Round the Table: TCC x LSS

Legend Story Studios has proudly partnered with The Professor from Tolarian Community College to bring you Round the Table: TCC x LSS, a special Flesh and Blood box set that contains four ready-to-play Blitz decks designed for Ultimate Pit Fight (the fun-flowing multiplayer format).

The Professor is one of the world's greatest advocates of social gaming and a vocal champion of local game stores as important community hubs where people can get together for great games. Available exclusively at local game stores, Round the Table: TCC x LSS features more than a hundred new cards and a 24” rubber playmat, all packaged inside a Teklo Industries themed storage box.

Play as The Professor and build your own mech suit to stomp the competition with state of the art Evo equipment! Delight the table with Melody, a lively Bard who sings tunes for the crowd while building up to the final act of a lifetime! Come to the rescue with Brevant, a chivalrous Guardian who defends other heroes in need! Seek vengeance with Ira, the Ninja with a bloodsoaked past!

TCC Deckbox (Front)


Release date: September 29, 2023
Set code:
Product type:
Box Set (Ready-to-play out of the box)
Cards in set:
MSRP per unit (box):
$69.90 USD / €69.90 EUR / $89.90 CAD / $99.90 AUD / $99.90 NZD
MAP (USA and Canada): MSRP less 20%


  • Box: 09 4210 37050959
  • Carton (6 boxes): 09 4210 37050966


Product Configuration:

  • 4 pre-constructed decks, each containing 40 cards + 1 rainbow foil hero, 1 weapon, 4 equipment, and token cards
  • Cold foil weapons for The Professor, Melody, and Brevant
  • 1 rubber playmat with zones
  • Packaged inside a reusable 1000ct storage box
  • Designed for Ultimate Pit Fight multiplayer (cards are also legal in other formats)
  • Available in English

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Vision Design: James White
Product Design: James White, Bryan Gottlieb
Development: James White, Bryan Gottlieb
Development Contribution: Alan Hale, Iain Kenderdine, Tom Ebersweiler, Alex Norvill, David Greig, Janelle Gottlieb, Justin Gottlieb
Product engineering: Chris Gehring
Syntax: James White, Joshua Scott

Art Director: Robbie Wen, Sam Yang
Assistant Art Director: MJ Fetesio
Concept design: MJ Fetesio
Asset rendering: MJ Fetesio

Packaging: Jessada Sutthi, MJ Fetesio

Productions & manufacturing lead: Robbie Wen
Foiling: Kathleen Fetesio