Pack 1, Pick 1 - Calling Top 8 Edition

3rd Jun 2021 Calum Gittins

The Calling Auckland is almost upon us! For 8 lucky and determined competitors that will mean this weekend they'll be drafting for their chance to win a slice of $10,000 and some awesome Gold Cold Foil Legendary cards. So this week we're going to put ourselves in the shoes of a Top 8 competitor! If you are freaking out right now saying 'but I don't even know how to draft!' then don't worry, our primer below will help!

Got it? Okay now take a deep breath! The Top 8 Draft is about to start! What are you going to choose? Keep in mind there are seven other players all trying to mix up your signals and make your deck worse than theirs! Can you keep your cool?

If you are looking to really simulate what a Top 8 draft is like, then set yourself a timer, you only have 60 seconds to make your pick! With the clock ticking, look at the pack below, and make your choice! The stakes couldn't be higher, the pressure is on!

Hungering Slaughterbeast (3)
Piercing Shadow Vise (3)
Seeds of Agony (1)
Herald of Protection (2)
Cross the Line (2)
Spears of Surreality (2)
Pound for Pound (1)
Spew Shadow (1)
Stony Woottonhog (2)
Illuminate (2)
Seek Enlightenment (1)
Seeping Shadows (2)
Ebon Fold
Soul Reaping (1)
Herald of Triumph (1)

Phew, did you make your pick? Are you happy with it? Well click on the video below and see what our team would draft with everything on the line!