Armory Deck: Kayo

The laws of the Savage Lands are simple: Strength Rules All, and with Armory Deck Kayo, you’ll soon be ruling Armory Events near you!

Armory Deck Kayo

Armory Decks are a new series of ready-to-play decks, supporting ease of access to Classic Constructed, the most popular Flesh and Blood format in the world!

Armory Decks include new card designs in addition to many of the foundational cards used in tournament winning decks of the featured hero.

An ideal way to pick-up and play at weekly Armory Events running in local game stores across the world!

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Release date: May 3, 2024
Product type: Classic Constructed Deck (Ready-to-play out of the box)
MSRP (deck): $39.90 USD / €39.90 EUR / $49.90 CAD / $59.90 AUD / $59.90 NZD
MAP (USA and Canada): MSRP less 20%


  • Deck: 09 421037051710
  • Case (12 decks): 09 421037051734


Product Configuration:

  • 60-card Classic Constructed deck, plus hero, weapon, equipment, and token cards
  • 12 decks per case

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Product Design: James White
Development: James White, Jason Chung
Product engineering: Chris Gehring
Syntax: Joshua Scott

Creative Director: Robbie Wen
Art Director: Sam Yang

Asset rendering: Jessketchin, MJ Fetesio
Packaging: Jessketchin

Productions: Nana Friend, Robbie Wen
Foiling: Kathleen Fetesio
Foiling Assistant: Le Wang, Giriraj Tangkengko, Sharlyn Artieda