France National Championship 2021

National Championship Cover Image


Format: Classic Constructed and Tales of Aria Draft

Rules Enforcement: Professional

Entry: Invitation-only. There is no entry fee to participate

Player Cap: 48

Date: November 6-7

Time: Doors open - 815am // Event starts - 9:00am

Venue: Hotel Campanile - Bussy Saint Georges

Hosted by: Ludiworld

Side Events: Please see the 'Side Events' section at bottom of page.

Invitations and Eligibility


Players are eligible to participate in one National Championship per year, and only in the country of their primary place of residence.

An invitation is required to participate at a National Championship.

  • 48 players will be invited to the France National Championship via:
    • Road to Nationals invites
    • 90-day XP invites

In addition to the 48 invitations awarded via the above, a previously uninvited player may redeem a Professional Tournament Invitation by notifying no later than 11:59pm Sunday, October 10.

Please see the National Championship 2021 - Fact Sheet for additional information about invitations and eligibility.

Tournament Structure

Day 1

Day 1 will consist of 8 rounds of Swiss, with the Top 8 players advancing to Day 2.

  • Swiss rounds will consist of:
    • 5x Classic Constructed --> 3x Tales of Aria Draft

  • All Swiss rounds are best of one.
    • Classic Constructed rounds are 50 +5 mins
    • Draft rounds are 30 + 5 mins

  • Deck registration is required for both Classic Constructed and Draft
    • Players will need to register their deck after drafting.

Please see the Tournament Rules and Policy document for further information.

Day 2

Day 2 will feature the Top 8 players from Day 1 battle it out for the title of National Champion!

  • The Top 8 will be Classic Constructed (best of 1).

Top 8

Players must use the same Classic Constructed deck for the Swiss Classic Constructed rounds and the Top 8.

  • For each Top 8 match, the player that finished higher in the Swiss rounds is given the choice to go first or second.
  • Top 8 matches are untimed, but players are expected to play at a reasonable pace and slow play penalties will be enforced.
  • Top 8 matches are best-of-one.


Champion Gold Cold Foil Legendary + National Champion Trophy + Professional Tournament Invitation (PTI) + Set of Tales CF Adult Heroes
Finalist Gold Cold Foil Legendary + PTI + Cold Foil Adult Hero
3rd-4th 8x Tales of Aria Booster Boxes (First Edition) + Cold Foil Adult Hero
5th-8th 4x Tales of Aria Booster Boxes (First Edition) + Cold Foil Adult Hero
9th-24th CF Adult Hero
Participation Storage Box
  • All players who make the Top 8 will also receive
    • National Championship Top 8 playmat

  • The winner of the event will be given first choice of which Gold Cold Foil Legendary card they want.

Side Events

Young Lexi Hero Art

Battle Hardened

Format: Team Sealed (Tales of Aria)

Entry Fee: EUR45

Player Cap: TBC

Date: Friday 5 November

Time: Doors open - 6:45pm // Deck construction - 7:00pm

Venue: Ludiworld

Second Chance Sealed

Format: Tales of Aria Limited (Sealed + Top 8 Draft)

Entry Fee: EUR35

Player Cap:

Date: Sunday 7 November

Time: Doors open - 8am // Deck construction - 8:30am

Venue: Hotel Campanile - Bussy Saint Georges

On Demand Events (ODE)

There will be ODEs running on Saturday and Sunday based on demand. These will include:

  • Learn to play (with Ira decks)
  • CC / Blitz / Sealed deck events (min. 4 players required per event)
  • Draft (min. 8 players required per event).