Awakener of Sol

Prism rises on wings of wisdom to embrace the promised dawn.

Her origins are a mystery, even to herself. A child’s dream filled with soaring architecture and figures of grace, of a radiant spectrum upon which she floated to a glowing door. She reached out, brushed that portal with her fingertips. As it opened, so did her eyes, and she beheld the Library of Illumination for the first time.

The hands that had touched that otherworldly door now held an orb of pure arclight, the very essence of Sol. When the Librarian found this little girl in the heart of the Great Library, when they saw the radiant array within her soul, they called her “Prism”, for no other name would suffice. From that miracle moment, Prism became the Magister’s protégé and the library’s most beloved servant.

Prism’s passion for knowledge and talent for story drove her to become the city’s leading scholar. The shining bookworm trained in the arts of illumination and inspired the Solanian people with spectacles of history and their glorious Aesir, Sol. Yet only when the haunting questions of her past led her to the Tomes of the Heralds did Prism feel the true potency of her potential. Prism studied those books with the intensity of a savant and quickly learned how to incarnate the heralds in manifest arclight.

When Solana was struck by tragedy, when fiendish creatures materialized beneath a sunless sky, Prism took up the mantle of Illusionist in defense of her cherished civilization.

Hero Highlights

Archangels of Light

Gifted with the knowledge of mysterious 'figments' by Suraya, Prism awakens the true power of Sol, calling forth an army of mighty archangels. With these eight heavenly allies by her side, she will drive back the darkness once and for all.

Heralds of Sol

Tales of the heralds have stayed with Prism since she was a young child. Seemingly forsaken by the passage of time, these stories of illumination are destined to be born again by Prism's hands. Unleash the power of the heralds upon your enemies, fueling your soul and unlocking the secrets within.

Awaken the Light

Prism, Awakener of Sol

Having glimpsed the realm that lies beyond Rathe, Prism soars on wings of light to reveal the truth. Figments of the past will be awakened, and old legends will be reborn.

Prism, Advent of Thrones

As Dusk consumes the Dawn, we embrace the age of angels to light the way forward.

Luminaris, Celestial Fury

Ancient stories retold... this time with more vigor!

Figment of Erudition

Like hazy visions on the horizon, the figments lay dormant, patiently waiting for someone to tap into their limitless potential.

Suraya, Archangel of Erudition

The curator of knowledge, Suraya offers her endless wisdom to those who pledge themselves to the light.

Themis, Archangel of Judgment

The keeper of scales, Themis delivers justice to those who would disrupt the balance.

Aegis, Archangel of Protection

The shield of light, Aegis safeguards the innocent from the forces of evil.

Sekem, Archangel of Ravages

The slayer of shadows, Sekem vanquishes the unrighteous with a wrath like no other.

Avalon, Archangel of Rebirth

The messenger of dawn, Avalon brings new life where death once roamed.

Metis, Archangel of Tenacity

The pillar of strength, Metis faces any foe with unwavering fortitude.

Victoria, Archangel of Triumph

The champion of the people, Victoria leads the charge headfirst into battle.

Bellona, Archangel of War

The patron of blades, Bellona swings her searing sword with divine precision.