Professional Tournament Invitations (PTI's)

15th Jun 2020 Legend Story Studios

With the disruptions caused by covid-19 to international organized play, the inaugural World Championship planned for 2020 has been pushed into the future. We are mindful that invitations to the World Championship were awarded to players who made top 8 at The Calling events, and we want to give those players some near term utility of those invites.

Today we are implementing Professional Tournament Invitations (PTI) and converting all outstanding "invitations to the World Championship" to PTI's. Going forward, PTI's will be awarded at selected premier tournaments, and can be redeemed to participate at professional level tournaments that require an invitation. (Other eligibility criteria must still be met, such as primary country of residence for National Champs).

You can check the status of your PTI's on your GEM player account dashboard.