Use of Organised Play Materials Policy

23rd Feb 2021 Legend Story Studios


  • 1 December 2022: Stores are now eligible to purchase promo cards from Tier 2 and above programs from players for the purpose of resale.

This policy covers which Organized Play materials provided to stores can and can't be sold.

Local game stores who receive Organized Play materials are not eligible to sell certain materials included in those Organized Play kits. This includes purchasing those materials on the secondary market to resell them.

Materials Eligible for Resale

  • Participation and prize cards available through Tier 2 (ProQuest, Road to Nationals, Battle Hardened) and higher events, including Gold Foil prize cards.
  • Judge promo cards.

Materials NOT Eligible for Resale

  • Participation and prize cards from Tier 1 events (Armory, Pre-release, Skirmish).
  • Playmats from any level of OP program, including Judge playmats.
  • Participation and prize accessories, such as Flesh and Blood official prize card sleeves.

No matter how you came about acquiring them, if you are offering materials that are NOT eligible for resale, you are in breach of this policy.

People's Champion Playmats

The "People's Champion" playmat provided in each Armory Kit is not to be used as a performance based prize. It must be awarded, at the discretion of the retailer, to someone who is bringing positive energy to their local community.

Covid Considerations

In areas where in-store play is not possible due to covid health and safety restrictions, local game stores may use Armory Kit materials at their discretion as long as the intent is to support and reward their local player community. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Providing promos to customers you believe are playing at home with friends and family, or via webcam.
  • Including promos as a surprise gift with orders to regular customers. (You absolutely may not use Armory Kit materials as a marketed "Gift with Purchase" or similar, or factor the provision of Armory Kit materials into the sale price of sealed product. What is appropriate is providing the promos as an unexpected, non-predetermined surprise gift to your regular FAB customers).
  • Retaining Armory Kit materials for future in-store play when health and safety conditions allow safe organized play to resume.

Breach Process

Breaches of this policy can be reported to

When a retailer is found to be in breach of this policy, the following process will be enforced:

  • Minor breach - written warning
  • Major breach - 1 month suspension from OP programs and supply of OP materials
  • Sustained breach - termination of supply of Flesh and Blood products from all official distributors