Australia and New Zealand Nationals Snap Shot

24th Jan 2022 Chris Bewley

And that's a wrap for the 2021 Flesh and Blood National Championship season! A colossal congratulations to Australia's inaugural National Champion Hayden Dale and to New Zealand's 2021 National Champion Nick Holding!

Today, we take a Lightning-quick look at the Top 8 players and their heroes played across both the Australia and New Zealand Nationals events. Briar was on her last outing before the new errata came into force, so a lot of the focus was on how players had adapted to her strong showing earlier in the season.

Eight different heroes made day two in New Zealand; Briar and Bravo continued their strong showing from previous national championships, alongside Oldhim, Viserai and Chane. However, in response to the Guardian-centric field- Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light also made a very successful showing in the "land of the long white cloud", while a lone Dash and Katsu rounded out the top 24.

NZ Nationals - Meta.jpg

Australia saw all three Runeblades appear on Day 2 as well as Oldhim (a hero many say truly broke out across the two events) and two copies of Katsu, the Wanderer! In addition, five other heroes broke through to the second day with one copy each, with Bravo, Boltyn, Kano, Rhinar and Viserai all making a showing.

AU Nationals - Meta.jpg

Once again, a huge congratulations to 2021 National Champions- Hayden Dale of Australia and Nick Holding of New Zealand. Your names will be etched in history until the end of time.


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Hosted by: RC Crew Games


YouTube coverage: Fluke and Box

Hayden Dale (Viserai, Rune Blood) defeated Roy Lai (Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity) in the finals of the 65 person, Tales of Aria draft and Classic Constructed event!

New Zealand

Sky Stadium

Hosted by: Sushi Knight



Nicholas Holding (Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light) defeated Matt Rogers (Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity) in the finals of the 86 person, Tales of Aria draft and Classic Constructed event!