The Calling Auckland and Melbourne - Further Updates

3rd Jun 2021


The Calling Auckland

A couple of quick updates on The Calling Auckland. First off, we wanted to let everyone know that we'll be streaming live from the venue from NZT11am on Saturday June 5th (CORRECTED: PDT4pm / EDT7pm on Friday June 4th). We got a full schedule of coverage lined up for you, including

  • Gameplay video and commentary
  • Player interviews
  • Chats with designers and developers

The team has been working hard for weeks to pull the coverage plan together, and we're really excited to be able to bring this to you, live from Auckland's famous Aotea Centre. We hope you'll get the chance to tune in as the top players from New Zealand and Australia fight it out for the title of The Calling Champion!

You can catch all the action here;

Auckland Battle Hardened

With the lockdown happening in Victoria, we have had a number of players who have had to cancel their travel plans for this weekend, and this has flowed over into entries to the Battle Hardened events. In order to make sure that these are well attended, we've worked with the stores to consolidate down to two events on Friday. Players that were previously registered to play at the Hobby Master event have had their entries transferred to the Card Merchant event instead, or if this doesn't suit are eligible for a refund instead.

We'd like to thank Hobby Master for their support for the series, and remind everyone in Auckland that they are hosting one of the biggest Skirmish events of the series on Saturday June 22.

The Calling Melbourne

We were sad to see that the lockdown in Melbourne has had to be extended further as community cases of COVID continue to be identified. As we discussed in our post earlier in the week, a lot of players are planning to travel from out of state for this event, and we need to give people enough notice to alter their travel, accommodation and work leave plans. The position that we laid out was that if if wasn't clearly the case that we would be able to go ahead with the event by this stage, then we would need to move to postpone it, and unfortunately here we are.

The venue has indicated that we're able to rebook for the weekend of 10 July. We're going to work on locking this date in, with a view that it gives a long enough time for the lockdown to work and for the city to get clear of the latest outbreak. We wanted to let you know early what the plan was, as we realise that for people looking to rebook flights and accommodation, some of you need to actually move your booking to a specific date and / or change your annual leave dates with work. We'll formally lock in the date once there's confirmation from the government that the lockdown is over, but if you need to work on a new date, then we'd suggest using this for the time being.

Good luck to everyone over there, and stay safe!