since our deck is filled with blue strip cards, we want to increase the general cost of the deck. It's a good idea to play fewer 0 cost cards and more 2 or 3 costs, as we will always have the resources to play them.

Whenever you play an Ice card during an opponent's turn, create a Frostbite token under their control.

Unlike Kano, Iyslander isn’t all about damage. Every Ice card we play on an opponent's turn will allow us to slow them down greatly, and the value of a Frostbite when they least expect it, is greater than that of which we are used to.

Winter's Bite (3)

Iyslander is all about controlling the pace of the game. When your opponent is trying to have a massive turn, we stop them using Ice cards and disruptive cards. When your opponent is most vulnerable, we want to throw powerful blue spells at them, and even catch them off guard with a powerful Stir the Aetherwinds or Storm Striders turn.

Iyslander is the new Wizard taking Aria by snowstorm. The flexibility of playing on your opponent's turn combined with a variety of disruptive elements will stop heroes in their tracks, making it easy to finish them off with arcane.