Hobby Master Entertainment

531 Great South Road, Penrose, Auckland, New Zealand

Ph: 095265068Email: hobbymasterentertainment@gmail.com


Hobby Master is the home for all your tabletop gaming needs. Our venue houses dozens of tables for organised play, tournaments and events. We regularly play Magic: The Gathering, Flesh and Blood, YuGiOh!, Star Wars, boardgames, Dragonball Super TCG, Warhammer and much more!

Upcoming Tournaments


Sat 27th Feb, 10 AM Sealed Deck Event Link

531 Great South Road, Penrose, Auckland, New Zealand

Hobby Master is proud to host SKIRMISH – a new organised play program designed to bring meaningful and accessible competitive play to Flesh and Blood communities around the world.

Date: Saturday 27th February, 10am
Venue: Hobbymaster Event Centre
Entry: $40 per person
Format: WTR-U Sealed


  • 8 cold foil adult hero cards – awarded to Top 8 qualifiers
  • 2 Scar for a Scar playmats – one awarded to the winner and one as a random participation prize
  • 24 Head Jab "POP art" rainbow foil cards – awarded as participation prizes. If you pre-book online, the first 24 sign ups will be guaranteed one of these cool cards.

We look forward to seeing you there!