The Star of the Show!

25th Jan 2022 Karol Ruszkiewicz

Bravo, Star of the Show, encapsulates everything that the Everfest is about - a true spectacle of irresistible magnetism. He is a force to be reckoned with. On and off the stage. Bestowed with the power of the Flow, he became a Guardian with a mastery of the Elemental talent - honing his skills of not one, not two, but three elements - Ice, Lightning and Earth. This range of Bravo’s skills gives you a wide variety of options when creating your new Bravo deck. Starting with the generic and Guardian cards, you also have access to Elemental Guardian, Ice, Lightning and Earth cards. This applies not only to your main deck, but also the equipment!

Bravo, Star of the Show

At first glance, Bravo, Star of the Show, has an extremely powerful hero ability. It seems so much better than the original Bravo right? Well, the ability is one of, if not the most powerful in the game, but it comes with an extremely tough activation requirement. You have to reveal all three elements to make it work, which is quite hard to do. On top of that, you have to be able to utilise the activation on the turn you use it. This can mean running efficiently costed attacks in those elements. Cards like Autumn’s Touch and Evergreen are great at helping you activate the hero ability and can then be played out. Simply reveal your element cards, swing for 9 dominate and go again with a red Autumn’s Touch and follow up with an Anothos for 6, or a frosty Winter’s Wail for 4. The three pulses can really help you to activate your hero ability and can even be built around! Mono Earth element deck with a single pulse of Volthaven anyone?

Pulse of Volthaven
Pulse of Candlehold
Pulse of Isenloft

Let’s talk about the armor. Bravo, Star of the Show has access to every element equipment made to date. And all the shields. Cards like Crown of Seeds are a perfect filtering method to hit the right elements. Shock Charmers is a great resource sink for that go again attack, while Heart of Ice can disrupt any opponent who wants to play on your turn. If defense values are what you’re after, you can bring out the full fridge, with the freezer included.

Shock Charmers
Heart of Ice

Another thing to consider are the specific matchup cards - cards that are great versus a certain type of deck. The first one that comes to mind is Blink against Illusionist. Spectras have been the bane of the classic Bravo's existence. Those hammer hits are heavy, but slow! Now you can surprise those pesky spectras with a spicy Blink out of nowhere. When versing the go wide decks, you have access to Blizzard - the ultimate way to put a stop to multi-attack shenanigans. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, because Channel Lake Frigid along with the other two Channels are at your disposal!

Channel Lake Frigid

My favourite thing about this new Guardian hero is simply the variety of ways you can build him. The possibilities with all the different elements and armour feel endless. Oh, wait, is the hero called Bravo? That’s right! You most certainly can play Crippling Crush… and it’s Show Time!

Crippling Crush